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Broer MauL

betah dan anteng dah gue kalo punya villa begini.

Ery Asy’ari

Indonesia wonderful


Nice pad…too bad that AirBNB is now a thing of the past, those second home investments are now worth little to nothing…thank you China!

kléa Makenda

pergunta : se fosse uma mulher branca estaria vestida assim? Ou é apenas por se tratar de uma mulher negra?

Tk Collins

I like it but the videography made me dizzy

Mr.Breeng 678

Wow very huge

Naryan Naryan

Very nice home i com bali covid 19 after.june.i want 1 month for month rent how much.pls reply

Tony Mascarenhas

Beautiful place.. Though the commentary is unintelligible & the speed the video is nauseating..But beautiful place..However I wonder how you managed to get the clearances/permissions for sewage & sanitation lines.. & Of course are you using Municipal water or borewell water for your consumption (drinking & cooking) ??

Elias Martinez

hermosa casa y hermoso lugar saludos cordiales desde Ecuador


Beautiful house
Beautyful rose.
Good collection
Nice decorated.

Lovely nature
Nice dressing
Cute dogs.

Nice explain
Feel expressing your feelings

You have good heart
Thanku uploading

God bless you
My heartfully wishes to you

Your life is beautiful

Ralph Ramirez

What would that rent for

Dwiseptoaji Aji

Salam kenal temen2 dan mohon izin admin. Mungkin temen2 ada yang ingin lihat inspirasi desain hunian rumah minimalis. Silahkan temen2 kunjungin channel kami. Di urban space project. Linknya dibawah ini.

Tonton “Home Design Plan 6 x 12 m #HouseDesignPlan6x12m #Casa6x12m #RumahMinimalis6x12 m” di YouTube

Oh ya di channel kami klo ad request desain silahkan tinggalkan di kolom komentar. Nanti akan ada yang terpilih salah satu dari komentar untuk tiap bulannya. Terimakasih. Salam kenal buat kalian semua.



Jojo Lorenzo

Sangat bagus


Tikusnya banyak… karena dilingkungan sawah

Parwathi Bramich

You build on green land. I cant understand why the goverment gave you the right to build.

tey iop

I ask permission. What kind of budget do you like to build in this type of house? Because I like this kind of house very much. I am interested in this kind. Please help recommend. Thank you.

Eduardo Viajero

Glass is so beautiful. But it may not be safe in all societies to have glass houses without fences.

Kevin McNaughton

Looks likr my village in Kerala. Hello Balinese, a very good morning to all of you!!!!

Bonifacio Rodriguez

i like your house 👌

DANANG Forest and Sea

Nhà đẹp quá bạn ơi

francisco javier cambiazzo massera

Falta calidez

sky wall

You got a unique taste for this house…

busy boy

Even sleeping in a potato bag you still feel good in Bali as the emotional serenity has already flooded the residents hearts.

Swee Yong

does this house have IMB? licence to build on the land? is the land considered GREEN ZONE (no buildings allowed)? just curious aboit the due process. cheers

verry silalahi

I’m Indonesian, what I know is to build a house in rice field was against law. Bali is a part of Indonesia, Is it different ?

Qomink Tokyo Garden and Music

Nice house… With nice view.

My home Garden

hi very nice wonderful house u have I’m from India stay home stay safe

Jacobe Spring

I am Montagnard jarai tribe I like the garden flowers, taros leafs look large beautiful

Amir Ali Molla

Home sweet home ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

david murphy

Gorgeous home! I lived in Bali and Jakarta in the lates 90’s , best years of my life. Can u tell me the name of song/ singer at the very beginning of your video? Thank you xox


She’s talking like she’s on drugs. Can’t follow what she says.


I just mute her annoying voice and watch dat asssSSSSSSSss…..sets.

Noel Delos Reyes


Roddy Martin

Hi, really like the house, but here are my little advice for future video you want to make;
– Don’t rush, take your time and discussed about the architecture of the house, the country of origin, how its related to it, etc…
– Pay attention to details such as all these fancy colourful doors, know why they did it like that. Mentioned the industrial decor they used inside (maybe you did, but did not hear much of what you said).
– Speaking of being audible, try to get a small microphone that will be attached to you.
– You need to add more camera views and tour after you finish introducing a room and it’s feature.
– Workout how to introduce and operate thing without getting too much in the way.
These are my little advice, don’t take it personal, it`s just to help. i like your video and hope the new one will improves.

Deanna Alvarez

Can’t comprehend some of what she is talking. Enjoy the beautiful house instead

Dea Sari

Apa Gak takut rumah nya di bobol orang, di intip Pas lagi ngapa ngapa in.. Warga +62 bar bar lho mba 🤭😁

ramon madrazo

Yes,its nice..hope i can have one,a smaller version,since i live alone..


Ugly your cloth look with presenter

Naasir Jamal

The house is more beautiful but the Cameraman ruined it.
Kill your cameraman for the dirty job.

bali shiraya

Good place…where this place bali

ahmad afandi

Amazing, bali indonesia Mantap sekali!

chotrosing teron

You are really hot babe 😘


It’s funny because you said “it’s funny that in Bali the door is kinda like ten times shorter than that in Canada”, while I see in America, and perhaps Canada, homes commonly have very low ceiling and low roof by comparison to homes in Bali and or in Indonesia… The standard ceiling height for homes in America is 2.4 meters, while in Bali/Indonesia is 3 to 3.5 meters.

Nikuno Speaker box

shes not wearing panty?

Arch Samson

Nice boobs

Hiep Nguyen

My dream too. Thank you

Diy Vietnam


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I want to buy

cosmos homeopathy

Take me there

CC Lin


Better Life

Is that house secure??! Too many open space

azo thingo

Very beautiful house!…. I’m surprised that you like the view of paddyfields…

Haribabu Suraneni

A classic example of the simple living with rendezvous style.

Anten Meas Familys

Wow very happy

Surip p


Ricardo Santos Santos Silva


Giovanno Soeraidanoeningrat


Visual Pulse

what an ugly ass

Clark Road

Love Bali

Ar ab

It’s awesome …can u share the floor plans as well..?

Mpok Ame Ame

It’s so beautiful. Hi many square meters is it? It looks not so big from above but when we’re starting oh wow it’s huge.

aathif naushaba

I personally didn’t like it. 😐

Ms.Keegan L 101

Keyshia its Domestic Violence in Pascagoula, Mississippi

Marbled Fashion

Who’s here after watching the other Bali dream house ?

Noel Delos Reyes

That’s beautiful.. i like it!

bajindulsekarep sekarep

wow big tits

mjimenez 10

How much is it

just kidding

do you have bugs problem? especially when its raining. cause i live close to rice fields too, and the bugs is everywhere when the rain comes

Nyoman Pradjna Paramitha


christina natalie

OMG this is actually the villa that I am currently looking in airbnb. I was searching for further information and I saw this video, thankyou very much 🙂

Calvin Sixteen

You look Soo gorgeous more than this villa

hengky kur


riska yuliarti

Tropical Natural house

Isuzu Bighorn


Roy Snabilié

If i buy the house will stay with me?

hariyadi juli


Fellowvillager Gary

The masses of slaves to the money is power and the more money is more power over your fellow man – money generating systems of the wealthy’s “Overlorded masses” – had to be worked (by the toil and the sweat of their brow) whipped awful over time – to afford thier Elite Masters that little piece of xxx Opulence Excess.

My Lady Inday Joker

I might have found my dream house thanks to you❤️

Jaylen Taylor

Beautiful place nice 🏠

Matt Wilkins

this is a dining table, this is a stool hahaha thanks Miss obvious.


No no no no thanks

Amy M

You are very beautiful!

Sesi L.

I love Bali! I love INDONESIA! ❤️🇲🇨

edho huang

looks beautiful

Thon Pal

I kinda love the place but its too much glasses on it and in my opinion, its very not safe if ever there was a bad ppl will just simply gonna break those glasses. But all over performance on the vlog was great. Keep it up.

sepehr gharaei

Your so fucking sexy omg

Malica Hamilton

Seen this place alot on air bnb thanks for the tour

Priscilla Mendez


Jamie Sullivan

what is the name of this song at the beginning?


loved it sweet house check out our latest Vlog let us know what you think Thanks

Bonnie Rakhit

this is a great vid! thanks for sharing!

Виталий Глухов

Чувашка блин, толстожопая и в розовых шлёпках…


nice ass



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FeelGood Within

So Beautiful

hills store

Beautiful & unique house


can watch the poor farmers working in the sun whilst you sit back with your orange juice. nice.

Lori-Joelle Johnson

This editing though!!! Amazing video!

Arys Wira

where is the location ?


dis is so dope gurl , you have good taste for house design…kind of my dream house


the villa is perfect. i wanna cry


stay safe in bali


The house tour didn’t work for me . 😞😞😞

Danielle Nevin

WOW! this is a dream house! gorgeous place!

Life Pieces

Dam that’s really a dream house! Lovely views😍

Just Another Roger

Cool aerial shot

Jamie Banks

This is super inspiring.

Yury S

what a view! amazing!

ola olszewski

whered u get that dog from

steph wilson

beauty house and great views, take me

Skyfie Irias

Thats awesome ! beautiful home. How long are you in Bali? We will be there in next month cant wait to capture some fire content!

Muhammad Ihsan Ghazali

Just looks nice and those views are priceless lol 😉

Irrri Descence

what a beauty 💗💗💗