The last few days have been a bit off.

The last few days have been a bit off. The news is sad. The exposure of the group of young boys and their despicable conversations; another reminder of being a woman in a world that doesnt treat us fairly and how scary it is to just exist. The need to have discussions around the why but it just gets exhausting at times. The inability to help more out there for those suffering from consequences of the lockdown and otherwise. I am just spilling it all out here as a place to vent.

While feeling these emotions is very important, I was also trying to think of ways to make myself feel a little better. Thats when I found this video of the waves, sunset and beauty of Bali. These are my favorite sounds and sights. The sound of waves helps me keep calm. They also help me sleep when I get anxious. Maybe it might help someone else too going through a tough time.

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