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Are you getting cabin fever from being inside for so long?

Here at ePilates Online we are still travelling! .
Some of my Core Fit Club members have recently travelled to Hawaii and Bali! .
My Online Pilates Studio – The Core Fit Club has lots of classes filmed in beautiful places Ive travelled to. .
Like Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand just to name a few.

One is the members asked if she could have a list of classes that were all outdoors. To help feel good while in Quarantine! .
So I created the whole month of April with outdoor classes! .
Its amazing and they are loving it!

To enjoy this calendar of outdoor classes, and many more, head to the link in my Instagram bio or type this into your browser-

Its just $5 for the first month right now. .
Plus I have included a Hawaii class in the Free Quarantine Pilates Pack too!! You can get that from the link in my bio or type this link into your browser

Hope to see you on the Mat!