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Zachary Laid

1st one was cool, 2nd one I really liked except for saggin tits and the crate style doors seem loud and can get annoying, 3rd one would not even consider just because the living room is outside, during bad weather days that’ll suck plus huge spiders, 4th was dope af, Would choose between 1 and 4 if I had to I would go with better deal
Im on computer but insert Villa house emoji lol

r c

I like the first and the last

Beto Salinas


Greatbeard Tube

5 … definitely 5.
A close runner up would be the one with the epic dj spot for the pool parties.

Zachary Laid

Only 3 min into the video and I’m loving the video quality. Excellent camera

Zachary Laid



I think the last one is perfect for Operation BTFU&GRπŸ”₯πŸ˜„

Ray Review

hi guys do you have plan to visit jakarta??


Great video, looking forward to part 2 πŸ™‚



The last one was the best but the containers were epic too!πŸ’―

Greatbeard Tube


Oliver Grytten



Nr. 1πŸ”₯ HYPED

Mikkelsen Twins

Ayyyyy this is gonna be fun 😏