His happiness is my happiness .

His happiness is my happiness

Do you have a rescue dog that brings your heart overwhelming love and gratitude?

Stevie Wonder is the boy that changed all my views on getting a dog. He isnt a dog. He isnt disabled. He is a soft, smart, loyal being that was mistreated, abandoned and confused. We met by pure fate. We bonded with out realising it. He chose me. I unknowingly chose him.

The day he came home was four long years after wed met. A reunion that was inevitable and the universe made it happen (no lie). There has been an explosion of pet business on this island and its only going to get stronger. Thanks to these various business including pet boarding and training I could commit to Stevie.

My wish in the ever expanding pet industry is to see more rescued dogs being chosen over buying breed dogs. Its actually cool to adopt and not shop. So be cool kids!

TRUE LOVE IS A RESCUED PET! Adopt dont shop wherever you live in the world. @mollyjanephoto