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Ikadek Suanda

Kalau ingin buka cabang bali swing..kami punya lahan seperti ditegal kunyit view tukad ayung daerah tanah ayu sibanggede..dekat green school dan green village

Katt Katt

I like your dress. Where did you buy it?

Wanderlust Yogi

Looks like soo much fun, i HAVE to try it!!!

Vera Zhdanova

So far I understand they have one where they hook smt on you and the second one in your video is the one for pretty pictures?

Bad Ape

Pay for swing? I really dont get it

Bali Paragliding Tandem Tours

Join us for more adventurous swing

Simade Traveling

nice bali swing

Ganeshwar Jairam

Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

rezky Meisha

Sky swing in Bali.

Mukhammad Yusuf Hakim

Oh god! My heart stop beating!

Paula Fernández Santana

Love it!!

Tastes Seoul Good테이스트서울굿

Looks amazing! I really regret not doing this when in Bali. Oh well. Now I have an excuse to go back 😛

Bam Bali

Welcome to bali.

Lol Smiles

I went and when you go in they greet you

Nick Shah

Wow !!! Very interesting love to go there.. SOON!!!!!!


Yo guys! Me and my friends are visiting Bali this August, we’d like to meet some new friends to join us as travel partners so we can explore Bali together. Anyone is planning to visit Bali in August as well?

Eunike Yuliana

How much price ticket for bali swing ?

Borntobe Strong

Is It safe enough ? I am very scared but curious too!! Lol

Tui Parker ND

Can I please use this video on my business facebook page? As I run health retreats in Bali and would love to use this video to help promote Bali for a place to come and retreat. This is my fb pg for you to view –

This would also promote your you tube channel. As I would post it with credits to your link.

I look forward to your reply!! Thank you, it’s amazing!! 🌟😃🌟

Mordehai Purba

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Amanda Joy

Omg! This looks incredible! I want to go 😂❤️


Where is Bali is This?

Style Like A Boss

Omg where is this in Bali? I’m going there this summer

Eric-fenny Willems-lenny

Wow…where is the location?

Fabulous Kat

cool! i subbed your channel please do visit my channel too and sub back 😉

arries regas

so lovely

Must Do Travels

Man, they sure are serious about that swing! 😀

Hi Hai

Beautiful colours! You should check out my landscape aerial videos when you get chance.


Hi beautiful new subbie here, hope you sub me back as well thanks 🙂


That looked incredible and exhilarating!

Kash’s RunTRA

I will be scared to be on that swing. Real adventure mate. Subbing to your channel. 😀

Liz and Andrés

Wow – incredible! I really want to go to Bali 😭 anyway, great channel. We just subbed ☺️


This swing looks great ^^ Would love to visit Bali as well 🙂