Solo travelling Bali, Indonesia | 10 things to do in Kuta

Ms Kinabalu

Thank-you for the video dear. It helps a lot. Seems like both of us got the similarity. Usually I travelled solo. I choose to stay at backpacker hostels because I will meet others traveller as well and we do the exploring together and having a good times together. Agreed with your opinions in the video because I feel it too.

Luxury Tech and Travel

Great Video, Spent some great times in Bali myself and loved it so much. Happy you had a good time, Ive left you a sub and a like and I look forward to seeing more of your videos. Happy Travels

Michele Yeddoh

Thank you sooo much
This was very helpful 💋


is it save to just go around with my camera etc , i’m planing to go solo to bali

liston simanjuntak

thank you for exploring bali