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Happy Birthday To :

My Life..
My Best Friend..
My Delight..
My Soulmate..
My Teacher..
My Equal..
My Confidant..
My Partner..
My Bro..
My Shoulder to cry on..
My Light..
My Student..
My Laughter..
My Driver..
My Lover..
My Mechanic..
My Photographer..
My Handyman..
My GUY..
My Comedian..
My Honey..
My Bigges Fan..
My Entrepeneur..
My Better Half..
My Imam..
My Husband..

I wish that Allah SWT, Blesses you with Good luck, Happiness, Love, Good heath and success in every walk of your life.. Promise that there’s no one else in the world i’d rather have snoring loud as F*** beside me..
Ones againn happy b’day love, stay blessed!!
Luv yaaa!!
** From the one who ENDURES your farts and STILL LOVES YOU ANYWAY..