Bali October 2019.

Bali October 2019.

What a beautiful resort & an amazing trip we had.

Top 5 of all time & thats saying something since I had a career as a travel agent!

Travel is as vital to my soul as breathing is to my body.

But since we cant go anywhere, I look at old travel photos as I make some changes to fill my soul & relieve my mind of anxiety waiting out the quarantine. (In CA we have orders to shelter in place till May 15, give or take.)

I took NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) training last week & it changed A LOT for me, which is amazing since I thought I was doing pretty well before that!

I ended up clearing out some key limiting beliefs that Im still processing so its NOT a big surprise today I have another migraine but I know its the residual from the work I did.

Clearing out those limiting beliefs also led to clearing & cleaning of my social media feed & follows.

Too much noise lately is becoming more of an energy suck than it is uplifting or amusing.

Sometimes I forget being an Empath means protecting my boundaries & staying mindful of what I consume…both in my body AND my soul.

One thing I DO enjoy about the quarantine…

its affording me an opportunity for going deeper with some inner work & a chance to regroup, refocusing my energies on some new things moving forward.

I decided to become certified as an NLP Master Practitioner. Its a great tool in conjunction with my transformation coaching certification.

Striving & thriving feels good after feeling stuck.

Now hopefully I can un-stick my extensions without pulling out my hair!

Happy Monday friends.