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Yadi Setiadi

mantap qalbu

shehna vasif

Hey great video ! What’s the name of the resort ?

Nigar Zeynalova

The best! Keep going!

Karis Tiavaasue

Stunning Video Quality and Amazing Editing well done!😍

Amelia Caroline

stunning as always!


this is so amazing… i am always so excited when i see you uploaded something new & it gives me such a happy feeling watching it 🙏🏽

Bradley Lawrence

this is actually insane…. your work is amazing, would be cool to shoot with you one day!!

Elysha Hugill

Your videos are so therapeutic! Love the footage as well 🙂 Crazy talented

Indo Aussie

I really like your video …


Still totally in love with your videos. Great editing, crazy colors, good music to match the images and your very deep voice to tell the story: this is the perfect combination. You’re one of the best on the game! Same on Insta! Keep up the great work Joel, I hope making these videos make you as happy as I am watching the final result 🙂


Are you guys a couple? You two seem to always go traveling together its so cute :,)

Al Tanaka

truly dope!

Archie J Baker

nice vid, how do u colour grade like that? Where did you learn? 🙂

Kate L

stunning absolutely stunning 👌

Pauline D.

More please 👌🏻👌🏻


amazing ^^

Pauline Delande

Wow ! Very inspiring 🙂


So fresh