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bro bagus is good

waffle nuts


ماجد عبدالله


Mark 13

i was there 1993 =) i was 19 years old… =() Bagus Ktut

Jon Learnerd

He legit stole this from Drew binsky, and he did it way better than this Logan Paul wanna be

DenhaKecill Trip

My name is denha im from balinese im hindu 😊

Georgia Todd

My husband thinks Im weird but I am obsessed with you (not in a weird way). I love how positive you are even in tough situations. I love how real and honest you are. Most off all I am in love with your videos! PS can I be best friends with Katy because we have so much in common?

Ishaq Al Bimani


Aanadसंजयकुमारखुटेल Kumarसंजयकुमारखुटेल

आप लोगों की जीवन बहुत ही रोमांचक है दोस्तों धन्यवाद आदरणीय महोदय जी

Aanadसंजयकुमारखुटेल Kumarसंजयकुमारखुटेल

बहुत अच्छा मेरे दोस्तों शुक्रिया आदरणीय महोदय जी

mula cula

What does that has to do with your girls ass tough?

Sushi Buffet

HK Gas Fire bome 3 times everyday , everywhere , Gangsters fighting , people threw a bicycle into railway to stop the train MTR……2020 January

Big D

Hi mate what tour guides can you recommend

Ramune Kee

Absolutely no one:
Anto: my name is anto


Your breakfast is so expensive

inder jeet

Some random dude: my name is Anto

inder jeet

Country with most millionaires lol

Datsnot Polite

Hopefully we can connect next month when I arrive. I’ve been following your videos I see your vision keep it up Bali is a very great start. To know is to have always known to know is to remember how soon we forget forget me not. Blessings

Rocky Ethridge

Her in that black dress in the tower. Priceless 😜👍

S. A.

Why people wear masks up there?


What kind of backpack is that?

Strabby Crabby

coming to Asia to eat burgers and drink cappuccinos is… something I don’t really get. to do these things you’d better go to Europe / America

Strabby Crabby

what about living there for a month with this amount of money?

Jack Alexander

the best choice when you use transportation in Indonesia is by gojek, gocar & grab. cheap but its good 🙂

Alana Morgan

Anto is the real king here 🤣

Shayan Ansari

Damn the beaches look disgusting compared to Thailand


When’s the best time to go to Bali? Month?

Cc Cc

$700 nd its a tight budget😱 then Bali is u mean After paying accomodation.$700 just for activities nd driving around,dam,it’s expensive there.


Chick thinks she is hot af…😂

Gaming NL

Ik woon ook in Nederland

It’s Cheyenne

6:50 where is he driving the dog ? Tell me he didnt do sth bad to the dog

Jessica Mg

He looks lik Niall Horan.

Also loveeeeeee these videos keep up the good work


Actually u can get cheaper if u have a friend in there lol hahaha

marcus graham

If you can’t afford to travel or want to screw local people over then stay at home.


Indonesia; most wonderful people in the planet full stop.

Nꫀຮຮα 1࿐

I from Aceh belum pernah nginjakan kaki ke bali 🙁 pliss sub indonesia^^

Chriss Not Jelly

The coconut is expensive 😭😭 i can get a whole coconut for 7.000 idr, but yeah i don’t want to climb up a coconut tree for offending the coconut seller! Haahha😋😜


Download gojek or grab it’s easy

Ashley Edwards

Thats bagus hahahahaha made my day

Always Hungry

Been loving your content over the last week or so! Shocked that I only found it now. Keep up the great work, man! Hoping to get over to South East Asia soon myself

Abusufian Pathan

Hello sir bagus =good not good bye

Bryant Martinez

I need a Latina too travel with 😩

TheGamer MoMents

dude u can get good food,drinks,and others for like $25 at bali or even less then $25!

Muhammad FIkri Hadyan

Latina is your girlfriend ?

Siraj Ahmad

How did you find the girl ? Is She a Paid escort ?

Live With Nature





What about the flight ticket

Yudi Kurnia Adi Putra

You can get a bike rent from airport. Its located in the bike parking lot. It cost around 60k idr.

Tupou Tira

Bali is as chips. One of my best holidays


…but how much did it cost you to get to that country, insurance, visa and return flight because that’s why people can’t travel most of the time it’s not the $ you spend there, it’s getting there.

Jelajah Italia

good advise dude….i subscribe you, because i learn much from your channel.

Gargi Salgaonkar

Pete Reed

ur workin with a 100$ cuz you knew you’d be dropping bands on that latino

Channel IRT

Actually you can use $100 for 1 week basic life in bali, exclude the ticket, souvenir, entertaiment, gasoline, etc… here is my advise :
1. Use grab or gojek or gocar from the airport its more cheaper than use taxi airport, it just 100.000 rupiah to kuta or legian city area

2. Rent a motorcycle or a bike, the standart scooter is around 50.000 rupiah / day = 350.000 rupiah for 7 days

3. Get a budget hotel, there is a lot budget dorm or air bnb (include of breakfast, wifi and mineral water) at airy or traveloka (kind of application to traveler) around 100.000 rupiah/ day = 700.000 rupiah for 7 days

4. Better to go to warung than restaurant or cafe for lunch and dinner its only 50.000 rupiah / day = 350.000 for 7 days

So save your money, and make it a list as your next trip

Adam Yoo

do you use Mightywifi for the internet? hotspot mifi device?

James Vince

Uluwatu is legendary surf!

Esta Pessoa

That means with 500 dollars even better 😊😊😊

kishan goyani

Add lirical on your video

DOM driver Sami

If you want enjoy really in bali every day you need 100 US .

kay poly

Is this not the same fool that paid 2500 USD/month for villa? $9 per night in a room with 6 or more other random people in Asia isn’t what I call cheap but hey!
I believe as long as your gullible followers keep funding you expensive lifestyle you’ll keep pumping out videos. $2.5k is what you pay in the west for a tiny apartment yes I get it but, you make that money fast too, now, how the hell are you going to be able to afford that if you didn’t have over 1m subs? Keep going this way and you’ll lose your core subs.
youtubers are the biggest narcissistic personalities out there, all they care about is me me me me, and as soon as they can afford something more expensive, they normalize it and set the goalpost higher, they do this till they are no longer relatable to most of their audience, it just slowly turns into uhh, look-at-how-good-I-have-it type of thing.
It doesn’t get any cheaper than Thailand, all what you’ve shown so far just proves Bali is expensive or maybe you just don’t know your way around cos in the other video of the rented villa, you told us the other couple stayed in a decent $300/month apartment with a even it’s own pool, you on the other hand had to go for the $2.5k one smh.


Having some latina in Bali, that’s bagus.


Hey! I hope you’ll answer.. I’d like to know which one camera do u film? I mean, what is the camera accessory that allows you to see your head? hopefully you understad what i mean aaha

Leonie Weiss

10:57 this is the time when he gets the like 😂😂🙋🌍☀✌


do you need to have a motorcycle license to rent the bike?

Bruce B

is bali full of youtube vloggers

tita juwita

chicken and veggies for 60.000 its a bit pricy actually but you get the vibes beach vibes 🙂

nazla h

omg it’s gonna be amazing


you made me wanna travel to Balli what a great experience
Cost very cheap but my wife always scare me with its cost

Armand Travel

Amazing place amazing video is helping my a lot… Thank you!

Sonam Tamang22

3:21 “My name is Anto” hahaha

Luna Mariska S

Touris backpacker….👎

Backpack Kaki

This is awesome mate!!!

faisal ahmad balochi

Hahaha very nice bro

Callsign: Blaze

The money thing blows my mind. “I gave her $100,000 she gave me back $31,000” Then you see the money and it looks like Monopoly money. Gotta love wild unchecked inflation.

Leanna Landry

this is my dream! how do you save money to be able to travel to these places?

BY Project

3:21siapa juga yang nanya lu cuk

Middle Eastern

Guys don’t get me wrong, but these kind of videos that uploaded by kids may endanger many tourists, especially when: (Showing $100 in front of locals, and say WOW VERY CHEAP!!) which leads to make the locals greedy and start to use tourists thinking we are wealthy, which puts us at risk of blackmail, robbery, or crime.
And here’s the disaster 2:37 😣

I don’t mean to quite uploading videos, enjoy of recording your trip, but don’t ruin the other’s life..

Reginald Chiles

Hey how much did u spend based off what we seen, can u post that please? travel

We totally need to do this! Looove this vlog! This would spice up your Vlog channel by 1000% if we made one. Thank you for sharing!

Ethan Ztz

So at 10:01 you have Remaining: 176,000 after that there was -45k -30k -30k, but wait, at 10:13 you wrote Remaining: 271,000 so now im confused, but alright, so 271k -75k -55k equals (what should be) a remaining 141k, however come the next day you have -85k then write Remaining 276,000. ??Like can anyone explain this to me lmao, I get that you get like 14k for every dollar but how does that math add up, my point, I believe you had and spent much more than 100$ and you click baited me into this….not that im upset i found this channel, sorta jelly actually, only seen this and the hongkong video but yeah solid work man keep it up, beautiful shots, inspiring.

Rajat Gawande

Most important you need Latina 😁

J Anthony W.

Cool guy says, “make a paper airplane out of the $100 bill & fly!”

ganteng hisam

IM from Bali


great info and footage. fantastic.


Install gojek and order gocar

Ahmad Firdaus

This guy copycat a drew binsky

Dhika Nurfilaeli

Hiiii…Christian I’m Indonesia..🥰🥰🥰🥰

Gaming machine

Bali is no more unmarried couples sad !!

Azmary Herati

Very beautiful place and the nice people of Indonesia. Love from AFG


What is the easiest way to get a cheap flight there?


if you want to use the blue taxi from the road outside the airport, the keyword is “pakai argo?” which means do you use meter?

Inside Indonisia اندونيسيا من الداخل

Where is Anto ??

Anto ആന്റപ്പൻ

iam anto also

Inggil S

Pantes bali kena gempa aowkaowkaowk

BudiiSurr 19

you $100 = a few days // me $100 = a month 😘

BudiiSurr 19


Pet Mot

Bali has all – great place to stay for few months

Ochre Clay

I froth Canngu felt safe & happy. Then a month later I went to Thailand Chiang Mai similar but cheaper funner felt sooooo so safe a lot more than Canngu

Ms J

You have the most gorgeous 😍 legs by the way…

Ms J

My name is anto 🤣🤣🤣🤣….


Great video, thx mate!

Sayed Messai

Keep it up




When I go there :'( it’s rlly beautiful


This may be affordable but it looks like a hassle.

Leo M

Damn & I just spend $100 in my nails😭

chris turner

Did he say 3,2,1 non christians???

Unstoppable Family

You rock….Bali has been our home for the past 4 years! Cheers!

Erick Smora

You must visit lake Toba.. it is too cheap. And also beautiful landscape

Eyram Dela

I have Instagram 😂


Are you going to Bali? If you love traveling and you’re a content creator, text me on Instagram. Let’s work together. @gabrieledriussi

Bunga Larasati

But 100 its mean a lot in indonesia 😔

Ei Manipuri E

you are so good at this , i love the way you present yourself, so humble yet confident , if you happen to visit INDIA come to Manipur ( a new subscriber )

Global Tourist

Pakistan is also cheapest beautiful and super safe for a tourist country in the world .but not like that .watch my videos

Noro Dom

6:14 Asian Kendrick Lamar on the left


actually in Indonesia,it would be better when u give something ,use “your right hand” ,handing money? right hand, passing the food to other? right hand, eating with bare hand? right hand. Why? because in Indonesia, we think the left hand is for us to clean our assh0le when we poop lol, so we think that’s impolite

and also, if u see some flowers in a small container ON THE STREET, DO NOT STEP ON THAT , because it’s trusted by the locals for serving the Gods.

actually, still so many tips that u need to know before you visit Bali, but mainly just be respectful.

Jessica Hamby

Will you be in Indonesia during November? I’d LOVE to go shoot some dramatic shots

I’m Markeeyh

I got “I like turtles”-vibes from Anto.


You should go to Labuhan Bajo its wayyyyy beter than Bali

Achmad Faid Abbasy


Achmad Faid Abbasy

My mom just need goggle play card

Achmad Faid Abbasy

What Is 500$ From indonesia So can you do it all into Million?

Achmad Faid Abbasy

Halo Ngapain kamu ke bali buat apa? / Hello why are you going to bali what reason?

Achmad Faid Abbasy

I dont like when you a girlfriend and use your girlfriend a bikini that make my RAGE to BE dED

Raiza Andria

You’re so kind to everybody, watched some of your videos and I love all of them ❤️ would love to visit Bali soon and try the same itinerary!

Rochmanul Hakim

nice to see u in another chance in Indonesia,, one other suggested place is BIAK ISLAND in EAST of Indonesia, you will not miss it bro

Irfan Efendi

20$ in lombok for 1 day

Nia Loves

Love your travel vlog..New youtuber from Philippines ❤

Maxim Balliol

same with every airports in Asia

Kirito Starburst

What was the taxi driver name ?


Ohh well… hi Anto

Yola Mairanda

My name is Anto wkwk kamprett


Wow! 😮 This guy is awesome. He motivated me to make my own YouTube Channel. 😊❤️ Thankyouuuuu! Keep on travelling and motivating. Guys! Check out my YouTube channel, I’ll upload my very own first travel vlog. 😊


Nice 🙂

Eternal Tales

I am inspired … about to start youtube vlogging

Jayson Singh

yes you should know they differentiate prices for tourists. so you have to check it first. or use an official tour guide better.

Di Liu

How can you become millionaires over night? go to indonesia!


Fly into Bangkok for 1k and you can globe hop the eastern hemisphere for $40-$100 a trip. One can even go to Australia for <$200 if you play your cards right. One way tickets are the key. I think I spent more on beer than I did in airfare, room and board in 3 months. Should I seek help?

M&J views

You have wonderful content! New sub here 😉

Rick Gleason


Levon Alyanakian

The price keeps changing

Curtis Erecacho

I Love the cinematography! Thanks bro

Never Ending Exploration

Looking forward to exploring Bali as well in September! What would you say has been your favorite place in Bali?

Ludy Setiawan

Meet latina at the end of the journey, this is part that i love! Bagus… John!


Cheap tourism should be discouraged through heavy taxes. Bali needs to be protected.

Rochmanul Hakim

wkwkwk nice, welcome to Bali Indonesia bro, someday nice to have you back here!!!

Kyona Erin Phwa

And less

Kyona Erin Phwa

Sellers in Bali are always overpriced for when foreigners come. In other parts of INDONESIA we can get taxi rides for 70 ribu


i love your video!

Jasmine Rosee

Hey i came across your videos and I found them very interesting one question though, didn’t you have that blond girl in Bali, now you have a Latina. Did you guys broke up?
Latina is sexy she’s beautiful. One more i wanna ask you is that what is the name of your camera and the drone? I am looking to buy one. Can you please tell me the name and the model. Love the quality of your videos, also give us some tutorials and touch a base on how to edit your amazing videos when it’s capturing from the top with all kinds of these motions. Please and thank you.

Rahmat w channel

i love all your videos mate ! please come to my place east MALAYSIA. SABAH NORTH BORNEO

Indonesian Dreams

Grab or gojek is more cheaper

Kumari Hettiarachchi

so helpful information, unlike others

irvan fatur

wkwkwk lu ngapain disitu antoooo

shadow 24gm

Whats the drinking age over there

Stephan LyricsMassiah

Instructions were not clear.
They won’t sell me a plane ticket and let me keep my 100 dollar bill.

Houssem Chermali

OMG I like the way the advertisement shows up after the 3..2.. advertisement XD


Dude … I learning your voice with headphone and than … I dreaming Bali and traveling with you

I am from Borneo
much about Bali i love it…

I hope someday we meet in Borneo or another island in Indonesia…

Welcome world ….dude! Love all of u
And GBU all on your day

Steven Usuman

I hape ig too 😅🇮🇩🇮🇩

Johnny Nevermind

I think you are living the ideal life my brother! awesome.

Ikhsan adriansyah

Next raja ampat broooo

Marta Sylva

OMG THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT TIPS, I could not imagine u could do so much with 100 dls

Joaquín Fernández

Dude, this video was perfect. Enough info, cinematic shots, real experiences and good mood (or at least was funny and enjoyable with the dances and jokes). Keep doing stuff like this 🙌🏼

Sugiati 2018

So clever making vlog bro.

Ben Long

$100 IS NOT a lot of money. Its the new $20….

Maeve Kaufline

My name is Anto😂

Haryo Utomo

I think you should order food by grab or gojek, price is cheap and you can add more promo food

queen street

Thank you for visiting my city☺

Suhana Surender

The best public vlog ❤️

Mustafa Bolukbasi

100$ for 3 days in Bali is really expensive

Jeff Lutfi

Bali is so overrated! Try to visit ambon, raja empat, komodo island, pulau seribu, makassar etc etc. Indonesia has to offer so much more then bali and the prices are 2-3 times lower then bali….

valeria colmenarez

Hi, what drone you use?

The Programming Channel

Anto is famous now!

Ega Mahendra

Bagus hahahaha

Khizar manan

do a Pakistan video

Ilham Hamzah

I’m Malaysian and I did my first solo from Bali to Lombok for less than $215 in 6 days. That actually includes both return flight and fast boat from Nusa Penida to Lombok.


I spent 1,200 USD(and that also includes the airfare) for a 30 day backpacking trip to Indonesia. Great deal considering that I previously spent $1200 dollars for a 2 night visit to Las Vegas.

Flamer Melody20

I bet its all the same people from Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia are all nice about 99% of us to foreigners

bryt mati

Thank you for letting me see the world through your channel, im definitely working hard so tht i travel

Nura Chico

Hello from Bali,
Let me introduce myself, I am a 34 years old male – a Balinese who lived in Bali – Indonesia
Almost over 10 years ago I started to work as a freelance English speaking tour guide and driver in Bali
Sometimes I arranged most of my tourists activities, apart of arranging their sight seeing tours, for instance` trekking, diving, white water rafting or sometimes arranging something which can not be offered by regular travel agency, for examples, staying with local family house somewhere in a small village, cooking together, feeding our animals and see how we live our life as the real Balinese people – it’s almost since we wake up in the morning until we go back to bed and some other things which related to a unique trips in Bali
Most of my tourists were originally from Europe, such as Poland, England, France. However now I realised that I could see a lot of Iranian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Singaporean, Malaysian and some other Asian tourists here in Bali and here I would like to offer my services
Just in case, if you have a group of people to come, I would also be able to organise it
Thanks a lot and I hope you find it interesting, if you need more information, please feel free to write me back to my contact as a signature below,

Best regards,
Nura Chico
Bali freelance tour guide
Mobile, +6281337179290
Email, suksma04@@t

The pursuit Of happiness

You know jack shit about Bali

Skypi Lasty

Good job


what is this place called at 11:14?? Can u give the nearest landmark an how u reached there.

Happy Day

100$ _ 1 ladyboy w room drinks and snack

Reza Razak

Wow stumbled upon a fantastic channel! Where have i been!?

nicholas swilling

just this …… ha so funny cheese ball.

Aammad Mustafa

Best travel vid, im definitely going bali in 3 weeks

Nikos Gorgoulis

imagine if it was euros

Alan E

You can you use GRAB taxi at the airport!


Video BAGUS !! 😂


Lol anto a mood

Falah Chanel

Bali is beautiful island in Indonesia 🇲🇨

Homer Slated

Bali for only $100 … plus $800 for the flight.
So, more like a grand.

Viqi putra

Enjoy in indonesian

Giselle Putri

Bagus is good/nice like u said idk why im saying this

WHD art

1lembar dadi sak gebokk 😢😢😢


Pro tip:
Get your self a nice Indonesian friend/ balinese friend.

Junata Stephen Yang

Bagus is good

Fremer 107

Oh a german comment at the start, can you speak German?

Avto Getling

dud i hate you…

Felline Chandra

BAGUS is your way to presented bali to be such a beautiful island
if been there like 30times but idont see the beautifulness of bali since i watched you

Summertime Jay

I truly appreciate this video and I appreciate you! Thanks

10k subs without any video

Nice Video Drew Binsky
Ohh wait..

Dalton Jitner


Sean Nz

Why are all these Americans make these videos..You guys are making Bali expensive!


6:29 Rezaafzaikan look his face 😅

Prashant Mishra

That was a Bagus video

Niuean Laho


Knockdowntwinkle yeye

where is Laura?

Felix Martel L

Fucking Great content!!

Mycah Ray

The guys instagram 😂😂😂😂


Bagus mean good lol 😂

Acid Blood

damn very very good informational video. A+!

BlacktoThePink Area

bagus means good . btw

Alexej Reber

Bali is beautiful I’m in Bali right now


I learn Indonesian as school and bagus means good lol


You motivate me to start a travel channel. Great stuff brother! 👍🏻

Amoy Keishing

Instagram instagram lol 😅 😂 😆

Syed Imath


Wapu Ng

So cool how you can make friends so fast during your travel! Don’t know how that work haha


Why do all of your videos have a section of ‘missing content’ is that a meme or something?


But why about how much it costs to get there

VnC-Mink Parnawa

Man…you find all the way to get the cheapest price in bali… this video is priceless for backpacker…


did he really eat from the trash?

Alex Kay Travels

Such a great video with valuable tips!!

Tarik AlAkkad

There’s a world like that outside this office?

Tarik AlAkkad

4:42 I bet this roommate is a middle eastern. So friendly.

Bui Truong Son

is it true that U go to Bali only for 100 dola

hendrik tcukimayse


Muhammad Usman

Excellent Vlog, but thought could’ve been a little faster paced. People start losing interest after 7, thats according to science, however it’s not just supposed to be money centric but also journey centric, so somewhere in the between, i guess! Your call! 🙂

Yogi Iskandar

Real good…i love indonesia

Scravez 9

What is the missing file thing

Joseph Morrison

bagus means “good”

Begi Enkhbat

I’m not happy give me back my 50.000 dollars


Looking at Bali as a potential next vacation. Looking like updated vaccinations are suggested for Bali and travelers insurance (unexpected medical, etc.). Their suggesting 4-6 weeks vaccinations in advance of trip. Hmm..Bali might be out for me right now because wanted to travel by Mid April 2019. Curious if you typically update your shots based on where your traveling next…


Thanks to this “awesome” and “cool” american narcissistic tourist, Bali is no longer that cheap…

Đặng Cường


Expreso Doble

We all need a Latina in our lifes

Damian Bujanda

Latina cute af

Alya Salma

Bagus🤙🏼indonesia bagus🤙🏼

vince pham

Sick sunglasses where did u get them ?

Ah Chuan

Thanks chris for showing his amazing journey to us. Damn bagus!!!


9:06 missed opportunity: “wook at all these chickens!”

Darren Iannucci

Bagus mean good in Indonesia’s 👌😂👍👍

Violetta Stick

Thanks Christian! You don’t have a clue how helpful you videos are! Keep going! 😊🤙🏽

Jamey Lynch

check it doe

Emma Riley

Look at all those chicken


the instagram boys though hahaa


100 for taxi
No that’s a scam

Jeffrey Gillham

Isn’t it amazing that you meet so many like minded people while you travel! All out to get the absolute most out of all the impoverished people who serve you. All out to photograph and film yourselves as much as possible – what a co-incidence!

Dustin Eagan

A breakfast for 80,000+ is SUPER EXPENSIVE for a normal Indonesian like me 😂


640,000 views and only 14,000 likes.


You are a lier.
You are a millionaire.
Look at the subscribers.

Mattewakkang Studio

Thanks for coming to Indonesia. We hope all you enjoyed the most epic view in Bali, Indonesia

Marcus Mienie

HEY ! so this is to anyone seeing this. I recently made a video, inspired by videos like this. Its the first one (pretty HYPE) so if you have a minute and a like to share, go check it out. You’ll make a huge difference. Peace from SA x


You defenetly get cheaper food and cheaper accommodation also cheaper drinks in happy hour at the right bar go to Bali and make yourself a picture

Johnny C

of course you could only spend $33, the locals only make $ so how would they survive if you couldn’t survive on $33, and plus you didn’t average in your flight costs so depending on how many days you stayed your avg is higher than $33.


Tbh, I don’t think this is the most recommendable video for traveling Bali at a really low budget. You went to Canggu first, got accomodation for 9 dollars, grabbed a bintang at every occasion and ate at most restaurants for 60k. The real secret for cheap food is usually going for warungs where you can get a full meal for as cheap as starting at 15k up to 35k usually. If you’re going for all you can eat for like 50k (like in Ubud), then you can skip on lunch or dinner. Also there are a lot of hostels for as cheap as 3-5 dollars that were still quite nice.
So with the intention of “stretching out 100 USD” in Bali, that was not really successful. That was more of a medium-backpacking budget if you ask me.
But yeah, might still be helpful to some. I just usually cut out on quite unnecessary things like food and accomodation and rather spend money on activities but everyone according to their own style 😀


You’ve earned a sub off of one vid you are truly great

Arson Kaguro

Try to return to the Philippines! I’d love that❤️.
Explore the places you havent went through then


you’re SO good at public vlogging!!!

kadek juni

Jati luih Bali is beautiful, Great video and thank you to visiting our island! God bless Bro!

Herdian Muhammad

all foods in Indonesia are all cheap, this is why Indonesian entrepreneurs are very difficult to get rich.

Jayden G

i live in indonesia! (srsly)


Bali is shit Don’t go there

Stevanus Pv

the food so expensive


He travel and get a beautiful woman 😮

Bella llavhyosha

spend 4 hours watching some of your videos..much love from indonesia.god bless..terima kasih

vivine Bakrie

Hey men! I told you Bali have a lot of cheaper Hotel last year I stay in hotel Only 150.000 IDR /night and more comfortable near to the Beach and Café !

vivine Bakrie

Well.. men!! We call this is backpackers!!!!

Dara Virgin

Nah ini mah udah pengalaman nih, mau di tembak taksi 500rb tau doi 😂

Lu ka

Where the heck dod you find a latina :/

Felix Fredie

I don’t understand. You said the night before day 3, u remaining 141,000 IDR.

But in day 3 morning breakfast, u said u still have 276,000.

Explain bro 🙏

israel oliveira

2019? Nice Video!


Hippies Village

Hundred seventy impossible boss 😌


I found this just now, its 2019 lol
It call “bagus” 😂

Vaskar Sam

you forgot to mention one thing.
in all the tourist area in Bali they have certain syndicates running.
for which they don’t let GO-JEK to enter in those area. Biggest example would be Nusa Dua
or else GO-JEK is first thing to get before you go to Indonesia.

Me so Sorry

Going to Bali in December, I’m so excited 😻

Hazard David

Informative…thanks bro…👍

【E X C E L】

I could go broke 🙁


1:39 my first time in canggu and i paid 7USd in dollars to a cab/grab driver to Canggu. I was probably very lucky because i couldn’t do this a second time :p

Jomari Guioguio

From 100USD to 1M IDR what the Ffff


defiantly need to emphasize the need for latina

Fresh Lasagna

aaalllso the word bagus translated directly mean good just good Not good vibes is something is delecius its not bagus its enak duh everyone know that

Giedrė Šnarskytė

Hi there, greatt videos! Do you have any recommendations on diving centre in Nusa Penida? I am looking to do Padi Open water. Thank you!

Dody Kristen

Positif is Indonesian people so friendly, welcome to my country 🤘😬

Dody Kristen

My name is Anto lmaooo🤣

RunningJoe James

Just wanna ask, is it necessary to have a intl drivers license before I can rent a scooter in bali? Thanks

addFarel Alabxngfim

lo gobelok

Dharmawan Haidar Ali

Bali so expensive .. coconut 35k in java just 10k 😂

Roy Arianto

Lol anto….

levin pappachan

Awesome TRAVEl blog. !! Love it man. Next time come to Kerala in India. Experience the epic journey through back waters , beaches , hill stations, plantations. And lots of archeological sites

fardan pamungkas

3:22 terbukti muka anto kewer

Alan E

You use GRAB at the airport/any where in Bali and save lots of money in Bali

Celenia Knopp

cannot wait to visit Bali!

Tom Lambrix

What’s adventure when you have a guide. He found out his information by the adventure of traveling and having meet people. Why pay someone. I’ve been to Indonesia and my advice. Get informed watch videos like this but never pay someone to give you advice on your trip people there won’t ask you for money. They just tell you about awesome places etc.

baphomet el luciferian

you know? in java food, rice plus 10,000 idr drink water free, drink teh 3,000 idr.

Berensily Owen

Ripping people off at the start of the video – nice.

Dimas Whyd

Look at the picture of the 50,000 rupiah that is a picture of a bedugul in Bali!!


Do you have to have a international drivers license to ride mopeds there??

Siddharth Kejriwal

Hey, really informative video. What time of the year did you visit Bali, though?

H fikir

Amazing video! I really enjoyed your blog, I learned a few tips from your video beside budgeting with one hundred dollars! I am planning on possibly traveling to Bali this summer! 🙂
Thank you for this precise video!


1:46 Asem Nih Tukang TAXI… 500 Rebon… Ente Meras BROE??? gak Setuju Gua Ama Lo Broe… Merusak Aja…

Jason Smith

15:14 Latino F*** Me eyes????? very sexy anyway…

Karna Wan

My name is Anto lol

F.A. Chowdhury

She is hot

Big Balls

BALI is really cheap! I loved it!


God she such a hoe

deni chaniago

go visit jogja..i’ll meet you there

Burnt Chrysler

do you want to travel long term and spend nothing? volunteer at hostels. minimal work with free accommodation and usually some free food, and if you’re friendly enough, free alcohol. since june 2018 i’ve spent about 600 euros traveling and if i hitchhiked, it would be much less considering the a lot of my spending is transportation. some hostels will even pay you to work if they think you do a good enough job. i’ve ended up managing hostels because of my work ethic. granted it’s not much, but when you aren’t paying for a bed and get half of your food for free, it goes a long way.

Wayne Bhagan

Great video keep it coming


Been to Bali.

Just Lucas Palomino

HI Anto! 👋

Daniel Gonzalez

Very interesting, I am happy I got to see this article. BTW, I found out that this airline is offering flights from $200 just for this February 2019

Long Nguyen

nice vid

Abhishek Kumar

Hey you ! When coming to India ? 😂

Merky Riyanto

it’s very right thing to do 01:59 always bargain at their price, I dont know if they still do it or not but back at the day, they have a dual price one for internasional tourist and the other is for domestic tourist.
when I first came to Bali in 1995 I got shocked when buying fried corn, the seller was selling two fried corn to the touris, and he said the total price was IDR 15.000, can you imagine that! it was 1995… it means each corn is 7.500… gosh that will make me broke… and when the touris left I said to the seller, ” look, I want the corn but its immpossible if you gave me that kind of price, you gotta to be kidding me”
and he said ” dont worry, those price are for tourist only not for domestic” then i only paid 1500 for a fried corn…
03:12 if you dont carry many luggage or stuffs riding in a gojeg is the right choice, or now you can call gokart from your phone, course you have to install the app first…
03: 29 the SIM card in the airport, the price, is killing you…. hahahaha


I as a citizen of Indonesia appreciate your trip in my country. Thank you very much for making Indonesia your holiday destination.❤️

Aldi Rivaldi

What do you think about Indonesia?

Farid DJange

Wow.., you ferry similar with bali than i think. You know best spot for low cost in bali. Proud of you.., bravo.., 👍👍👍

Arnold Teras

Christian seems like a really nice guy! I admire him and his girlfriend so much! They seem to be truly happy together, doing what they love! 🙂

Daniel Starr

100$ in 2019 is not a lot of money lol you must not know about inflation.

Killer 2568

This helped me so much thank you !!!!! 😊

Sk Rezwan

IDR is too weird

Arif Changazi

i spend less the 80 dollar for 4 days in bali. coz i speak fluent indonesian. i had been in indonesia more then 4 years. lovely country and lovely people

Jack McDonnell

this was a video with really great content, well delivered to camera and really well put together in post. im inspired!


that intro got my dog really engaged. good job. just found your channel and i love it.

Dwi Darmawan

All items that you bought still lower again about the food around 15000-20000 IDR but depend on the food. When you visit Yogyakarta or Central Java of Indonesia, You can eat Soto kind of chicken soup only 8000-10000 IDR. All you need depend on your choices. Bagus means good but it can be the name of Indonesian People also :D, by the way have nice trip 🙂


anyone want me to take to bali? 😀

Angelyn Manalo

Nice vlog! You might want to see this…

mazz rian

Krikkrikkrik *#^%|!€

Instagram… lol

Alexander Agung Wirabumi

Hello i’m from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia🇮🇩 😊😊😊

Qwerk y

you are banned from Indonesia for doing the fortnite dance

Ong Jun Xiang

gosh that girl is so attractive tho 15:13

manan joshi

He is faking number on end of the day 2 he has(12:17) 141,000 IDR and on starting of the day 3 while doing breakfast(12:39) he has like 276,000 IDR how’s that possible? 😤😠


well i actually think the coconut was quite expensive( im indonesian ) cuz ysually they only cost like 10 -20 IDR tho , just wanna say but most people make thr food price higher for people from other country

200 Subs Without Vids??

Every time I go to Bali I spend thousands I wish I could budget like you

khalil k

What backpack you use ? please make a video on packing your backpack

The Corndog Hero

Good looking people are all drawn together, fuck em all

Elder Baltazar

Great work man, as always!
Could make a video with places you can travel (WITH your drone); laws, regulations and tips lol


Did I miss something? End of day two, 141000 left. After breakfast on day 3 still over 250000 left???


hi, thx for the excellent so good i almost love you cheers….Cape Town

Rocket Blogs

9:15 *Is she good??*

Atheer Lb

لاحظت شي ان الغرب مايدققو بالاشياء اللي احنا ندقق فيها يعني صاحبه بدقيقة 7:18 قاعد يحك اباطه ولا احد طقطق عليه او سبه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه تبا لنا

Phantom Warrior

this is no way to visit a new place. I like to live in an ok hotel alone. Rent my own car so I can drive around as I chose.


Blue ass water



Alfian Hardianto 8


Wilfred Monteiro


Backpacking Thailand Liz and Charlie

Is this Denpaser airport in Bali

Estevan Salazar

It must be awesome being you. traveling all over the world

Britney Waldron

His girlfriend has some cakes 🍑🍑

Ahaviel Forde

Anyone have any suggestions for cheap drones for aerial shots?


Not to be rude but why does somehow the beach looks so dirty

Ahmed Rafiq

You are white that’s why they are kind lol

Atta Elahi

Thank you very much ❤

•Tabatha Cisneros

6:14 – 6:31 😂😂

Titi Omisakin

Fortnite is ruining this world

adib naufallah

6.17 lol

Sailor Sammi Seibert

“MY NAME IS ANTO” -Anto wise words! 😂

karl partridge

That’s great that you can still travel Bali on the cheap. But look at the Balinese people and how they live and how you live back home.
Just like here in my country (New Zealand ) the country relies on tourism etc. But what they and us ( Kiwis ) really want and appreciate is for you to …………………….
SPEND!! SPEND!!! SPEND!!!! people !!
You can do it just open that wallet just a few times more !!
Otherwise we will get wise and target the rich Chinese tourist who are far easier to rip off and love spending money
That may make life harder for the tightarse smelly backpacker who wants to see the world but don wanna pay for it

Samuel Only

Mai nem is Anto wkwkwkwkw

Dendikanestu Pradana

Terimakasih form your video in bali indonesia

Vijay Mejari

Which software you are using for editing plz tell me sir

Travis Bell

You know he beat

nihal rao

0:49 that hicky 😛

Hani Pagatan

This is my first time I click SUBSCRIBE button becoz I feel the same vibes what life is should be

David French

Are you afraid of staying in hostels, that people could go through your stuff and steal gear from you?

Yung One

9:04 Look at all those chickens!

kinandana firstyan

6:30 makes me laughing. lol

Bratha Adi

what the…. he is lie if taxi is hard to find. 250.000 – 500.000 rupiah to canggu is too expensive. Don’t believe him.

nekay boo

I know he didn’t eat that food in the trash😂😂😂😂

Patrick Downes

Just as a tip – do not change your money at the airport. You’ll get your eyeballs ripped out. USDIDR during Aug/Sept was around 14600-14900 which means this bloke got charged about 5-7% for the privilege of changing his money. Change your cash in town and shop around for your rate, especially if doing larger amounts than 100USD. Use a site like XE.COM to find the interbank USDIDR rate.

Honest Mom

How much did you end up spending even after everything

pop out boi

why that #*^&%GRAM guy look like kendrick Lamar tho?

Vira Pratiwi

hello I’m from west java, indonesia

Vira Pratiwi

hello I’m from west java

Vira Pratiwi

in my opinion Bali is the lowest area the unemployment rate is only 1.02% of all regions in Indonesia, and don’t forget many tourists, and many beautiful places

Muskan Daryanani


cinikal 124

The girl is hore

Aruna Baya

This video is goals … amazing ….

Shaliah Arielle

Such a good video lol 🙂


my homeland Indonesia awwww enjoy!


can someone explain the missing file thing to me, this is the second video ive seen it in?

Tina Rawson

Paid 65.000 Rp for beer when should have been 35! 🤔

Mir wais

Come tanjung pianng island i ll guide u and i ll show u every plc as u like dede 😎


Music at 11:00? Please

Iulian Gociu

3:18 one guy with a cig and 2 same lookin with a knife in his back

Chan Johnson



You should join the app Jetzy on both the google store and App Store that allows travelers or just people that want to socialize with new people in the world and discover new areas nearby or anywhere worldwide. Join Jetzy! 🤗🙌🏼

Nurfadni Mutiah

Bagus = Good
Terima Kasih= Thank you

Bro Brah

PRO TIP: if you sleep on the streets and park benches you can save a lot of money

Bertrand Yudiver

Ada orang indonesia disini?

Like kalau ada…


You spent 1 Mil, IDR on a vacation?

Sounds about right.

Lindsay Webster

Disappointed it wasn’t titled BALIng on a budget

United country of Central Asia

Have you heard about Uzbekistan?


yo where’s that Bintang Man place? I wanna go there it’s so cheap

Daniel Lay

is the waterfall in Leke Leke??


The guy at 9;40 throwing the peace sign is me 😂 everyone seems so kind here, i love it !!

Skaii Lovesyou

That’s around Rp 1.300.000 to Rp 1.500.000 excluding the tickets right? Well it is possible but you’re not getting the full experience

gaby bernadette

my name is anto.

im ded

Anggie Sastodiyoriya

Video kamu bagus

Jessica Natania

Thats a foreigner price , they charge more expensive ,

Arif Billah

7:44 bagus
Btw bagus meaning is not good Bye but
The Meaning is nice 😁

Dee Experience

1 SUB FOR =7 SUBS. Comment on one of my videos and like this comment when done !❤️

Travel Teez

Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other’s channel since we both love travel )

Nayan Belkhede

There is So much of “BLUE ASS” water


bali is shit. day game not possible, night game not possible, way too little population. good for getaway or life with a girlfriend. very bad for solo seducer travel. better go to BANGCOCK


anto bangsat kwk


😍😆♥️♥️ always loving your videos! Especially this kinda content~ 👍👍

Brian William

im inspired.. come back again, i’ll be hosting u in jakarta


as someone who lives in another part of indonesia the cost of food sounded so expensive to me but i guess since bali is a touristy place, food is obviously going to be more expensive


It would be helpful if you put the USD conversion up as well

Dwi Prasetia

You make our tourism so cheap here! Shit

Joaquin Garcia

wow these videos keep on getting better and better. bagus!

Merlijn Stappers

Netherlands same

Dark Shadow

lol bagus is good tf u bad indo and some shie u suck u need google translate

Dark Shadow

lol I was there I was at the airport sittinglol

Jayla Marie

I loved this so much!


The most important thing is safety

Anirudh Mj

I did 7 days in Bali for $160 inclusive of stay, food, surfing lessons & visa. This was 5 years ago and it took budget travel to another level. I wouldn’t change it though.


It only takes 1000 dollars to get there. Such affordability!

Kevin Prasetiadi

damn that airport taxi guy is a rip off, for a normal taxi to canggu you can get even under 100k rupiah wift fare meter in normal price


Great video! Enjoy life to the fullest!

King Koopa

they think white people are Gods out there, so how they treat black people??


I feel kind of funny about people negotiating somebody who drives you for an entire hour from 40$ to 17$. In the states you ‘d pay waaay more than that. and over there western people just love to exploit the people..


0:06 lol final cut

Siska Nurfitryani

Gilsss, even bule bisa traveling murah, gak mau kalah harus coba

Lu Phi


Sam Wills

How can someone who lives on the equator just about, wear a long sleeved, rather heavy shirt. Maybe he just got off a motorcycle?

Maria Belen Arauz Mayer

The girl that appears in your videos Is your girlfriend origen is your friend?

Nazarul Qohir

Balinese accent is sonething else 😂

Sam Jones

like the channel but if you do one more fortnite dance im done

pylo hoe

9:12 hahahah

Manon V.

A little more cinematics would be perfect!

Farah Dhiya

Bagus = good 😂 love your vid btw


Men if you don’t have enought money stay away from bali you so cheapest back packer ever go to the jungle and digging gold there , pls brah work hard earn enought money , even for eat you still dying how come you guys holiday for omg , hello cheapest backpacker ever go camp next your neighborhood brah , damn.

Tom Martens

We all came for the girl!!!

Sean Lobo

scariest start of video

Tri Sutyanto

You have a great life dude. Salam dari Pekanbaru

Zekram Belserion

3:20 a wild goat named _ANTO_ appeared 😀 😀


use that petrodollars inflated value homie, way to go.

CiaCia Phen

Actually $1 is Rp.16
Because I am Indonesia

Yusuf Bates

Great video! I live in canggu and know all those places. Well done!


I wonder if his dumbass fans actually buy the bullshit he sells and actually believes the lies he tells them

Otto Koch

I live in bali for 7 years now it costs 80000 to get to cAnggu your just bule thats ehy there charging you hight prise

Willy Darmawan

great video and you can strech the budget even more


Is the girl’s job just to look pretty haha


You spent a lot my dude

Franksings World

love the concept of this video…


how logn did u stay in bali?


Thank you for wearing a helmet my dude.. 2000 people a year die from no helmet accidents

Erfan Zaki

*I honestly need a LATINO*

Erlandho Saputra

Instagram???? Ahep Ahep….Lol,
Anyway,,great video dude,and thanks for coming to my Country


You looked like my teacher, so like any person would do, I subscribed.

Riley Smits

Super nice but maybe a big edit at the end?


cringe white boy content. butchering the definition of ‘bagus’

Dante Janes

Imagine taking $1000

Dante Janes

Did you meet a lot of Australians

Gacha Rueby

That is too expensive like way too expensive. I go to Bali every year and gojek is one of the cheapest one but I ussually use grab. I live in Java so it’s quite close. One of the best destination in Bali is pulau kura-kura.


Anti was cute as fuck omg


I wanna travel Bali, Could you share the driver contact while picking you up at the airport? if you don’t mind, thankyou

Andi Rachmat

“Bagus” means very good or pretty good in english


Bagus = great , or it could be name of someone either.


U could be a millioner in Indonesia :’)

ebubekir &

Turkısh translate pls

I Gusti Agung Gede Putra Tri Kayana

Yes i hape instagram 😂

Janco van der Westhuizen

Where’d you get the Latina?😂


Ppl should learn to not do extreme sport/things in other countries cause it will cost you the vaccation if you end up in hospital

Jonathan Wahono

Bagus means good

Tom Löffel

GRRR IM GETTING MAD! I wanna travel too

Raissa Cetta

a tip my mom always told me: never exchange your money in the airport, do it before you go to the actual trip, it’ll cost cheaper.

Dave G

So the gal is in your promo, but not on your affordable vacation. She was there for your expensive vacation. I wonder why?


You must be good at bidding prices in Indonesia.
use traveloka to book hotels at the lowest prices.

welcome to the internet

Bagus means good tho 😂

Gordon B

The plane ticket cost much more tho

wayan x gaming

I have instagram :v

Coco Man

100$ = ……… Ribu?

Gorilla Sangar

God damn. Bali is expensive compared to my city surabaya

Gorilla Sangar

That anto guy is pretty random


Loved this VIDEOOOO if you could check out my most recent video and judge the quality and maybe give me some tips they would be greatly appreciated!

rudy suliantoro

500 K go fuck yourself taxi driver

Kyle van Helden

What’s the name of the song at 11:00?

Tim Baker

i want to back pack from singapore all the way to Alor island, how did you get started traveling like this and how would i go about starting to travel like this?

Bradley Olszewski

My wife and I got married in Bali. Good tips.. My suggestion is hiring a driver for the day. It will help getting to some tourist attractions and be more comfort.

Maya j

Was the Latino your girlfriend? If so do you stay in separate hostel dorms or how do you travel together

Kate Wetzel

But how much did the plane ticket cost?!

Sari Trans

Just make sure you guys download gojek or grab when landed in bali, your life would be easier.

You can move to anywhere, you can order anything in the both app. the price is so damn cheap, and youll not being price discrimination cuz you are foreigner.

Asik Banget

8:01 I like your “bagus” hahahaha

Young chicken86

locals would get 50% price most of the times tho xd

Magnus Olesen

Futte det din sang

LightA Angel

Ty For Visiting Bali 🙂

Muhammad Hadi pursai

wow you’re really cool survival 😂


This is a great video. I’m Indonesian, but honestly I kinda learn a lot from your experience especially on this video, like litteraly how could you spend $100 in Bali and go places. I can’t even do that (yet) lol, but it’s just awesome. I’ll try this one. Thanks

Bayu Effendy

do you have any relationship like a sibling with Leblanc from League of Legends??


i dont know why? when i saw a thumbnails i remember “Tarzan X” scene hmmm


third world country could never

Thang Tran

Wow, I sub you when you have a roughly 100K sub now you channel have growth a lot. Good job.

fadhil mahfudh

Thats expensive for local tourism


Welcome to indo

Carita M

Hey! Really awesome video. Currently living/working on Java and just a tip, it is more respectful if you hand money with your right hand as the left is considered dirty!


Thay guy at 9:40 B-)


that latina is fineeeee

Syafiq Ismail

I just found one of a best video and I’ll subscribe to you

Elbasan Rexhepi

U have to come and visit Albania


is it just me or does the person at 9:17 look like E.T??

Erik Stampe

Fuld futte musik

Nic h

ur gay


Snapped my fingers… but no latina spawned here 🙁 is it bugged or anything?

Cristopher Efendi

nice experience dude


Im the 1000th comment

Yan Fery

Rp 500.000 ? Unbelievable. That guy was trying to rob you.


Just found your channel with this video. Excellent, just PERFECT content! Really really enjoyed the content, great balance of info and nice shots. Really envious of how naturally you speak to the camera in public and how you so effortlessly made so many new friends! Subbed and excited for more.

HD Ramen

Damn. You did more than my family did in Waikiki, and we spent $800/day.


dude what camera u use for vlogging ? btw enjoyed bali 😀

Kevin Chandra

i used to live in bali..
never take a local taxi except for blue bird where they do meter and always ask for meter.. if you dont they’d rip the shit out of you.


What song at 13:05?

Viljar Nygård

In summer

Viljar Nygård

I was in Bali in 3 weeks


bagus is like mean good bro -.-

Marton Chen

Yall sound like lil tay

Ananti Setya

im indonesian, i havent found bali budget friendly video like yours. other videos that ive seen (which has budget friendy on the title) were still extremely expensive and not quite informative as yours. but your meals really expensive tho. other than that, good job!! <3 <3<3

Sari Destrya

im from indonesiaa! come to see jakarta 😀 there’s so many good places too! ^^ xoxo

Magic Is Life

Btw iam from indonesian and thanks for trip in indonesian

Antonius Marcelino

dude nasi padang cost only 5 bucks and its have rendang ,chiken or fish its more cheap


that guy at 6:10 on the left is the Indonesian kendrick lamar

Rama bgs

im from Central Java, Indonesia and vacation in Bali using a motorbike from my home for 1week and only spend Rp 800.000 or around $50

Babin karki

Amazing video.. Come soon to Nepal

Get Oofed

Man, those prices are overprice for the local. And that’s why i don’t like go to Bali


35k for beer i bought it for 15k bruh


Just go to Kuta where all the JAFAs are
.. fuck your holiday right up

DeKa Creation

Next time dont buy Sim card from Telkomsel, buy from XL Axiata, its same quality but cheaper.


every time u guys floss i cringe tbh

AD Dtyu

why does anyone want to go to a terrorist country?


the residents there, live off $100 per month .. the places you visited are expensive

Adventures with Gnomie

Cool information

Arlo 2

defently i went there with my 200$ in my pocket and still 200$ when i came back…. bcs i forgot that thing in my pocket

Arif Yunando

$100 in Indonesia is like a huge load of money. It’s my monthly spending as a college student in one of the big city lol.


I did not know 33$ a day was an achievement .then any backpacker in Asia can do the same kind of video …

Jamar Hotep™

I need a passport!


my name is anto

Harry Cahyadi

Thanks for the content dude! btw i’m from Bali and 100$ for me could last for 1 month. LOL

Dwurp Dijk

i am from the Netherlands

Timetodie gaming

Do you guys have Instagram 🤔😐#lmao



Gede Wayan Dharmawan

Lmao, i’m from Bali but i am watching this 🙂

Erik Langland

Weird flex but okay.

Sabrina Levenia

In jogja,indonesia it was cheaper like 2 to 3 times cheaper

Quatydent EP


Vlad Drule

awesome vid, have you banged her?

green world

The cashier girl is cute as fuck

Lucky Saab

You are awsome man love your videos

david murphy

I just discovered your videos, awesome! I’m from Nova Scotia, living in the UAE a long time, my mom was a Leblanc, we;re probably related!

Farah Yoosha

can i ask what is your hostel?

Town Hall

Welcome to Indonesia, the place where you can find nice and kind people everywhere 👌

Syafina Andrini Prameswari

I’d say if you want to get a much cheaper breakfast, you should try the traditional ones like it’s probably 50,000 IDR and you’ll have food stock (like rice and chicken etc) till lunch

zae succ

Lmao i have Instagram

Krisna Drahma

you can stretch your $100 more if you’re willing to eat local food

Jack Hanafie

Great video, 
you can eat for a lot less than that in Bali as street food is much cheaper but also generally better and much more authentic. You did pretty well considering you ate at restaurants but could have cut your food costs by at least 50% by eating at warungs. Thanks for the Video

Siddhartha Ghale


magnus folke

5:30 jeg ska have nogen chili chees tops og en masse is også kan jeg få det i en boks pleasssss!

Allan arcilla

Want to visit Bali soon

Allan arcilla

Great video, very informative! Thanks a lot

Noviantika Gita

Maybe if you try more Warung you can get cheaper foods. Because I think the foods you eat are still overpriced. Most of Warung in Bali only charge you around 19k to 35k for a plate of everything from rice to chicken and satay. Thats a suggestion tho but still a good video! 😊


I think with go-jek I payed like 7.000 Rp for my ride home LMaO

hellooo luvu

i NEED to move here because i would be rich!

Muhammad Tegar

bruu IDR 500.000 just for taxi? better use uber or something

Hans Davidson


Waren Shine

hello i’m from indonesia , actually when i’m watching this . i was laughing so bad because the way indonesian talk to tourist

mother abigail

Love the editing of your video!!


This is one of my favorite videos of yours and Katy is soooooo beautiful

qasim hameed

Best travel video of youtube. Freinds were amazing😁

Alex Komatz

Just came back from Bali. When exiting the airport, 2:00 to 2:30 are identical to my experience. Those balinese guys crack me up. Ended up paying 250,000 IDR to Canggu tho:/

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i have instagram mister 😂😂

ndung Very Wijaya

Nice nice

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Oh my goodness, what a great video!

Irna Dalimunthe

watch traveling around mt. Bromo national park Indonesia –>

Amin Bali

npeee 😂😂 u can’t 😂

Jan Zornjan

Now go to Hawaii for $100 in 3 days 😅

Unknown Person

A little correction,when you eat something good,you call it enak instead of bagus.

Noah Meyer

9:13!!!! 9:13!!!! 9:13!!!!😂😂😂

Jakethesnake games

my uncle owns single fin

अस्मिता प्रमोद

Just subscribed with one clip of your video, u motivated me.. Got some idea.. 😂

Alexis Marie

How did you only have 176,000 IDR remaining on night two but say you have 276,000 IDR remaining after buying breakfast the next morning?


The thumbnail made it look like you could get a hooker

Gracia Holly Hutama

Bali is an overpriced place compared to other parts of Indonesia, even Jakarta…
For 10.000-12.000, you can easily get a decent meal (street food). For “Warung”s, you’ll have to pay around 12.000-15.000. If you want a better meal, you could eat in a restaurant. You’ll spend around 30.000-60.000 for a meal.
P.S. Right now, $1 is 14.000 Indonesian Rupiahs, so…

ihavehusband justlikeparkChanyeol

You are so friendly to a Local 😂


@08:11 shit man, i gotta go to bali to get me a latina. and all that for under 100 bucks!

Emiliana Ana

Amazing ,,,,,welcome in my country 😍

MyHand Gaming

Hello, I am from Bali and 100$ is my salary for a month, so its actually enough for one day or two days, the problem is the price for domestic tourist and a foreigner in Bali is different , but not all place do the same thing. But if you want to come to Bali, I highly recommend it, cause you know Bali is such a paradise and helk and the same time, I mean the paradise such our tourism object spot and the hell is some Night club here😂 Bali is full of nice and good people so dont worry, they will always help you, if you need something even they dont know you😁 I’m sorry for my bad English
Ask me anything if you want, Bagus😂

David Nhek

make a video for street food in Bali

Um Casal Qualquer

just found your channel and I’m loving your content! Great job, hugs from Brasil

MJ Sailing

For the times you’ve been in Bali, do you use an International Driving Permit while renting scooters? Have you ever been hassled by local police asking you about it?

Aditya Pradipta

Hungry Bird cafe… Yeah!!

Jacky Lovee

Wow! Nice video! I should take this budget challenge too! like the word “Bagus”. 😊



“Instagram?! I have!”

Hahahaha I’m going last min next week I can’t wait thanks for this video!!!

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Dude.. This is my country.. Hahahha



Navin Koshy John

Cameras used}???


I went changu in October it was beutiful the people were so nice and you must go to Seminyak

Study Teen

The Netherlands 🇳🇱 I live there

Scotty Travels



Can someone please tell me the name of that song playing at 15:00?

Deden Bangkit

Use Mantap instead of Bagus.

mistysheadache 7

The first warung was not a good price you could’ve gone to a local warung and gotten it for much cheaper but I know sometimes if you are just visiting it’s not the funnest thing but other than that I loved the video

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Hi peeps i live in Bali Lol it is Very BAGUS.😜

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Bali …Bali …baliii…cheap n freedom

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By the looks of this thumbnail, all the way. hehehehe

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Great Vlog man, as always!

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You have to get to Bali first though.. you got 600 dollars?

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What language is “mission failiure”? 🙂


I came for the ass. No ass.

Chris Ferry

i’m 18 and planning on going to bali. i was wondering how strict their drinking laws are there?

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“My name is anto”

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Had stop watching, you didn’t talk usd amounts.

Ben Hinman

The people have voted, and we want more Anto

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The latina is really awesome 😀😀😀


Honey I did 3 days in a posh villa in Ubud from Airbnb and ate like a king in little warungs for $100. Of course getting to Ubud wasn’t included, and I don’t drink. I had awesome Nasi Goreng Ayam sambal matah for 22K IDR. Also I walked into Ubud (3.8 km) from my villa!

Tatiana Konsa


Jasmine Gandasasmita

Dude bagus means something around “good” or “great” or “nice”
If you wanna say smth like “hey you have a nice shirt”
“Your shirt is bagus”
That’s how it is

Denise van de Leur

Hahaha I was in Bali last month and we left this hostel when we saw it because it was so dirty 🙈 stayed at Castaway instead

desak savitri

Hahaha, trust me, if you are travelling with an Indonesian, especially with Balinese, 100$ can last for a week or sometimes more. Balinese people are quite clever in making money, they make prices three or sometimes four times more expensive than the normal price.

Sai Mittapalli

tom cruise….tom cruise….TOM CRUISE!?!?!

Naz 176

RIP rupiah


U are the best bro


8:07 holly crap I stayed there lol.

A. Dea

Very well done, love this kind of video. Please do more 😁

Adam Has


Iqbal nur fajar

30 k for coconut. what? I can get 5k for that coconut.

ko da

The best place to travel in Indonesia ia Bangka because they have a gorjous sea and cheap food by the way I am from Indonesia, Jakarta

Basah 16

Anto is MY NAME

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Come to Mauritius you will not regret it!!

The First

That’s a fake bill. No ones ever had a $100 bill.

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Nice video💕, I also uploaded a Bali Vlog on my channel, it would be so cool if you guys also check it out ! Thank youu lots of love !


Everything in Indonesia is cheap but beautiful

Jevin’s Lego Hut

Your girlfriend has an amazing ass


literally everywhere this guy goes is full of white people


Dude! 👌🏽💯🤙🏽 Good vid!!
Definitely a must for any first time Bali goers. All useful information ✔️✔️✔️

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bagus means good

Alexis Japson

12:21 what is the title of that song Christian? <3

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What the hell, 40.000 for the coconut, in my place its 8000 rupiah,

chris dony

The best part over all 6:28 🤣🤣


3:19 😂😂😂😂

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awesome video you should do a collab with YesTheory.


Lol so many taxi scammers
it supposed to be 100k/150k IDR
Such a idiot i hate that guy!

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I don’t know why im watching this video even though im Indonesian 🙂

Darren Zanady



Next time go to kalimantan😂😂

Jan Rozsypal

LOOOOSEEEER, to make the 100 USD, you actually have to make a video for other losers. And to afford that girl, you have to lie about your background and overall situation, enough of poor traveling westerners teaching others how to become losers. You guys should all watch videos how western youth is begging in South East Asia to make it through another day, with their stupid banjos or wooden sticks or whatever they find, and see how racist locals became towards young white trash all over the world. The problem with stupid people is that they are not only poor, they also don`t speak languages, so you would not know what the people say about you anyway. Man, you need to invest some money and buy a banjo. Then you can step up and make a video, how to be a king of the jungle with 117 USD.


Please watch this video : Most popular tourist attractions in bali


Millie Smith

i live in bali

Agung Prasetiyon

It’s not a scooter 😅 , it’s small motorcycle lol 😂


Do another video of bali

Travel with Tommy

One of the best Bali travel guide !! Amazing to see that you only spent $ 100 to travel in beautiful Bali

Leo { The Dragon king }

India is also quite affordable

Nikos Tsaknakhs

PLEASE someone the TRACK ID from 5:30… Im looking it for months through his vlogs..


06:28 that guy looks like kendrick lamar to me😂😂

aanzo ranzo

You should go to bandung too if you like religious statues/temples

aanzo ranzo

Bagus means good or great :/

Logiic NT

I’ll be there in under 2 weeks !!! Can’t wait !

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I sell dog buttons for 1 like each


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But how much did he bay for the ticket to get there?


Doesn’t matter where you go if you have that fine af girl with you

roshan adhikary

Why dont you try it in Nepal


Looks like you’re hemorrhaging money. I don’t think this is very useful.

Will Moorman

End of day 2 you had 141,000 but at the beginning of day 3 you had 276,000? Hmm


Bagus means good.

Or nice, same thing.


Hi I live in bali…


Why would you go on an holiday to be cheap????

Ordinary Asian Boii

Order a grab, cost less

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come here in Yogyakarta

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Man from atlantis to this woah


This guy said his girlfriend is his friend your sad

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Much love from Indonesia ❤️

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i like your vids 🍻

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As a local a.k.a indonesian, im just spend +-$50 a month

Pandu Putra Pratama

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Oh oh instagram i have i have..

Pandu Putra Pratama

My name is anto

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I always get goose bumps every time I watch your latest vlogs. If money is not an object I’d follow your footsteps!

Han Bulban

Went to Bali recently amazing how many ppl are moving there and starting up business. There is also a new tech hub forming with lot of Silicon Valley and Australian entrepreneurs running away from high costs in their country

Wonder Woman

Don’t let taxi driver trick you, they are crazy.


Lol… bagus mean good..

Mr. NoName

hey guys, i want to gol bali,but but I’m afraid of fake alcohol. safe beer which one? Bintang good and safe?

Don Kanon


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I saw you at the airport. I dont believe i watch ur video and that is you ahahahaha
Welcome to bali. Paradise. Bagus

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Loved this video and you are freaking HOT

Do Je

My name is Anto

Yazan Dj

Song at 15:14

Vittorio Prigalih

Honestly dude, fried chicken and rice for 45k is expensive in Indonesia. It should only be like 15-20k tops. I know because I live in Jakarta, and I’ve been to Bali 4 timen. so if you ever need help getting around, I got you fam…😂

siddhanta poudel

You can visit two major cities kathmandu and Pokhara all together with that money



jovial wong

i love how you say nasi goreng bagus and tks

Paul Asige

Yeah its your best vidio. got a natty vib.

Raine Saeng

Ps: I wanna do what you do but I don’t know how to start best regards from Chile

Raine Saeng

You should be getting more views man your channel is amazing!!👍👍👍



Md. Zahed Hossain

This is very informative and pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

Angie Evans

Christian! This is so much better! I watched a few of your videos before and I liked them but they weren’t as helpful as some of the other channels I found.

That’s why I had never subscribed before. I’m going to South East Asia and Japan next year and this is so helpful ♡

Eileen Klarissa

‘Bagus’ means good

Augusta Wilken

Looove this video! Only problem; now I need to go to Bali 😉

Ser Jaime Lannister

when she say your broke so you go to Indonesia with 100 to become a millionaire


masuk angin, minum tolak angin, baguus

Itz willow



Thank you for promoting bali👌


My NAmE Is AnTo

M. Chabobabobitz

Just got back from Bali a few days ago. I miss it already… Great place to explore and interact with the locals. Food is great as well


I only clicked here because the girl was wearing a bicini

Sean O’Reilly

Uber in Bali is a no brainer


6:47 I hope they don’t eat the dog


How much for the latina??

Ritz Blitz

Thumbnail tho…

cheeki breeki

If u don’t want to be fooled in bali, try to speak indonesian. It’s the best helping method u can find

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My name is anto

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Nice content..and we need this information for sure…# awesome

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*My name is ANKO*

Nur Rizka Kareth

Try to use Airy app for booking affordable hotel around bali and indonesia usually with Rp. 120,000 or Rp. 150,000 around $8 to $10 you’ll find cheap hotel and the whole room will be yours without share it with other! 👍🏽

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Your copying drew binski

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Great video! I learned so much!

Taiwan Cameron

Great video!

Biswo Adhikari

Please travel Nepal

Victor Daraban

You should travel to Romania because there are lots of beautiful castles and amazing landscapes view

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Bali is one of my bucketlist. Thanks for this vid and ideas😃

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As vídeos en español plis

Zoraiz Masud

I don’t know if you have seen this before The 100 Dollers 😵😵😵

H .p

4:42 thats literally the guy from modern family lol.


I’m traveling solo for the first time and heading to Bali in 3 weeks for an entire month, this video is very useful! Great content, not filled up with a ton of music and “Instagram scenes”. Nothing against it, but this is the most practical travel video I’ve stumbled across. 👍

Travellers Relish

This was insightful definitely love this format more


I thought woman included but then seems not explained in the video

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Pick me up some fresh kratom

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Great video 👍

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Next time if you go to Bali, just call me, I can be your tour guide, with motor bike or car, I’ll be in Bali February 2019, yuo can give me money only for gas ( bensin )
This my nomer +6281238191931

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Enjoy in my village mate


Me indonesian

Man got full of hope Hope

Man im a balinese, and i just realized how cheap is live in bali haha, how lucky iam, i made a dollar, by doing exporting

Justin Owens

Great stuff, very informative. Would love to go there now!

Kalimas Henggar

hahaha my fav apps “gojek”!

musical note

…You have got Kathy ..Bagus!!! Bagus!!!!

Raymund Anthony Betita

Wait you have Kat what happend to laura?


Hey Christian, what’s the situation on the volcano in Bali. Thinking of heading there next year. Saw that you made it your home base, what’s the best time to go?


Are you still in INDONESIA 🇮🇩 bro..?

Moldy_ Banana

6:47 that dog in the back prbly gonna get eaten

rishi kapoor

You arrive to the airport alone. Rent a scooter and get a Latina GF and two friends complimentary. Bagus😉

Adri Sallaku

Indonesia is Muslim country?

Bayu Amanda

for me, Indonesians, going to Bali is something expensive.

water agua

So by the thumbnail you can buy a hooker??

Dóra Nyíri

8:11 yesssssss 🤩🤩 you two together are so funny!! good as always, also informative as I’m planning to go there on a tight student budget! xx

Kassi Wright

When you stay in hostels with your girlfriend do you have to stay in gender dorms or do you get a private room? I am hoping not to be split up with my bf in our hostels in asia.

Dak Cuarto

One thing I noticed is that you have a great editing skills.. keep up the good work bro!😉

zvnn nxl

Ni baru bule pinter dia explore harga pasaran … Good job

Brielle Gemberling

What an incredible video. thank you so much



Petuha Petuha

I went to Bali years ago and when I came back to NZ I told my family and friends that I can’t honestly say that I’ve been a millionaire 😂

Naa Sackeyfio

If your scooter breaks down do you just leave it there? lol (Real question) BTW Dope useful video.

Matthew Horrom

He went from 141k left at the end of day 2 to $276k Left at the start of day 3…

Danni D

I traveling alone to Bali in November this and you top 10 video have been so frigging helpful. Thank you loads. 😘

Pammu Gubbu

This ultra cheap guy always adds a girl’s pic in YouTube video to seek more views.

Hector Altamirano

You got me back! I started traveling because of your first Thailand and Philippines videos and I can feel you coming back to the roots and balancing perfectly with great cinematics and the editing you have improved trough the years. This is what I liked from your videos in the beginning. Great job!

wait what?

wish i live in bali, i live in jakarta, trust me, most of the people here sucks! most of them have no manners

Alondra Villalongo

15:13 like si viste la cara de Katy de “ese hombre es mio” Deja de mirarlo🤣

Eric Cheung

What is the song at 13min 5 seconds?i heard it before and cannot catchy!

Jensen Jack

Oooppss i think you forgot about parking cost

Chris Wells

3 days??? You can easily do 7 or 8 days on 100 bucks in Bali

Maricris R.

P.S. I re-subscribing.

Maricris R.

This is the content I originally subscribed to. Thank you, Christian for listening to constructive criticism.

Jesse James Dumadag

Aloha from Hawaii! Awesome video!! My ohana and I are planning a trip to Bali, arriving on new years eve. Any suggestions on where to spend new years in Bali? Any suggestions on what hotel to stay at? Mahalo!


If you showed the locations you were at on google maps or keep track of your funds on-screen would be cool.


can someone tell me if its safe for me as a women to travel bali alone? i dont have friends bye but im good at socialising

Random Things From The Internet

2:07 170 impossible boss….. HAHAHAHHA

suatune poe

in 6:30 your instagaram?? LOLOLOL


moral of the story dont be poor

One Night In Bangkok

i hope you will feature more of affordable travelling. for poor ppl like me

Òryza Viĺla

Dolar sekarang naik $1 = Rp.15k … 😔

Arlin Moore

Dude this video is unbelievably helpful thank you so much

Melvi Hirata Soedibjo

I think when you give them money with the right hand that will be better.

Melvi Hirata Soedibjo

For food you should say enak not bagus 😂😂

Peder Malvik Forodden

You Was on the same place AS i was when i was in bali

Eddie Roy


that’s clean?

naufal –

hello im indonesian, its cost only like 2usd to canggu from airport by gojek

N Fuad

my name is Anto

Willow Branch Crafting

this is by far the best content I have seen on your channel. this is the kind of stuff i think most people want to see. makes what you do seem more doable. like how van life videos are so interesting. its something anyone can do and so more people want to see you do it. no one is that interested in you buying a villa since your not “Lost” this really felt like a get lost moment that we saw back in your early videos.

1964 Co.

SE Asia is possibly the greatest travel destination, because it is both the cheapest and the most adventurous.

Matt Thompson

What camera / lens do you use bro? Awesome video.

Jim Cauthen

I love the new style, but I have to agree with at least one of your other viewers, staying in a hostel with your girlfriend is a bit extreme. Tips on finding a comfortable and cheap place to stay would be even better. Not all of us fit the hostel lifestyle and wouldn’t mind a half step up, maybe like your next room 😉 The content was spot on, I liked the more down-to-earth feel of it, which is what the majority of us truly see our experiences being like. One last thought, when you’re talking local currencies on the screen, slap a little ($$usd) beside it so it’s a little easier for us to follow along with. Can’t wait to get lost with more of Season 2!

Lily Diekema

This is exactly the kind of travel videos I’m interested in!! Love how realistic and helpful it is. Would also be cool if you included the price of things in other currencies, just to give a little more context. Keep it up!!!


I also do Bali vlogs


I’m from Bali. If you want to see the most beautiful beach in Bali. You should go to Dreamland or Balangan beach. Have you been in Bedugul?

Thomas Gijsels

Hey Christian, how do you keep your camera gear safe when going out at night/daytrips/activities etc… Do you recommend leaving it in your hostel/hotel?


What drone do you use?

Tanvir Hasan Hridoy

I’ll have a room with her instead ❤️😋

alec duprat

ahaha have can’t believe u found his instagram

Jerk Chicken

5 filipina hookers

Elijah Reinhardt

Awesome video Christian! This really helped show how cheap life is down there. Uluwatu looks amazing, got to go there! Loved how you were showing the costs of meals and the places you went.

Vicente Cochachin

Quien habla español? Solo vine porque me di cuenta que tenia un canal

Anna-Lena Ramminger

oooooh how I miss Bali🌞

alms baasha

I really loved this video! I love that you showed how to get out of the airport and how to catch a ride and mentioned all the restaurants & how much everything was🙌🏽 not only was it exciting but it was very helpful 👏🏽

Ayah Rojak

I like ur thumnbail

Adil Zoz

No one’s gonna comment abt that cute cashier? 7:01


Well im from bali …. And i lived here
DAMN YOU GOT SCAMED USING A TAXI TF better us grabcar/bike or gojek u will safe tooooneee of money 😉🤑🤑🤑

Rest And Travel

Christian – I have right that You are reading comments 🙂 Even mine comment 🙂
You’re 2.0 version is great – keep forward!
See You in Poland next time 🙂

Mas Rifqi

08:08 xD

ishabell an



Thanx for making such amazing videos..i am planning to visit in december there..anything i shud b prepared for??

Dylan J. Gerrits

You spent a lot for your accomodation! You can have the same or even better for 1/3 of the price.
And a lot of things as well like the food.
But quite a nice video.

Jen Tyler



72 dislikes from airport taxi drivers

sabri santillan

De donde sos q hablas en ingles

Fishy Salmon

Dude… just how many time did you go to Bali… you know more about Bali more than me

Guruh Guruh

check my latest Bali video

Rui Moscow47


Abdelwahab Ebrahim Shaker

is this your wife ass ?? shame on you .. pimp

My MidLife Adventures

I’m curious, did you have any issues when returning the motorbike rental, given the transmission went out on you? I had a bad experience last year on Koh Phangan, when trying to return my scooter. Tried to say I let it fall over and scuff the end of the hand grip, even though I had pictures. Then he kept trying to find stuff wrong. Was really surprised seeing that we even hung out and had some beers, during the many days I was there. But it also probably didn’t help that he was drunk at the time I was needing to return it. I just need to learn the secret of how to rent one without handing over your passport, because I have yet to figure out how some foreigners are able to do it?

joe kazama

Do u have been to sabang ? U have to visit there dude . There’s more beautiful

Anas Anwar

i miss indonessia

Jamie Kidda

Anybody what’s the weather like in Bali? And tanning wise. I’m thinking of travelling it


great video dude. been following for the past 3 years, and it’s been cool to see the evolution of this channel. good stuff.

Tony & Dawn Wright

Terima Kasih Christian, that was really Bagus, cheers Tony

Devi Sereia

This is a great video, Chris! It contains so many useful information.
Could you make a video like this for another island or province in Indonesia? It’s gonna be very interesting.


mantap is also a variation of bagus :p


“Now I don’t mean to flex on y’all”

Allen Nerona

What? 1hr ride for $20? Here in the Philippines it is just $3 for an hour ride with uber


Hey Christian! Love the videos! Just wondering what is the title of the song that is playing at 5 min 32 secs.

Huge fan!

David Stevens

Looks great! Really enjoyed it! As an OG sub of yours.. I gotta say, I’m enjoying the pivot.
Evolution is Human Nature. Good to see you changing a long with the world.

Aracelly Fabi

😍😍 Me encanto el vídeo aunque no entiendo ni michi
Hello my name is Aracelly

balsara 675


Diego Olivas

That’s a proper video, mate.
I really like this.
Keep it up.

Charles Thomas



$2 for a coconut! its $1 here in costa rica

dika aji

With Gojek only 25k rupiah


To the maker of this video I was wondering how you found out about Philippines 🇵🇭 and Bali and what made you choose these places ?

Ben Limbu

Awesome video man. Keep it up.

Yansen Chanel official

Bagus / God 👍

Yansen Chanel official

Welcome to Bali, from Indonesia 🇲🇨🎅

Ryandi Widagdo


Live While We’re Young

0:43 video link

Caitlin Ayre

This video was amazing and highly informative, will definitely use this video as a guide when I visit Bali. Keep up these videos!!

The B Girls

how would you travel with kids ?

The B Girls

Hey is Bali safe and how is the education and diseases there? We want to quit our jobs and live off of funds we have with our kids.

Rafael García Fernández

Good stuff Christian 👌

Ilia Cinema

Thanks for tghe video! It would be great if you made a short list of your spendings in the end. like, for 100$ you: 1) lived on Bali for three days, 2) stayed in a hostel, 3) rented a bike, …..

Rendi Yoga

I really like your new travel video. So much fun. Kathy bring a lot of idea 😄

Alicia Cherie Gonzalez

You inspire so many people like myself. I have watched every video you have ever created and I can say that I have learned so much. I followed your path to southeast asia this summer (May 2018). I went travelling for 3 months to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia and wow, I will never look at life the same way. This was the best experience I have ever done and this is only the beginning to many more adventures. You have even inspired me to start a youtube channel. Hope you get the chance to take a look at my first video:


S Patrick

Interesting video, great work!

taufeeq alexander

Love the videos when are you coming to South Africa

Leo Fit Life

Cheers mate this was amazing! Can you do something like exploring hidden scary places on vacation! That would be epic! Cheers

vivian tan

best travel vlog ever

Carlos Estrada

Oh man I loved the video!! I can’t wait to go to Bali and visit all of those incredible spots. Saludos a Katy!!

Johnnie Norton

Hey Christian! I’m inspired by your videos and I’m glad I stumbled across them before starting to buy equipment to film my adventures of traveling!

One question, is your last video the most updated on the equipment you use for traveling and where to get them? I saw the one published in 2016! Please and thank you for your videos! They are SOO helpful and traveling is truly a passion and everyone should get out to see the world as you have!

Canadian Vlogs

That’s too much to get in just 100 bugs. Awesome vlog you nailed it.

Nick Grant

No offense Christian but we met at Single Fin in Uluwatu where this video ends and you’re not as enthusiastic in person as you are on video. Bit disappointed actually. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Cam and Kels were cool AF tho.

Adam Afridi

Can you want too visit Pakistan?


Hola cristian, una recomendación, deberías poner subtitulos de español en tus videos. Ya q me gustan mucho tus videos pero no puedo entender bien lo q dicen mi inglés es bien pobre. Gracias

Faisal Kabir


Moises Duarte

your videos have been giving me so much joy and nostalgia about traveling and filming…. your an incredible film maker. do you find that you have to be “out of the moment” to film ? or you cant get in the water or its a lot of heavy equipment to carry around? also how do you keep it all water proof?

Power Couple Life

Love your videos! Subscribed! <3

Eliano Maehara

congrats!! really cool 👍🏻

Ahmed T.

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TheRandomKid jimmy


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The smell of free food !! Lots of people like Bali. Unfortunately,, its too close with shit mudslum and there is no nude beach and i am allergic to tan lines. yeap, all people there have a white ass. If they like it like that, it’s their conservative choice of destination….

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simon ford

Hey, I travel for a living ( super yacht chef ). Im so glad you have become so successful! what you give people is amazing. I’m almost 50 ( very successful in my field )
and am thinking of doing a video series about selling up and getting away instead of staying on the rat wheel. I bought a shipping container and stored my life for the time being. I don’t know whats next??? Your videos help decide. Thanks Christian.

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Multan Bater Farm

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Arslan Iftikhar Rajpoot

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fuck yeah this video instantly took me back to my travels, cant wait to get back out there

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Welcome back! Now we are talking! This is what we used to watch!

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Loving the new style👌👌

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It would be great to see alternative accommodations for those of us who would prefer to stay in a hotel rather than a hostel. Also conversions to USD would be awesome too to avoid the constant alt+tab to google it lol. Loving the start of these vids though!

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I enjoyed this video. I’m impressed you continually add new editing tricks and cinematography methods. It lived up to your rebooted 2.0 promise. Your video like many vlogs quickly hops from one scene to the next. For the most part I appreciate this, but I’d be interested in learning more about some of the people you meet. I realize you have to keep the action going but 30 seconds to a minute talking to a local about their life, interviewing them, would be interesting or perhaps that’s a separate video series.


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Digital Travel Videos

Hey Christian we love your new video!! We like the new concept right away and SO COOL we met you and see ourselves back in the video! We’re looking back at the great time we had that evening and so special we have a lot in comment, see you around and we’re excited for your next video!!! Atiba & Ilse (@digitaltravelcouple)

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I’m from Brazil. I do not speak english very well. I want to take the course but would like to know if your course has caption ….?
Thank you

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Haha so much nostalgia from this video. I love the people of bali, such a laugh, so much fun!

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Went to bali a few weeks ago and jup this is what I did haha fun to see you stretch a budget as well, this is what most people watching will be doing so I’m a big fan of the season 2.

Eliza K


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i dont usually comment but this video is really good and is inspiring me to travel even more and more, keep up the good work!


Here I have a nice suggestion: Roumania would be a cool and low budget destination to try. You had some great videos from there, I would like to see more from there!

Zoey Arielle

Amazing video Christian! Love the new direction, so incredibly helpful!


Pro tip: just walk upstairs to departures next time you’re at the airport. Go-Jek and Grab will both pick you up there because the taxi drivers only haunt arrivals.

linn h


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One of your better video in a long time. These are the kind of videos that won your subscribers in the first place. Glad you have not forgotten.


take and give with right hand if possible dude..

Palo Praženica

I went from DPS to Canggu 4person for just 90k

Tania Solis

Your content is always so interesting and exciting to watch! Loved it! 🤗

#LostLeBlanc, love these travel tips! we have been watching most of your travel videos and love them! we hope to one day expand our curation to all your visited destinations. Hopefully you will use our app, on apple/android, to create your curated recommendations and let us know what you think. Jottrip app is the smartest way to experience travel with personalized, curated recommendations. Hope it will be useful to you – and your fans/followers, which we are definitely one of many of them! Best! – “don’t just visit a place – experience it”

Michelle Boesch

Perfect timing. I will be in Bali by tomorrow 😍

Bart Lim

Wow i didn’t know you love Bali so much, i always thought the Philippine and Thailand are more of your favorites. Btw 500k for a taxi ?way too much. Love the vid btw cheers

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…awesome!!!…nice work!😛…

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I really loved this video. And I really love your content. But please don’t take even 10% risk for a shot. I know you might be taking care of everything but these shots put you at risk and they also inspire all the viewers to try those shots. Hope you continue making content like this. Love from India❤️

Brenda Lee

LOVED this video soo much Christian! Especially with the taxi/catching a ride, it’s super helpful for me (and those who have never been to Bali and intending to do so), also with the cafe’s (as I love food), it’s good to know where you can get yummy food, whilst saving $$! Can’t wait to see more!!

Aaron Reicher

Love the new affordable travel vlogs!!! Awesome!!

Jeremy Stevens

I like the new content but it would be great if you included a map when you go from place to place for an easy visual reference of where you’re talking about.


Back to the roots, Love it!


Fantastic content. I honestly think you hit the perfect mix of info and cinematic! As a brand new YouTuber, I’m a little intimidated cause you’ve set the bar high. 😊 Great video….I am now definitely planning a stop in Bali on my way back from New Zealand in Feb!!!

Laura Pontuschka

I’m in Canggu now, where art thou Christian???


Love new format! Well played man!

Dan Taitoko

Awesome! Didnt fake the vid to make the budget possible. Kept it honest. 👌🏽

Arturas Martyncevas

Does anyone know, what is the name of the melody, begins 15:00…?

Bene C

Well done excellent just a pit more what you see or try and see . One complaint went out in the street and borrowed the bloke next door bike nearly got run over 3 times snapped my fingers and no beautiful lady apeared out of no where ha ha good work stay safe the pair of you

Genevieve [Lust In Her World]

Amazing! Thank you for making this video! I can’t wait to visit Bali! What’s the name of the song at 5:32 ?

Emilianus Gapertson

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Great video dude watched a lot of them how to travel insurance budget is great

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Look at all those chickens

James B

Loving this new video format! Looking forward to the Hong Kong travel guide!

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Dheyb Cee

i like it to be honest 🙂 keep it up. more funny scenes hahaha

Bailey Lewis

I love this man! Your videos are so amazing. I am currently planning a trip to Bali, so thank you for this!


love ur content

Chris the Freelancer

Dude! This was great! Mad respect for picking up your game and changing your format 👊

Blake Corbett

Great content, can’t wait to see the next videos


what happened
to your villa?

Mark Sandoval

Ahhhhh I LOVE IT !!! this is what you said and you delivered it so perfect 😀 !!


The two constants of travel.. McDonald’s tastes like cardboard and taxi drivers try to scam you 😂

muhamad hidayat

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Himanshu Dutta

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love it christian! more videos like this

Ccc Ccc

I really like the vibe of this vid. Also the music is somewhat different than before. I would love to see videos like this from Japan. Do you plan to explore Lombok, Flores and so on more? I would really like to see you going on a ‘real’ adventure.




outstanding christian,excellent video!!

James Press

Enjoyed the video. Love the content, and your production quality is always top shelf!

Yury WWS

I like this format, keep on going, Chris..

Eva Martí Rodríguez

Loved the concept of this video! This will be really useful as I’m going to Bali in two weeks and I need to stretch out my money as much as I can 😂 I’m really happy that you decided to make this big change in your channel, definitely gonna be watching a lot more of your videos now!

Cosmin Hurezanu

Yes , Christian, go to Basis ,great Video

Jennifer Iglesias

Congratulations Lost le blanc , anything you posted is greatly appreciated. keep it up ,my best regards to Katy .

Joey Amor

Beautiful shots😍

365 with Brian

Someone watched Dear Alyne’s video haha

Amélia silva

Stunning video! I like your videos contents but this one overcome my expectations. Great!


If you want you can eat for waaaaaaaaaay less. Cool video tho!


Excellent vid Christian. Followed you for a long while. Also a fellow Canuck. I like your new budget/info based vids.

Christian Fratnik

Nice evolution of your video style,I like it a lot 👍

kornelius nove

Woow.. You really do in 100 us. If you lunch or breakfast at local food maybe you can accomplish the mission.. But this is really good.. Bali always bagus!

Jordan Nieblas

Lost LeBlanc season 2 on point

Ashraf Arnold

I don’t think the hostel part added any value to the story line. It’s relatively easy to get a recommendation on a decent hostel and what you get is basically always the same. Think you’d better off trying different cheap accommodation that isn’t a hostel. That will add huge variety and suspense to your videos. There are tons of options between hostels and 4/5* hotels

Rahmad Ade Pathia



Love this video. Thank for the info.

Lulu Grant

Awesome! Thanks for making this video.

mohammed abdul.mateen

Awesome video
Couldn’t find the link of your tour guide

Timothy Krause

Brings back memories of hostel life 🙁

Jeffan Karamoy

thank you for visiting Indonesia friend, greeting me from Manado North Sulawesi Indonesia. hopefully later we can meet. through video you really help people to plan holidays. success is always a friend

Jen Li

I love the content.

heRdi TV


Sable Jeff

It doesnt matter ur still handsome though. Content is way better and more of you. I like it. ❤

m syahreza

I’m Indonesian and I think airport taxi in Ngurah Rai is such a spam.
You better take grab!


Getting pathetic n boring by d day…


I really loved the moments when you had interaction with the local people bc it created a picture of what the life is like. I do personally love cinematography in general but I like that you’re keeping it relevant with cheaper stuff. Hmm I guess some suggestions would be maybe to make the videos into series and shorter but include a little more cinematography even with showing people’s expression and culture not just the landscape! Hope that makes sense 👌🏽anyhow great job!

Jeffan Karamoy

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thank you

Tomas Being

The food prices you’ve paid were very touristy! you can get a meal and a drink for as cheap as 20-30k!


Thanks for the tips man! Its so good seeing you in hostels and on a budget! Being a backpacker and usually on a budget I could really relate! Love all your videos, but more like this would be dope!

Iyan Tech ID

i so enjoy watch every single your video,, hope you come Semarang and other city in Indonesia, enjoy food, people and place ,,,

Nikhil abi

Can you do a 1000$ Bali guide because I feel 100$ is too less and would like to see how well you can live with just 1000$ for a full week


We got a pretty sweet deal: private driver waiting for you at Denpasar airport arrival + 6gb data sim card for 19$:

Devin Boyles

You’re very good at what you do.

I like that your vlogs keep evolving over time. Many YouTuber’s fail to do that and become a bit stale.

Delightful Travellers

Thanks for the tips! We’re there in a few weeks and we’ll definitely go through with the airport taxi ‘trick’. Cheers from Canada (atm) – Trevor



Beatriz Torres

It bothers me that you tell the story as your girlfriend is not there until certain point. You are not traveling alone, you should act, film and edit accordingly.


Wonderful video, well explained! Gonna help me a lot. Keep it going!!

Lina Kashirina

Have a russian program “Орел и решка” these guys have traveled all over the world, the format of the program is that one of the leading travels with $100 and the other with an unlimited debit card. Recommend to view

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Damnn.. that thumbnail though…… 👀

Al Stock

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Dunns Against The Grain

Fantastic format and info! Thanks for doing this! Would love to hear and see advice for families as you go as well! We plan on getting your Bali guide soon and we are selling our house right now to travel full time for 3 years, starting in Bali for a month!

Hey Chad

I really like the comedic moments you show. Keep on going mate!

Umanga Sarathchandra

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Really great video and I’m so excited you are making the changes you are. I got hooked on your videos about a year ago and I felt so inspired I took a trip to Thailand. Bali is definitely next on the list for me! My favorite part of this video was seeing you haggle with the taxi drivers because it showed one of the less luxurious parts of traveling and was very informative of what a good deal actually is and where to go to get it. I would have had no idea otherwise that Bali has something similar to uber. Looking forward to what’s in store with this channel! #teamgetlost

Alan Gomez

I am so glad you have come back to your roots. To be honest, I’ve actually stopped watching your videos for a couple of months but decided not to unsubscribe. I thought, maybe it’ll come back. It was your budget travel and cost saving measures and just raw travel fun that drew me to your channel. Sadly, over the course of 3 years, you moved into more “luxury” travel vlogs. There’s nothing wrong with it. It is nice here and there and you definitely deserve the luxury for all your hard work. However, it deviated from what originally drew me into watching your channel. I missed the old Christian, I could care less about the nonstop 5-star luxury hotels and restaurants that you visited. Even your Instagram posts became just like everyone else’s – too manufactured and full of fakery because I know that behind those famous rice terraces are the crowds, stalls, traffic and garbage. Please stay the course of Lost LeBlanc 2.0, it need not be fully scripted and planned all the time. It is nice to see what it’s really like to travel like an ordinary person and sometimes the best trips and videos are those that are unplanned.


This is the first one of your videos that made me really miss backpacking,

The Holistic Trainer

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Christian, if you’re willing to risk a little bit of Bali belly you can save a LOT on food! You spent 3-5 times more than you could’ve, the local warungs are much cheaper.. But again, I don’t know if the risk of Bali belly is worth it.


This feels like the newer and better LeBlanc….But looking back, I like the old one as well – it’s what made me click on that susbscribe button. This new format will keep me on clicking on that like button😃. This is a SUPER LIKE!

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Bintang is Heineken they change their name in indonesia

Sarah Davis

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Maria del Pilar Medina Ortega

Peruvian over here! I like the New format! Seggestions: maybe something more visual for the budget, like a bar on one side of the screen that indicates how much remains as you spend on different things.

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Lily Kim

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This was so helpful! I hope I can travel there one day.

Nathan Johnson

Yo Christian, I’ve got a bit of a secret spot here in Bali that I want to go up and film in the next few weeks. I found out about it when I moved here in 2009. Give me a shout and come up and check it out if you want.

indigo kalista

Great…next time i go to bali i’ll visit that place…thanks…🙂


What is so great about bali is that it is a paradise that is affordable! =) Great start of Season 2!

Gean Franco Baldarrago Caballero


Rob Hawn

I loved this video! I like the $100 challenge concept! I suggested it in the comments on the last video. Thanks for putting it out! Keep up the great work sir!

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Faraz Khan

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S8 10

THE SECRET to getting a CHEAP TAXI at BALI Denpasar International Airport . When you arrive DO NOT go straight out to the carpark where all the dark blue taxies are they dont do a meter and will ripp you off. (NEVER NEVER use the dark blue taxies if you can avoid them). BLUE BIRD taxies do use the meter BUT are not allowed at the down stairs car park. Leave the airport main door go UPSTAIRES by the lift to the departures at the end of the courseway are Blue Bird taxies waiting. Or if you know what ure doing go outside the gates like Christian said.

The Daily Phil

Did you scavenge some leftovers in the garbage in that breakfast place in Day 3.

Philippines Fun With JLB & Friends

You can but not recommended..


Great video, Christian!! Anyone knows where the light tower is located? (at 14:40)

Time to Fly

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Good info to know!!! Thanks Christian! Just a quick note, I seem to have been unsubscribed from your channel recently, no reason, no idea how or why? I’m going back through your videos to see if I missed any. Hope Youtube doesn’t do this to others as it affects your livelihood!!! Cheers from Vancouver!

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Lets hook up and do top 10 free things to do in bali. I have a car and some ideas

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I like how you included the bargaining in the airport and showed where the cheaper alternatives were, and how much the ride and sim card cost you. Things change with time or high/low season but it’s nice to have a baseline for things in some Countries so you don’t get ripped off too badly. I’d love to see some more experiences with locals and getting to hear their stories, I know it’s a language barrier depending on where you are but where ever you can swing a fuller conversation that would be neat to watch.

RoAd monkeys

I love when your videos are like this!!! Helps a ton. Don’t get me wrong, your adventures are why I watch your channel, but these tips are great!!! No more fancy hotels. That stuff is boring. Unless it’s a deal us “non-famous vloggers” can get too! Keep up the great videos and awesome editing!


Loved it! More this please my man 🤙🤙

Roslyn Bui Viet

Love this new format! Especially your “how to navigate your exit from Denpasar airport” tips. You forgot to mention the usual hour or so of waiting in the endless immigration queues to actually get out of the airport! 😬😱

Elvie’s Family And Travel

Going to indonesia in 2 months!

loc tran

Christian came back. I really like this clip. However, u dont have to challenge urself by staying hostel when ur girlfriend travel with you. If u can find good hotel with “best value for the price”, it is better. Lot of ppl cant not afford 5 star hotel, but we all wanna privacy, especially travel couple. I hope i dont annoy u with me comment. Have a wonderful day sir.


I’ve watched some of your videos, but this was the one that made me subscribe. I went to Bali last month and this is very helpful!

Infinite Exp

Do more of these as 100 USD travel challenge series if you can

T. Y.

Loved this vlog! I particularly loved how you showed how to navigate from the airport terminal, how to barter with drivers, and how to find the scooter drivers. I love the idea of eating at local warungs for a local culture experience as well! These are the types of vlogs I love. The cinematography is beautiful but I want to know the details of how I can get the and enjoy my experience affordably so I can travel more often!

David Pino

Love it man!! Taking it back to the original style. But be honest while you booked the hostel and actually stayed at home didn’t you? 🧐 haha

Daniel Lavoie

Just came back to Canada after a month in Canggu and your video are definitively teasing me to go back and even to move there. Thanks a lot. Keep up!

Taavi Hölttä

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Really appreciate the new direction you’re trying to go in. Kudos. Maybe you can still sprinkle in some luxury fancy stuff too. Like maybe a theme of extremes. The cheapest and best next to each other…


Dudddde! Love the new channel concept and the dad jokes 🤣

Aldo St

I remember when I used to live in Indonesian our salary was $100/ month. So we have to survive $100 for next paycheck.

Bless HK

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Heiko D. Yeh

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Chris & Michelle Go Places

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Go jet will give you a really good price. Just like the locals.

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Good job with this video, you nailed it! Good vibes, lot’s of info, no luxury hotel ads, and most of all a good story telling that makes us travel with you. It reminds me of the old ones in Thailand!
Couple of minor remarks though: having the prices in USD or EUR too would be great, and sometimes I didn’t have time to read the texts and see what was happening in the video.

Kiwi John

Hey Christian. Really good video I loved it. One small thing can you leave the on screen info/prices going for a few seconds longer. Had to back up a few times to actually read what you had written. Can’t wait for the next one

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Bobet Aitum

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Chris, i see the backpack at the airport was empty. i have devils eyes for details. seasoned traveler here.

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I like this new series…You could show the tipical activities/sport that you can do in the place….I give example: in Bali I imagine you can surf, spearfishing, a course of cooking ecc…

Gyro Raynon Gorospe

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Dolrich Aguillon

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This comment will be chosen for the fan of the day just because it’s in Spanish.

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You scared me last video. Now forgiven. 💋

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Thank you so much


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Nice! I was in Bali earlier this year. I watched your Bali videos before my trip. Per your recommendation, I was gonna rent a villa in Canggu and a scooter for a month. Because I wanted to cover a lot, I ended up making a leisurely loop around the island with a side trip to Nusa Penida. May do the villa and scooter in the future. Thanks for the tips! And, the Bali taxi drivers are the worst!!! IG: @grenoble11

maryam schwein


Psicóloga y Psicoterapeuta Diana Herrera Silva

Un saludo, y a Katy!

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Elba Evelyn Catro


Randal’s Pinteresting Labs

Side note on the course you are offering. The normal price of $147 is discounted by 25% with an optin, right? When you click the email link to the buy page it says “Your exclusive discount offer for 25% off is” then gives the code. When you click the add to cart it shows as $127. A quick calculator trip says 25% off of $147 is $110.25, not $127. So just a heads up.


Definitely loving this new style of vids👌🏼 Can’t wait for more!

Meghan Jones

This video is awesome. Planning a trip to Bali and all my frugal friends keep wanting to know about the budget. This video really helped!!!! Thank you 🙏🏽


14:18 my reaction when your Rp.1,4mil hit minus Rp.31k lmao
I love the ‘new’ LeBlanc video, keep up the good work man! See ya next sat.


Love it! This video was super informative. …I think I was overcharged on my last trip to Bali, it’s all good…LOL
I really like this format, keep it up! By the way, I can’t find the info on your tour guide, “Pancha” in Bali. Thanks for sharing…BAGUS!

Reuben Clarke

This was your best video for a while! It gave me the same feeling that your videos used to do and made me excited to go and travel again. The adventure is what’s most important ✌️

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And additionally in terms of getting a simcard there is more than just two options as mentioned. You can also purchase a simcard and have it sent to you prior to leaving your home country.

Live Life With A View

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Great advices!

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Will Katartzis

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Divert Living

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Fuzzy Green

Really good to see some fresh content. I must admit, I had sort of checked out from watching your vids for like 6 months at least, but with the added goal of keeping it cheap it makes it a lot more engaging. This style reminds me of a channel called Monkey Abroad, where he does $20 dollars a day in cities mainly across China. Looking forward to more!


Actually, this vlog was bagus sekali 😉

walid sdk

i gotta say it man this is so much better than the previous ones. i loved your decision // won’t be missing any of these vlogs


Thank you for coming back to “travel on a budget”!! The world of the common mortals ahah

The Plant Based School

So much value man! Thanks a lot for this…and, happy to have you back!


I like ur new concept of video, and i suggest you to having more conversation with local people and explore the culture too. Thank you 😊

Thomas Osborne

Did you really eat garbage?! Thats funny

Thomas Osborne

I love this! very cool! I really did enjoy the expensive life that you showed too but this is just as entertaining! Thank you for sharing

Mochamad Faruk


Katrin Bröcker

Amazing! The majority of travel youtubers have the opportunity to visit expensive places that’s amazing but not possible for all pockets. I found really good that you show the possibility of travelling from other point of view.
I lived in Bali in 2011 for one year and i know it gets still cheaper like for example eating int he small local warungs but I’m sure in the years a lot have change. I almost didn’t recognise some place you showed. Anyway amazing island, amazing live and great new way to make videos 🙂 BAGUS

aisha zahid

This is the old Leblanc waaaah yaaaaaaaah

Inspectah Dek

Unreal video. Love this style of video.


Bagus means Good or Nice in English hehe

Dom Ryan

Thank you christian! This helped a lot. Going to Bali in the spring time next year.


11:04 That beat tho!!! What is it ?

The Adventure Channel

Wow thanks for sharing i do love your vid’s so much. You really inspired me. I just started a youtube channel. Please check out my vid’s and give me some feedback

Siim Land

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Axel E. Funk

$1500-$2000 CAD for your apartment in Bali? Bro you must be rich

Mark Lyck

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Christopher Wood

It felt like you went back to the old style of your vlogs, the reason I followed you two/three years ago! I’m glad you’re back and look forward to more content like this 🙂

Alondra N

I love the quality of your videos. Thank you!! As a college broke student this is great for me

Rosa Vicente Cuya

Lostlechic ❤️

Glaid H

WOW, this is the content what we need !!! 🙂

Fionnbharr Hembruff

Honest feedback, this video was great, awesome slow mo and beautiful shots. I really like the “return” to more budget friendly travel. Only issue I have with the new format is the possibility of only one video per week. I’ve been around since like 30k subs and your videos have always been high quality, we just want more Christian and Katy!

M Sk

nice Vlog… your editing!

Fitri Novita Aryani

Another awesome job! Thank you..
Luv the way u gave your best…well done 😍😍👏👏

Mr Avinash Vlogs

Predict When I am going to Bali 😀


this new season of your travel video is so good keep up the good job.


my name is anto

Allen Mendoza

This is why we followed oyu in the 1st place great job

Tangerine Travels

Another great video! We recently found your channel, so maybe you’ve covered it in the past but we’re curious if the constant traveling ever gets tiring for you? We started traveling through Mexico but after a couple of months, we wanted more stability in our lives. We had to settle down for a while before traveling again. Now our lives are in a nice rhythm where we have a “home base” and make 1 or 2 trips a month.

Jacob Cox

Amazing stuff man! Did not think you could actually spend 3 days in Bali with that little money without starving yourself!


Soooo many people try to take advantage of tourists. Thanx for the helpful video’s .

Tatiana G

I like your previous videos, but THIS is the kind of content I really like to see. I know I’m not going to miss another video if they’re like this one.

Franklin E

Keeping it real! Showing the obstacles you encounter while traveling makes the experience better because you won’t forget those moments.

An Nguyen

Love this 2.0 version!

Vanesa Rodriguez

Hola Christian.
Este video si que me gustò.
Tus otros videos son muy buenos en calidad y màs pero este video es màs interesante muestra màs la realidad de un viaje y muestras sobre la cultura y las personas que vas conociendo durante ese viaje.
Muchos èxitos.

miguel intoexplore

Haha great video man

sergey semikin

Absolutely love this! Love the new style v2.0


Its nice to know what at least $100 usd can get you…… But my 1st first to Bali i wud make good use of your Bali Guide ….. Your Vlogs are such great help….. Its because of you i fell in LOVE with Bali Indonesia ….. Thank You…

Laura H

I have been loving your super cinematic videos for their visual features but this new style of yours is so much useful for all the travellers on budget like me! Keep up the good work boy 😊🌞

Francesca Thompson

Going to Bali on a budget in a few weeks and found this so helpful for the right costs for things, how much would you say is right for a taxi from the airport to Ubud? We’ve been quoted 300k by our hostel and wanna check we’re not being ripped off

Seok Jin


The World n Us

I really like this one Christian 👍 Good mix of cinematics that worked really well with the story. Plus your giving the viewer a lot of valuable info they can use if they travel to Bali.

Matīss Pudulis

I hope you do more videos like this, but please always display local currency and also USD or EUR. Press like to this comment if you googled more than once what the price was in your local currency.

Chris Cunningham

What, no Nasi Bungkus?! Tidak bagus…

My all time favourite Balinese grub around 10,000 rupiah; NASI CAMPUR MMMMMMMMMM ENAK!


Mission failed. Now back to the trash cans… 🙂


Thanks you for the info

Journey Soup

Digging all the dance moves! I’m imagining you sitting in your villa playing fortnight and your girl practicing the dance moves. Lol, we need those behind the scenes that no one knows about!

Genesis Tiburcio

Loving this new lost Leblanc!!! “Bagus”!! From New York

Chris Morton

Thanks as always Christian!!


Great video! I am going to Indonesia this fall! I am hoping to spend $ 25 a day so this is very helpful and makes me very excited for my trip!!

sri sidharth

To Lost LeBlanc – This trip should have been tuff for you, I can see you have scarified almost all the luxury and as promised your have made a perfect budget video. BAGUS !!!!!!!

Top Mystery

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blah blah blah

I love how informative this was. Really excited for your upcoming videos😄

Ryan Varnell

Hey Christian. How far can $100 get you in Thailand? I’m going with my brother and best friend this next July. We’re gonna backpack for 25 days. Will it go farther?

Jordan Pike

Bruuuuuu. This was so good! You’re becoming a master storyteller my friend. So stoked for Hong Kong. God damn Christian! You the man!!!

Loreal Ruiz

Yasss i live for these videossss! Thanks for bringing it back ❤️ would love to see this in other cities as well

Bastien Road Trips

Nice shirt in Hong Kong Christian ! I really like the new format. It fits you better 😉

Ishaan Chawla

When are you going to Thailand 🇹🇭 again

Love Loveyy



When Christian shows you the best ways to stretch $100 for 3 days in Paradise, that’s Bagus.

Dany #gotaworldtosee

00:05 that’s interesting haha. I made it into the video 🤔👍👍

Claudia on Earth

“From the netherlandsss”, hello fellow dutchies! hope to have you here some day Christian 🙂 ps. love this format 🙌🏼

Spankin Chicks

For the food, you should say “enak” 👍👍👍👍👍 not bagus

Zana Karim In China


Nidhin Koz

If I can do that with $100 I’m stoked to go there with $1000 😆

Chelo Abbe

Coming to Bali in 4 weeks and want to collab with you man. Let me know, me and Hillary will be in canggu.

Kareem Pinkston

I WATCHED ADS TO SUPPORT LEBLANC – But to be specific, yes, when traveling to places like Mexico, Bali & Vietnam, the US dollar carries A LOT of weight in those countries. The currency exchange rate is INSANE!!

LeBlanc THANK YOU so much for making a video like this and if you continue on this path… it’s GOLD!! We ALL want to save money when traveling.

PS. Where’s the video on the US VIRGIN ISLANDS? Let me know when you want to cover St. Croix, USVI and I’ll be your guide and assist with the costs. Inbox me.


Ayyy you keeping it real!

I can relate when bargaining in South East Asia with my tuktuks all day ahaha

1.4 million!!

Rachman Marangga

I’m here to support tou Man…

Mr. Kwiatkowski

hi there 🙂

Serkan Ister

Forget about Bali bro, tell me how do you afford the chick besides you. 😎

Sebastian Dylag

This man right here … Christian Leblanc… Thank You ! If not for you I might have not seen travel as my life goal, but you opened my eyes, now I know what I want to do in life 📷🌍 I even opened a channel dedicated to travel vlogging (any feedback would be amazing ! )

Mahesa Suryanagara

God bless you , come to Garuda Wisnu Kencana final statue in bali.

Ishaan Chawla

Loved this video

Aero Altitude Mexico

I love your videos man

Ishaan Chawla

Outstanding Editing

bhushan gaikwad

Great 2.0

Rey Rey

Awesome, Peace n love from Cibubur (south of Jakarta)..Nice to meet u 🙂

Lana Tiare

Love your videos man! So happy you are choosing to do more videos like in your old vids! Love it! Keep up the good work excited to see what’s to come 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥



Where’s Wilson

Classic – most anticipated ‘Missing File’ 🙈🤗

Marcy Se

first comment!! 😂


🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 #teamgetlost 📸❤️🌎