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Tobias Kuppelwieser

try to speak slower

Nelson leung

Great videos! Keep up the work! You guys will be with the top youtubers in no time

Angela.S Mak

Good tips, love you guys!
I’m going in April, will keep your advices. Thank you very much! I’m new to YouTube, I hope I can grow my channel like your!!!

Anudeep Ghosh

even after so much makeup the lady looks ugly.. Sorry but she is ugly and that made me stop looking at the video..🀬

Keren Vargas

Can you do a video or put a link of your camera gear? Thanks 😊

Jenette Merlini

😨😨 that Ubud villa is so expensive for what you get. We stayed at Maca Villas in Seminyak, an exclusive pool villa resort, for $200 AUD a night.

Mick St John

You guys have a great vibe and style, I’m looking forward to seeing your account blow up πŸ”₯

sai mouni

For 1ngt how much it’s cost please tell me it’s help me a lot for my haneymoon

Eden Sam

Great πŸ‘ video !!
Guess if you were just a couple then a resort is the way to go but if there were 2 or more people like a few friends and maybe another couple then villa has more value for the money πŸ’° !! You just split it between everyone !!


What’s your back ground guys ? you guys looks beautiful πŸ‘πŸΌ


if you like travel blogs check out Lost LeBlanc

M johnston

Ive gotten better value for the amenities in so many othwr places. That place is way overpriced considering the exchange rate with USD.

Bocah Gegares

Dont forget to visit our shop when you visit ubud, walking in my shoes_bali

Walking in my shoes bali
Hanoman no.30 B Padang, tegal kaja, Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571

Ines Cindy02

so what do you think is better? villa or resort/hotel? I’m thinking of going there in August and I’m hesitating πŸ€”

terence sipersan

actually I expected much more expensive stuff here

Erni Liman

actually the ledder in the bathroom at seminyak villa is for ur towel…

Tomi Harianto

Thanks For Come To Bali,Indonesia


nice video created by you,great job,keep it up and merry Christmas,enjoy

Barbara Raye

what Airbnb villa was that

Leo Murkel


Adam Yoo

do you use Mightywifi for the internet? hotspot mifi device?


Great video very informative

Tepu Jina

woowww so nice πŸ˜€πŸ˜

Kerry-Anne Bubb

Never a villa , there is NO SECURITY!

Never lose sleep over the small stuff

Udaya is the resort you must stay when you are in Ubud. Book in advance for a good rate. We stayed both times….

ilisio duarte dos santos

Nice video

MC Sarmiento

New subscriber here! Keep it up πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

Andy AVM

I’m Chicago living Uluwatu Bali!

Silvio Fontana

Great Vid, what is the name of the villa in Seminyak, thanks

Skippy The β€˜Bush’ Kangaroo

I go there so much I bought a Villa.




$300 for a pool villa is not expensive

anita fitriyana

Utk harga 4 juta per kamar di resort kalian bisa dapat resort yg lebih kalau ke bali.. but nice you both

Muaz Madzlan

great video guys thanks


Great info! Did you book the Pool Villa or the Pool Suite for Udaya? From the pictures on the Udaya website it looks like you guys got the Suite. Planning my next trip so would love to know xx

Jarrod Barr

Hey awesome video, really enjoyed it. I stayed in this awesome villa in Bali, check it out.
Appreciate the love πŸ™‚

Reedge Abueg

I am disturbed by the lack of Phil in a swimsuit in this video

AnS Episodes

Whoa we love both! haha…but I guess Villa won the privacy and Resorts won the facilities? It’s a very useful info guys..Thanks for sharing ^^


Looks amazing!!!!! Thanks for the info!