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Silvio Fontana

I am not sure if you are trying to be humorous, or just smug. However, I have also spent 10 days at Chedi, an absolute treat, and many, many times in Ubud, so lovely, and its only a few months before I return


U choose the right music, apart that i love The XX hahaha and great choice to stay at the Chedi club. Used to live in Bali & they were my getaway on the weekend with my boyfriend 😝


Amazing editing again! Thanks for sharing your experience from all these beautiful places around the world!

Zenita Sillah

Bye bye villa!!!lolz

Geoffrey Phipps

Just wanted to thank you guys for sharing your experiences! This will be my year for big moves and travels as well…later this year I’ll be moving back to Miami Beach and after that im going to Ghana with my father (he’s 82) to see my great-grandmother’s country! I planned this for a long time but you guys have shown me the importance of not taking life for granted but not to
procrastinate…and to ENJOY THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE AND LIFE ITSELF! Thank you again…and hurry back to Miami Beach…miss you showing off Miami lol!!!


Following this channel for a few months now, great content, keep up the good work 🙂

Aj Mountain

Those villas are soo nice

Will Robinson

The places you guys stay are insane

Elizabeth V

Such beautiful places you guys have visited

Johannes Opsahl

The farmer life is so cool!

Lucie v Americe

So beautiful, Im jealous !