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Stoner Bear.

I really like your channel but, i wish you gave more prices on stuff you do. i.e rooms food and sight seeing trips.

Daddy Xtream

3:55 its Ke – cak , ke like in kendra , cak like chuck – read : khechuck


nice 😀


Not a Bumble Bee….That was a Wasp man..and for some people allergic to its sting…yeah, could definitely send them on the long trip..! Thx for the clips-Rgds!

Dominik O’Callaghan

what is the name of that resort?

H J Browne

Use the key idiot! Who cares what this 15 year old zit faced kid thinks?? the butterflies are in the room what magic…vomitus

Martin Taylor

Do you use final cut pro for editing?

Afif Nadhif

what’s that beauty villa’s name bro?

Anthony Voskuijl

scared for butterfies huh?

amy wong

What’s the name of the hotel?

Snow Bird

What is the name of the hotel your staying at and how much does it cost?

Lin games Group

will u go to bali in june ?


I have to visit this glamping place so stunning!


Hi, just want to ask what action cam did u used?? ☝🏻️

Tony Hodgkinson

how do you fund all this, looks amazing


Hi guys! We really enjoyed watching your videos. Me and my husband are going to Thailand and Bali for 2 months for our honeymoon in January! We are from Canada as well! I was wondering was are the 2 hotels in your videos? its really nice! thanks


ahh I want to go there soo bad that hotel looks like the bomb

Mevrouw Medok

Wonderful bali..
Wonderful Indonesia..


That hotel is perfect! It’s so peaceful and it’s not too modern. If I ever visit Bali, I’m definitely staying there. I actually think it’s MUCH nicer there than in the Four Seasons that you went to in the other vlog.

Muhammad Ihsan Ghazali

a nice vid! OMG… what a beautiful Villa with amazing Balinesse Garden Style 🙂 Christian you kinda lost and living in paradise lol #Bali

Emil Gribbling

Nice video! Im leaving for Bali tomorrow, traveling from Sweden. Launching my youtube channel when i arrive. Exciting times!

Nomadic Dreamers

Bali looks awesome! How many days were you on the trip for?

B Adventures

Very nice villa, they did a great job renovating it. Looked very peaceful there =)

Houston Paquette

Great Video man! I just stumbled upon your channel, awesome work! Subbed!
I just started my own adventure channel, and I’ll be leaving for South East Asia next week! I’m definitely taking notes from you and looking forward to your next video!

Brent Hartley

What GoPro accessories were you traveling with? Anything you’d suggest buying or avoiding for a 4 week trip?

Fxr 93

YESS THANK YOU FOR FAN OF DAY jskskdowkei29839ei

Aprille Shepherd

Glamping in Bali at Sandat !!    Pound The Alarm – Feed Me !!  Very Cool place.  Love Love Love both the spots you were at.  So Relaxing 😉


Dope vlog bro! thats a beautiful villa!… How long will you be in Asia?