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Kingofnothing Here

Adopt me? I can film or do dishes

Jonethan P.

I need Merch!!!!

Zoey Arielle

Lovingggg these vlogs guys 👌🏽

Priyank batra

Thats great

Fine Art Aerial

You left your passport with that dude?? Fuck that!! Cant you make a copy and give him the copy??


Throw another party in may

Mufid Ansory

Raja Ampat its amazing place btw

Kevin Shinohara

I see a new fire in you guys and I absolutely love it! Before, you guys posted super inconsistently but still had amazing content. Now you guys are posting awesome content every day. The one tip that I have is including a few more cinematic sequences to break up some of the content and to keep it interesting. Other than that it’s been great and look forward to seeing some more great content! We’ve been super inconsistent with our content as well but once we graduate in a month well be full on! Feel free to give us your input on how we can improve as well. You guys are the best.

Adventure Labs

jshoes 99

YouTube plays me on my likes for your vids, but loved this vid as always. Hope you found your lens cap Parker

Where’s Wilson

We’re coming to Canggu in a couple months! Pumped for these videos.


Parker and Justice best Team ever ! Love to Watch them both. Such Great Personallitys

Sonu Mogariha

Amzing bro please like my comment

Zoya Milena

Wow are you still in bali guys 😍
Have fun ya’ll 😘
Indonesia ❤

Joyful Yan

4:01 lol that guy ! SHOUT OUT PLZ SHOUT OUT ! <3 I love those sunglasses Justis, they look so cool 👍 11:45 it made me think about friendship, i think you go so well together as friends we want to see more activities with the entire group, not just 1 or 2 people please 😵🤪 Can't wait to see Canggu in the next episodes, cheers you guys 🙂

aamir sayeed

Did you guys moved to Bali forever?

Daniel Colangelo

I can’t get over the fact that an MRI only cost 500 in Bali! In the US that would cost you an easy grand and you’d have to wait over a month. 😖

Hellmi D. Redyanto

Justis : SO HUNGRY !!! 10:31 hahahaha

Sri Winarni

Indonesia 🇮🇩


great video🤙💪 enjoyed that you talked more on this vlog


Awesomeeeeeeeeeee as Alwayscheck instagram : @eduardocauler

Samson No Delilah

Is it safe to hand over your passport to rent a bike…can we just handover a copy?

Rio AF

Go to Nusa Penida or Flores/Komodo islands please!?

Ben Bastian

Love this vlog

Sage Friedman

wow guys this is
so awesome. keep creating.
my ig @sage.friedman