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Veronica Herman Njau Andersson

I like your videos✨

Luc Hof

To expensive better rent a house for one year of 1200 euros

Ron Almera

3 to 10 mill dollars, Fuckinnnn real estate agents always inflating the value of a shithole.

chris savala

Title change “Lease a property in Bali for 25 years ” .

Sikder Diamond

What if u lease it like 25 years, what about long term visa! Will government provide visa for long term for property buyer?

Ben Hinman

When they’re talking about 100k – 300k type places on a 25 year leasehold, is that going to end up being 4k-12k a year on the lease or is there a way to pay it all up front? I’m curious about the pricing structure for this kind of thing

Agus Juliardi

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The women real estate agent is hot as fuck!!!!

William George

If you can’t own the land, don’t buy the structure. PERIOD.

Ashton Martin ThreeK

I just hate the fact that you can’t own properties out right in any countries outside of US. Do you know if Thailand real estate ownership rights are similar to Bali?

Tracy Lesieli

thaks thank thanks!!!


So you as a foreigner, can basically never own a prop, only on a lease. Not Interested !

Deo Gustino

Prime location, investment opportunity in Bali


John Tu

Westerners totally fucked up the paradise.

Ni Surni

That Indian guy talk to pass don’t understand what he’s said from Australia.


Perfect… Thanks for the information

I Gusti Ngurah Putu Alit Putra, S.H.

need Lawyer to help advise about this?

fish and banana

hold up… $300k for a 25 year lease ?… no thanks.

Remadja Lita

Indians selling Balinese properties ? Hmm…interesting.

The Minimalist Cook

Lots of Balinese families have become multimillionaires in $US terms due to insane land value appreciation. Families from Denpasar, Cannggu, Seminyak etc have been selling land purchased for next to nothing years ago or inherited to developers. Although there are still a lot of poverty in the less commercial parts of Bali there are also a lot of young people in their 20’s who will never work. Salaries remain low and it’s very easy to sell or lease out land. I choose to work but personally I think parts of Bali are facing a moral hazard in this regard.

Tony Fisher

Thanks Jubril. Been trying to figure out the difference between freehold and leasehold on our trips through Thailand. Much appreciated! Love your videos!


Great video but aint no way in hell Im buying a house and dont own it outright. That shit is crazy.

Ipro Fox

Im trying to diversify and leave the states but I must be able to own property. Whats a good place with a high standard of living but a low cost of living?


Great content as always! Keep up the good work!

Mao and Then

thanks for sharing! Absolutely fun place to be! here my video when i went there.


Tess Tickle

Really cool video, it’s a good idea to ask the expert, thanks man!

Anton Ch.

Draymond Green is youtube vloger?


Jabril do you have a FB training available?


Can’t buy property unless you’re Native as in foreigners spend your money here but you’re not welcome to stay here. That’s ok, who wants to live in muslim Nation anyway. Fools complain about Trump’s immigration policy freakin idiots. If Western Nations practiced this they would labeled as racists. Double standards.

the legend of king

The fire as usual.

Sweet Mango Travels

I lived in Bali for 1 year and friends have had many problems buying property. Basically you never own the land so after 15years the owner can tell you to get out of your own home. Then they can move into  your house! Besides that property is overpriced and the island is very busy now.

Garrett Chapman

When are yall dropping the Medellin Nightlife video?

Remie Watkins

Thanks very good


6:21 holy shit was it AP?

Nick K

asians how some sneaky laws for foreign property investing.. be very careful

Arthuria Rossi II

Very informative! Thanks Jubril! 🐸

Tucker’s DJ Mixtape Podcast

I used to be down with this spot until I read about the Bali 9 and ever since I been like “fuck any place that punishes drug use that hard”. I like a little smoke and a little snort every once in awhile and damn sure not gonna spend my money in a country that puts you to death for it.

Natasha Ndlovu

I was just in Bali last week for the first time and it is amazing to see this video. I was staying at different hotels with a travel PR so this is interesting to watch in case I ever wanted to stay in Bali for a month or more next time.

Ashley D

very expensive, compared with cambodia, thailand , philippines.. and these countries you can own a condo freehold,,,, I would not buy there,,


Just got rich off of crypto now it time to get a spot in Bali!


New subscriber. Your channel is awesome, really inspiring. I want to do more travelling but most of my friends are married with children. Do you usually travel alone and would you recommend it? I’ve heard it’s not really a good idea.

To the Nations Worldwide Travel Couple Podcast

Really great information! Seems really informative. It would be so amazing to one day own a place somewhere else around the world.

Charli Nice

Super informative! Love your videos

Sam P

dont forget about the mounds of trash on kuta beach. utterly disgusting

Jai Rori

I honestly love this guy.


Do more videos like this. Only comment was that the music was a bit too loud when you were talking.


Just wondering — are there snakes in Bali? Insects? Other Animals? Again – Thank you so much for your videos – I think you provide great content.

C. Lincoln

do you have any videos of you in Africa or black nation’s in the west.

Luis F

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20 20

Great Vid! 😱


That girl with the tattoos on her arms would get the D


Great videos always, I’m glad I subbed to your channel bro. Keep up the great work! I hope to see you in one of these beautiful countries someday.

Real Estate Worldwide

Bali is BEAUTIFUL ! Like countless many other places, outside of the US. –


Jubril Buffet and the Passport heavy team droppin dem investment gems!!! Rack on Racks on Racks I see!!


Bali is over crowded, you can get more promising properties on “10 NEW BALI”, now under development by indonesian gov and foreign investor
1.Mandalika Lombok (NTB), almost like bali but with less tourist
2.Lake Toba (North Sumatra)
3.Belitung (Babel)
4.Tanjung Lesung (Banten),
5.The Thousand Islands (DKI Jakarta)
6.Borobudur (Central Java)
7.Mount Bromo (East Java)
8.Komodo Island (NTT)
9.Wakatobi National Park (Southeast Sulawesi)
10.Morotai (Maluku Utara)

For example Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu) win No.1 2017 Best Hotel in the World

The Lindor Complex

This is the most perfect timing. I have been searching for a rental property in Bali!

Captain Fletcher

This is excellent content.
Would love to view one like this for Cape Town.
Keep up the good work


Maybe I missed it. But 2 questions. 1. What happens after the 25 yrs? Does the property go back to the original owner? and 2. Can one sell their stake during that 25 yrs? Hope someone can help.

Kenn’s Instagram At: i000

Whattttt, 3 videos this month….. 🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


thanks for information great video

Nicole Martin

You’re always so informative. Thank you!

Akoben Renaissance

So is it that land ownership is restricted to all non Indonesians or specifically just Westerners?

Great show by the way bro as usual

michael oko

As always, love these Videos!

Theo N

Yo, You remind me soo Much of my Cousin From FRANCE! Make SURE to Open your eyes to POLITICAL countries you’re going to enter, MAJOR KEY.

Matt Tran

This is how you make a sponsored video

wahyu nasution

Enjoy in bali, indonesia 🇮🇩


I’m so glad you are back I missed your videos. Bali very nice.

Alex Montoya

Informative video

Yo Mama’s Cup of Tea

Another classic. You know you’re a marketing genius right?

T Clark

I know my mind is wondering to an unrelated topic, and correct me if I’m wrong. If you listen you’ll understand how they are protecting their culture and people. Foreigners cannot own out right but can lease their property. Much respect to the Indonesian people. If it was Africa, the leaders would bow down to the dollar and the only Africans there would work at the coffee shops.

patsy stewart

Look forward to your videos. Keep up the good work!


Many French retired there . Prices Growing UP since years. Be aware so


Don’t stop great content

Johan A. J. A.

Bali? Country!

Limitless One

Keep ’em coming.
Can’t wait for the next vid!


Love your energy so much! Thank you for continuing to expand our world!!!

Brannon RRMartin

Your content is amazing. I always find myself looking forward to the video.


6th from the Captain

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