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Continued development of my Full Moon Ceremony Offerings. Unknown to me until late last night, yesterday was Waisak Day (Buddha Day) in Tibet, India and Bali. Ive never publicly declared that my Swedish grandmother said she was a descendant of Monks. I have not done extensive research yet about that mystery. I do know there were Irish monks at some point in the region of the ancestral farm. That is all I know. She keeps reappearing in my meditations since 2004 and my first trip to Sweden. She also keeps appearing in my work on a subconscious, ancestral level. Monks keep appearing in the form of words associated with Monks/Buddha such as Tulku which I placed in my meditation room yesterday with a work from 7619. Shells I collected in Plymouth MA and painted the letters in gold forming Tulku (Buddha). If you have never read Joseph Campbells The Hero With A Thousand Faces now could not be a better time to do so. Star Wars is based on that book. It validates the occurrences of these continuous spiritual experiences in my life from past ancestors going back to Pangaea. Grateful I am an artist to process and expand this beautiful intensity. Attended my first virtual funeral this morning of my second father. So incredibly bizarre in many regards but helpful to assist the intense mourning process. This work came after meditation and his virtual funeral. He was an incredible person in my life. Generous, joyous and he gave me permission to be me at my most raw, vulnerable self. Grace is the word that comes to me as the description of his spirit. I am comforted that he had a good transition