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The Dreamland sections… One of my personal favorite parts from the film. Electric blue water, perfect outside wave and barreling shorebreak waves to skim or surf, plus a good restaurant right there, it really is a Dreamland. Most of the crowd there doesnt surf too. By far the most entertaining beach Ive ever been to. From Brad and the boys shredding the waves to bits on all board types, to some of the strangest and most random tourist things Ive ever seenplease enjoy the Dreamland sections from SKIMDONESIA (turn your screen horizontal for best results) Tune back in tomorrow for Parts 3 & 4!

Directed/Filmed/Edited: @dylanpalmer
Water/Additional Filming: @rafaski
Music: @slightlystoopid
Wisdom: Bruce Lee

Starring: @braddomke
Featuring: @rizaltandjung @marlon.gerber @betetmerta @homeydontplay @benbensonsurf @varuntandjung @bronsonmeydi @sinarstyle @dreamlandsurfschoolbali .