Hawaii is my dream.

Hawaii is my dream. No, not so – my DREAM.
It all started with a simple standard photo that Google immediately gives out – Waikiki Beach, hotels and the Diamond Head Crater in the distance. and she deeply sunk into my memory.

Then there was the Pearl Harbor movie, the LOST series, the 50 first kisses, something else is not necessary in this sequence … and then the thought came up: why not go there?

I began to research this topic and the decision was approved.
To start booking a hotel and flight, collecting all documents confirming that I am not a potential non-returnee, giving the opportunity to get a visa, a trip to Vladivostok for 1200 km. All this has been completed. The conversation with the consul was strict and tense, in time I found what to answer the question: why are you going without a wife? In conclusion, I heard what was said as if with doubt: the visa was approved, and went home. again for 1200 km.

Then there was Incheon Airport in South Korea and Honolulu. Every time I come to Hawaii I look the same – a pale face, very short-cut hair on a balding head and an enthusiastic look, I will not post such masterpieces – for myself I am still tall, blond and pretty)

The first landing in Honolulu was the most wonderful and unforgettable – it was September, a light breeze and a funky floral smell that accompanied me for another five days. it was all new, all unknown, though studied far and wide through the Internet. but even seeing everything with my own eyes, I thought: am I really here!