Time to fly.

Time to fly.

In Bali, people love kites. They make them at home and every day the sky is full of them.

So of course, our kids being kids, they asked for a kite. After trying to make one (hmmm), we went to actually buy one to a nice guy in the street.

We proudly headed to some rice fields near buy to fly our kites, with very little success…

Who said you needed to LEARN to fly a kite? I thought you just threw it towards the sky and off it go.

Well, no. So I ended up with two broken kites, an upset husband, a muddy child who felt into a rice field and two disappointed other ones.

It there a life lesson here? I am searching.

I think it’s good that our children could see that we, parents, can also have fun and play and dream of flying kites (yes, just dream as it is…).

And that we don’t know everything. It is always good to show humility when you raise children. I don’t see the point of wanting to appear all-knowledgeable.

We teach much more through example than through words. Daring to try something new, failing at it, taking it with good spirit (save my husband’s pride who blamed the kites ha, ha) and being ready to try again…

Who would have thought that a kite expedition would teach us so many things. Too bad it didn’t teach us to actually fly the damn thing