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Sacha Stamps

smart man, i wish my friends could understand that material shit is a waist

Assaad 1

I want to start like you

Lawrence pereira

Gd evg let me know wt is this place called and how to book this villa send me on

Renee Williams

Wow I thought you were gonna tell us you got a great price. I’ve seen a lot of people get for much much budget friendly. Brother your videos can be much more humble. Not watching anymore

It’s Omar

I thought you were going to show your bed and you said. “This is where the magic happens” but nah it’s only your laptop

It’s Omar

From far distance you look like Casey the YouTuber

Saikat Sarkar


sugeng hadiyono

Dian Herlina

you sat on your mom’s phone

Ben Dover

Talks about not wasting money, drops ~$300/day on a pad. Yeah mate, that makes sense 😒

ween cam

nice! that’s cool vid right there.💙

Jeffrey D

I lived all over Indo, $300usd a night is fair, for a nightly rental. But for the MONTH, 9k would be WAY too much!


you can get better villa for $100/night

anyway i love your content

yasuhiko murase

may i ask name of this villa?


Can someone tell me the name of this villa. He doesnt have a link in description

Aseem Chishti

Poor video quality no white balance.!!!

Rey Rey

Definitely, it’s crazy cheap if we would compare how big the villa is sir, If i had a lof of money, maybe i wanna stay at least 1 month, peace n love from cibubur

dzikru oficial


Love u to😅😍



Igor Lthn


ricky sjalim

good video! good villa too!

rizaldi ilman

Hi guys, if you have plan for exploring Banjarmasin South Borneo, dont hesitate to call us, Amelindo bike rent.. We will deliver the motorcycle straight to airport or hotel.. We will give you special price for the rent

arif trisunanto

what’s the secret to being a successful trader?

isnani jahera

Actually $300 equals to lots and lots of money in Indonesia

Ade Hida

What is the tripod doing there?

Syariful Anwar

Subscribed because i’m a day trader my self and I’ve been in bali for 5 years… Nice… Very nice…

Alif Rauf

Hello im from indonesia

Fitzwald Morphines

cheap you say… how do you make money?

Agus Harianto


Andry Gozin

i just wanna say it’s Awsome 😍😍


i trade forex but your channel is just very cool to watch. great content


Anybody noticed Sandra topless reflecting in the door at 3:06 ? 😀


$300/night in bali? Too expensive



Abbas Talpur

nice music in the end can u name it please

Bas PT

Am from Kalimantan east on Indonesia country . I want be succes trader like you but now always loss .

Wahyu Chairullah

enjoy in Bali..

Flanky Flanked • 14 years ago

Thats what a low-middle class person earns per month here


$300 x 30 Days = $9000 / per Month !
you can Rent a Villa too in States some Bay Areas but being smart ti would invest $9000 per Month in some realy interesting project, respond yes if you want to build thislike villa in Bay are in states.

Ninno Emanuel

Amazing villa with beautiful pool

Rene Manneveld

$300 per night ? That Hotel looks not worthy at all. I’ve seen better hotels for that price.


“Only $300 Per Night” 😆 Man I can get so much for so much less! $300 per night is over 9k per month. You are a Fool to spend that much in SE Asia


That master bedroom is insane.

Yoyon Wiono

Living like king with luxury good price villa in indonesia. Enjoy your vacation, enjoy the beautiful panorama in bali


Price per night in this villa

Rory Evans

That is a picture of Steve McQueen….

Colin Brackenridge

It’s a pic of James Stewart in your bathroom 🙂

tutimelati kanin


bebek projek

Are u seriously it’s cheap ?

Olivier Perrault

Marlon Brando .. ??? shame on U ! This “the king of cool” man, Steve Mc Queen ! (great villa by the way) I suppose south area ? Uluwatu ? tell us

Christian Jack

i want to live like u.. u motivated me

Coringa Vinte

6:30 best part

iwan gunawan

i like this bali ,,
my villas puncak

M Bryant

Epic…. Smh. What are you 12? Can we lose that word already. It’s so overused.

sosang 1


sosang 1

0:02 he sat on her phone and doesn’t even care! :’D

chs hps

Just fyi , 300usd/ night is not cheap. U can have a better villa in seminyak or nusa dua with that price.

deden s rohiman

Cool man…awesome!
I’m from Bandung, Indonesia.

ade rahmat

Greeting from trader. Bull or bear will come to bali.

azzam senyum

thks for your coming at my country, nice vids

Lisa Pratiwi

300 $/ night like Rp. 4 million. Pretty much reliable if you bring your entire family or squa, than book on hotel right.


this villa is for group tourism (for 25 person), if you alone, you will pay $300 alone,
but if you grouping, it must be so cheap, $300/25

Joel Sam

Somebody please help me! What was the song at the end?

Thats Bullshit

this guy loves to brag brag and brag to all his material stuff

Swee Yong

hey. dont mind me asking wat is the name of villa and where is it located? cheers. apologies if i totally missed it.

Roy Rorot Edward Saragih

i’m Indonesian… n I think the villa is huge. however, you can get cheaper price for a month about 6000 US dollar.

Irhamullah Yunta

hello, i’m from Indonesia.. for your information…
the price is very expensive..


trading wow

Maria Lina

suka suka suKAAAAAAAAAAA


Maria Lina

😲😲😲😲😲 you sit on your mom phone… thats ok ? the ponsel! 😅


the best city to live


300$ per person?

Craig Martin

Thanks for the review! (I’m the owner!)

Jeff Passila

Nice video nice info

Dany #gotaworldtosee

300 per night….uff I’m not there yet 🙂

sky yeo

One word only ‘WOW”!

Yanix Nophitha

omg 😱 😍😍

Dan Skipper

I love it the moment he mentioned realising his monthy spending on cars n boat was a waste of money…….peace

Ronny Christanto

Thanks for loving bali indonesia.

Nurdin Ibrahim

Thank you alike bali indonesia enjoy

Keni Winata

what villa is this

Ferry Anolin

That’s expensive!

Jelle Teubner

this is great

muhammad gunawan

you sit on a phone

Justin Ellington

hello loved the video. can you give the contact information about the villa you stayed at in you blog?


Adam Pamungkas

How amazing Bali is changing the way you think about money.

t lin


biscuit consumer

only RP 4.000.000!? Oh my god, Better tell my parents to book this Villa

Judi Moore

Steve Mcqueen in the picture.

Karis Tiavaasue

Pls what editing software and drone

Yuliana Sarah

Awesome Video.. love your Villa Tour with you Mom❤️ -xoxo From Indonesia 🇮🇩

agung millenix

300 dolars for night?? wow.. the villa are awesome !!!

Meliana Winata

which city in Bali is it?

charles baxter

Best of Luck Fous, Thank you for Part 8:30 describing your 12 Year Journey to success describing the Road is not always straight up. You must pursue your Dreams and never give Up!

Omar Refaat

Can we get the name of the song ?

Mutingun Amun

that was a huge villa




those carved out ceilings are awesome!


Love the Vlogs! Can you tell me what the name of the fitness app you use is? Cheers from NZ … if you ever end up in New Zealand, get in touch!


Nice, you have made your choices, I think the best place to park money is positive cash flow real estate.  Good luck on your adventures.

Billy Suyatman

thanks for coming to bali❤❤❤❤

dany dany

background song name ?

Adit Salim

hi… new subby here.. what is the name of the villa?

Carlo Alberto

that looked like Steve McQueen


The pic of the other actor by the wash sink is of Paul Newman. Great house tour! Thanks, Cameron!


I want to know if you recomend trading when i have a job from 7AM to 4PM? so i think i have just a few hours (maby 3 or 4) to trade after my job. Im Trading on MetaTrader4, im a beginner maby half to 1 Year experience..

Tom bryan

steve mcqueen.

wiwik aditama

your stay there with your gf and with ur mom

wiwik aditama

how manu times u been goes bali.yes canggun nice place and good beach and good wave.been goes canggun too

wiwik aditama

😎😎 your and 😎😎😎this long months ur stay there.i been goes bali 3 times.this place at canggun.handsome

Ryan Ellharen

Maserati in Bali is trully not needed, just buy scoopy and enjoy the island  😀

Estevao Oliveira

Hi Fous! very nice and inspiring videos. What software do u use to edit the videos??

Jeremy Hall

The famous person in the photo was James Stewart

Muhammad Ihsan Ghazali

What a villa damn! I want something just like this, thanks for sharing man 🙂 #epic

Karl N.

Your videos are very well edited and that makes them fun to watch


Great video as always, living a true life is more important than fancy cars, big homes and materialism. The fake people out there portraying how great their lives are is a sham. One last note wells fargo just killed 57 offices. Corporate america sucks!..It’s time to trade full- time! what song is that?


Beautiful people and beautiful place

lewis dutton

Cameron when you first started trading how did you get the money to start? Did you get a loan or just started from very little and grew up?

Seth Robinson

Do you think the bitcoin stock price is going to keep raising or do you think there will be a drop?

Robert J. duPreez

Paul Newman was on the table photo. I think it’s a promo shot from the movie “The Sting”

Roman Grom

Nice video. That guy was Steve McQueen

nadine oLLaviLa

funny toilet

wahyu nasution

Enjoy in bali indonesia

kalifate 23

Fous, what is that ASUS monitor? You use three laptops or ASUS tablets when travelling?

Jack Kellogg

really cool place fous

Matt Wicks Jr



“The successful day-trader noticed the tripod pointing at the bed, and, in a moment of inspiration, decided on the spot to start shooting homemade porn and start making *real* money”.

Piotr Kopczyński

And that’s a great motivation for me…!!!
I’m just starting my trading adventure on demo account. 🙂


cool place Fous! I’m over here working out, getting my life back together… working on my side business and hopefully will be able to trade full time very soon

Jamie Harris

6:04 he sais great to have A mum out here like any mum would do hahhaha
great vid dude villa looks wicked


Keep the watch, it’s important for traders to have atleast ONE materialistic reminder that keeps us grounded/pushing on those tough market days…

Tony Tosh

Great video! Awesome place! What’s the name of the song you played in the video?

Coleman Jeter

you got to take Sandra to the Dominican republic house u said you would take your future girl there in the video plus that house was fucking amazing

Andrew England

Shut up lol. You know you miss that camaro. F*** the rest.

Lawrence Arinze

wth? sunset cliffs?

Gianni Zamora

I’m glad you decided to take the nomad route Fous, Miami will still be there when it’s the right time. Love the videos keep them up.

Edit: I just saw the part where you mentioned your mom is a real estate agent. I would love to connect with her and gain some insight on a few things we are doing down here in Arizona. Thanks


I’d love to take your training program, but I’m a broke college kid. I don’t have $600 to spare lol

Kamal Ali

will you visit Kuala Lumpur ?


Steve Mcqueen

Juan Palacio

What do you think about option trading?

TJ Rauschmier

Another fantastic video, loved it!

Peter Chege

what’s the name of the villa I was there last year would go back again soon……..

Travel Richie

thumbs up!


I wish…enjoy!
that ceiling tho.

Bitcoin Black

Nice work! Top notch vlogging. Thanks for the mention (the cars). Keep grinding and hustling.

Roberto Leonel Vargas Mejia

last song track id?


one word.

Dario Alexander

You don’t know how those last few seconds of you speaking spoke to my life in this very moment. Thank You.

Dario Alexander

I wouldn’t leave that house ever!!! That was dope!!!

Dario Alexander

I don’t think anybody made it past the part where you opened the bedroom door without rewinding it lol!!!!!!! Bro these vlogs are awesome.

Bhop Bunnag

Kickass vlog, Fous!


Wow awesome, very good value for your money


300$ per night.. i cant even afford 1 hour in it :/

Johnny Day Trader



I see what you guys doing with tripods next to your magic bed fous I see you



Daniel Diaz

Awesome 👏🏼


is that from a hotel? or just a house you’ve rented via airbnb?

Vinícius Schultz

The day trade can be one type of investment or its more like bets?

Roman Sterlin

BROOOOOO THE TRIPOOOODD!!!!!!!!!! im dyyyinng THANKYOU for keeping that part in just made my day bro, awesome blod\review!!


hey fous, whats the villa called ? do you have a link to it ?

Görkem Ağaç

Can you please record videos in 60fps next time?


I suspect most people feel better when they have Beautiful weather and tasty food

Revolt Movement

that tripod… savage haha. loving the videos, keeps me motivated. Thanks!

Jose Holguin

do you only trade or stocks or you also trade the forex?


300 dolars every night for every person? Or just 300 dolars for night?

Mike Arizona

How is the pollution in Bali?

Live My Ass Off

Love it! Less Stuff, more experience! “Boat” = Hole in the water, you put money in. 😉

Marco The Explorer

South east Asia travel is the best ! Totally loved your Bangkok Vlog. Will be staying in the sukhumvit area for my next holiday ! Safe travels & keep up the vlog content. You are a legend 🤘🏾🤙🏾🤜🏾

Injeel Ahmed

Whenever I watch your videos, I get motivated to work harder every single day to enjoy life like you and more importantly to take my parents to a world tour… to amazing places… like you visit. Thanks Man. LOVE FROM INDIA.


yep its all about experience bro

Calico Max

Steve McQueen?


amazing house i would just dance everywhere, weee so much space 😀 this house is gonna be my motivation ayyy

Mark StoTomas

tell sandra im sorry for not attending the skype call few days ago… lol. ill register again soon.

Brutus Empire



mummy fous phone. ouch.


would you say you switched to a minimalist perspective? Also how long do you plan on continuing your travels until you choose to settle down again?

Neno Almeida

marlon brando

Alexandre Babineau

The tripod 😂😂😂


where can I go to educate myself on trading ,I want you to refer me to somewhere thank you if u should respond