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Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

what a beautiful villa!

Kireina desune260

nice vidio, yeah if in bali I really like bedugul i love wheater place ” cold” , if the street prefers Kuta this is like a melting pot of people of various races in the world and in street on the night is very pleasant, yeah canggu cool
Bali is a favorite place fro tourists from Aus,Japan, NZ, Korea etc, Thumbs Up !!!!!

gadis dis

Awwh.. such a bummer for your drone!
Anyway, Vassani is so lovely…. i hope i can go there next time in Bali, love love all your bali vlogs


Wow that’s a beautiful place to stay!! It would be hard to resist just sleeping in or relaxing with the balcony doors open. Very nice!

Filip Dominski

Do you guys have any travel destinations planned for 2019 or not yet?? Are you guys planning on going back to Europe? Also, greetings from Chicago! Been subscribed since the Poland vlogs! Keep up the good work!

ando nandez

Awesome video


This is Danger when he realized he forgot the memory card.

Angie Evans

Ah ha ha! You guys should know that summer isn’t always summer here 🙂 glad you got to come home for Christmas though ❤

Wader Kangelan

You awesome and vlog too

Ross and Bek

So beautifully decorated! And that pool tho…..!

Joseph Happ

Nice Villa.
Somewhere on the beach is the Chip.

Red Bullant

Hi you guys Nice digs ! Love you’re work and vlogs

Judy Hayward

Love your vlogs I treated myself to a new camera for Christmas & have just started doing some videos and I must say getting very frustrated I’ll think that I have just shot some good vision and then end up with people walking right through the shot. So it is lovely to see your little bloopers and know you don’t get the vision first time even though you have been videoing for a few years. Love your Vlogs

Bing Maniquis

Hi Daneger and Stacey I hope you had a wonderful Christmas in New Zealand! I enjoyed this vlog so much!


i am so sorry for your tragedy :'(


4 wardrobes…that won’t work for me…too little..i need like 12 😀 for all shoes, dresses…maybe Stacy will understand me 😀

Les Lie

A really nice Airbnb. Haven’t tried Airbnb yet. It’ll be my first time in Romania this coming May. I actuallly came to know your channel from the endless adventure’s romania vlogs. And now im catching up with all your vlogs! I’m loving your accent guys! Yours and Flying the nest’s accents are pretty awesome.

usher freedom

Its so relaxing watching your films👌


Thanks for the tour, guys! About how much did this huge Canggu villa cost per night??

gordo 1

hi kiwis are the beaches clean any plastics i spent 12 months in thailand and comming from aus the beaches were a big dissapiontment 😎😎

Keri Judith