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Happy Monday from the MUDFISH NO PLASTIC Team.

We took a picture together with our new MUDFISH NO PLASTIC trash container.
We have been doing a lot of plastic waste clean ups in our Subak in Tengkulak and it seems like there is always more plastic laying around. So we built the trash container which we are going to put in a good location in Tengkulak so people have a place to throw away their trash instead of on the ground!

Tengkulak is our neighborhood so it will be the first village where we run this project, and after that we will build more containers to take to other villages. Our project is meant to empower the hardworking farmers and people who live nearby to be more aware about the dangers of plastic waste and be more mindful about discarding waste.

We want our rice fields to be beautiful from both far away and close up. From far away to close up we want to be able to enjoy them without seeing the ugly plastic trash that damages mother earth.
So wish us luck and get in touch if you want to help, and DONT FORGET TO WEAR YOUR MASK! (terjemahan di kolom komentar)