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mia bacus


Bhems In Netherlands

Sis may tsunami today dyan noh
Naa pa mo sa indo?

Rolly Balondo

you should have more baggage allowance, kay gamay og gaan gud ka. LOL

John Pirie

Together again 😘 looking good more energy and fun great video keep smiling 😃


With the tsunami there today I hope you both are safe and not on the which it happened, get back home safe and soon

Andy Ray

If I understand you correctly, I will not only buy a t-shirt, but I will be part of a movement with the task of spreading smiles to the world. So I will be in it 😁
For me this video is not about complaining, it‘s well done dokutainment. Thanks for sharing your travel-experiences.
As I heard you can’t find blue bird taxis on the airport because the airport has a contract with other company ‚Koperasi Taksi‘, which is a bit more expensive than bluebird but also have meter. If you want to take blue bird from Denpasar you have do leave the Airport grounds and walk for example to Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Airport. But beware of the private drivers, unless you have the private taxi previously booked for a fixed price via internet.
Crishel it’s so cute when you start whispering in your videos.
And GG you are gorgeous! 🥰

jack bowers

On top of your PayPal patreon YouTube and T shirt income you also get sponsored for your travels
Well done

Bali Batavia

Great vlog!…enjoy Bali 👍

Mikaela Mishelle

Ceb.Pac is very tight with regards to hand carry,their allowed hand carry is 7 kilos for a hand carry luggage + 1 small personal bag(less than a kilo for sure),,gadgets are not included in the in the maximum weight & doesn’t have a maximum weight(so if they weight your bag,and its more than 7 kls.& you have gadgets in it,tell them so) ..before entering the door through immigration there are some staff from ceb.pac that are weighing hand-carry luggage(if they saw you carrying more than 1.),if they caught you,they will bring you back to the check-in counters,to check in your bag/excess kilos….”be vigilant & clever all the time” when traveling,,have fun!!

Geoffrey Davis

Crishel & GG
Glad to see you both doing vlogs again together
Another great video and have a look at the link to ur filipina life T-shirts

Dawson Creek In The Philippines

They did that to me one time but they wanted me to pay almost 3000 Paso so I Opened My Backpack and took the cloths out and got the weight they wanted. then I took my jacket off and put all my clothes on hahaha I had 5 shirts on three pares of pants two jackets and all the pockets were full hahaha. but I saved just over $75.00 Canadian, and My rent where I was going was only $125.00 Canadian for the month and I wanted to stay within my budget hahaha. it was cool on the plain anyway hahaha so it was ok But I was a little bit mad as well. hahaha wow, I Like the street’s there and the shops look cool. Merry Christmas and safe travels always 🙂 Great Video :-).


Wow Great place ! same like your country. Wish you merry Christmas.( Pl see my below video Sprit of Christmas in Dubai)



You got a good price for airfare to Bali, but December through March is Monsoon season. So hope it doesn’t rain too bad on your trip. Im hoping for direct flights from Davao to Bali next year.


Can you please tell me what name of hotel you staying in ubud?

Paul Flanagan

Wow nice hotel. That food looks yum…bad luck you had some trouble:( 😍😍✌👍👍💟💟merry Christmas to you Ganda n Gg and your family n everone around tge world 😍😍😍😘

Pearl bo Parks

Hi guys, be safe!
she just want ur money weird !


Being scammed by taxi really sucks, now you know how us Americans feel when in the Philippines.


Hi, I’ll be glad if you follow me on my insta

Jemar Satiniaman

Hahaha idola

Johnny Subic

My two favorite filipinas Crishel & GG looking good and having fun keep up the good work , Merry Christmas to you in the Phillipines, JC from Subic bay

Xcalibur Da Turntablist

Thank you for making this Vlog! I learned from your video exactly what to expect if I planned to visit Bali myself. The cab situation sounded scary because it seemed like he was just making up a price. Hopefully you found a better cab service to use for the rest of your time there. As always I’m very happy that the beautiful GG was in this Vlog as well!😍🥰

Mitch Marvos

The trip seem like it was more work than enjoyment is that so. i really enjoy your trips around the philippines. Keep up the good work you’re very good at what you do


Too focused on the negative. 🙁 We want young, se?y, smiling Filipinas.

jack bowers

Wow you are so rich now
You have sponsors funding your travel, income from YouTube PayPal. Patreon and now selling T shirts
Well done to your wealth

sultanofanعبود العبدلي

v niiice

Beer Monkey

You took a fake Taxi?Always go to the Taxi kiosk,ignore random people approaching you.

timothy haley

Mactan Airport always make fees . they charge customer for extras . when i leave there this year they charge me 750 peso for terminal fee , but there is a sign beside the woman that says with Canadian Passport i not pay terminal fee . i point to the poster for the worker and she said you still need to pay . i feel some of them put money in their own pockets.. they were also no very helpful in general and the process to leave the country was much harder than when i arrive in Cebu … but i will still return next year , i will not allow a couple bad people change my opinion on Philippines . the country is amazing

Archie Lopez

Nice vlog! Does GG have channel too?

Manuel Faelnar

Next time buy 20 to 25 kilos excede baggage ahead of time. It is really cheap. Worth . I do It all the time

Tony South Dakotaha

Sorry, I don’t think I’d want to attempt going to most parts of Indonesia, same as Basilan, too many dangerous muslims.

Gra Xx

You are making a fortune. Where is the land for your parents?

Gra Xx

Honey,you have plenty of money to travel all year. Please don’t complain.

Dylan Amble

keep the fire content up! sub + like 😁

sno bird

You’re doing great. You might want to meet the Sno Birds when you get back home. Di is in Cebu now and Ion is in 100 islands.

Jon Ross

@Filipina Life ,.,., If you are using Filipina passport traveling within A.S.E.A.N Countries ( Thailand= 30 days, Indonesia = 30 days, Singapore = 30 days, Malaysia = 30 days, Vietnam = 21 days, Myanmar = 14 days, Cambodia = 21 days, Brunei = 14 days, Laos = 30 days ) you will not need like bank statements or prior visa because these are ASEAN agreements. Just buy the tickets and go have fun and make sure your passports are not going to expires 6 month or less.

Dan Shroyer

Nice vedio I like to see prices from Cebu to Manila very helpful

Tyler Durden

pay your self with ice cream, it’s called ‘treating yourself’. because you’re you are what you eat, so now your Dragon fruit ice cream

Its all Greek to me

In what way v you got scammed? Please explain..


Great video! 👍🏽👏🏽😍

Mtnman Deluxe

you and my sweet Gladys are still having fun lol

van Turner

GG always looks so ggggoooooodd


Chalk it up to experience as you travel more and more……… and especially outside of your comfort zone………air travel will always present challenges and you learn to travel very light with only a backpack for short trips……….carry-on luggage can avoid extra fees and maybe a lost bag in the future plus no waiting at the carosel to retrieve bags…………………..just as you post videos in the Philippines to teach kanos about travel tips to PH……………then you must also watch many videos by other vloggers regarding the countries you are visiting for the first time……………..when kanos exit Mactan airport in Cebu and look for a taxi they are usually unaware that there are unmetered taxis right outside the terminal gates which they see first……………but they need to go down the street a bit to find the line for the metered taxis……………travel has it’s pluses and minuses and can be frustrating at times………… tip I have for you regarding air travel is to allow plenty of time for a layover between flights especially international flights………… is far better to wait for hours in a terminal for a connecting flight than to miss a flight due to circumstances beyond your control such as weather or baggage inspection long lines or your previous flight being delayed for takeoff…………if you miss a connecting flight the airlines will usually charge you very high prices to catch another flight and it will make your mishap with your 1 kilo over limit charge in Cebu seem like a drop in the bucket………

Kim Watchman

It cheaper to rent motorcycle n get around by urself po…

Robert Pippin

Love the video Crishel. But all of your videos are so well done. And you’ so beautiful.

Gbenro Oduyela

You dont have currency converter app on your cell?

sandy moonstone太阳

🍎 🍚💗


Get a currency converter app for your phone?

I love that room. I will bug you about it some day when I decide to travel, I will ask where it is.

Thank you Crishel!!

Just saying

I forgot to say Merry Christmas to Chrishel and GG and to both of all your families.take care ladies especially to my pretend girlfriend GG, LOVE YOU LADIES.thank you for sharing your adventures.

kieran hennessy

Same as me when i arrived in manila 2 guys got me a taxi and they charged me 6,000 pesos that happened within 10 minutes of been in Philippines

Memekage 火

Amazing vid!!🔥❤️, like and Subscribed! Since you are so good, can get your thoughts on my last video.. thanks and sub back if you like ✨


Just saying

Hello from a pinoy in Seattle!!Wow!!so great to see the two of you together again, nothing wrong with Gia she is so great and very beautiful, but it’s nothing like seeing GG with you and how the two of you get along so much plus it’s more she is so very sexy!! I’m only saying that cause I’m her boyfriend! Im wishing I am!Hehehe!!

Roger Davis

I like this because you have the sane worries going to Bali that Americans have going to PI. Great video crishell

craig vietor

make sure you ask ,,,,,, how much to hotel, how much to airport dont pay so much

craig vietor

taxi are the worst

Graeme Davin

Hi girls I understand about balia and it was my first overseas trip from Australia. Definitely everyone is out to scam you and make money, and it was very difficult for me to get my head around the money the hole trip. If I new you were going there I would of said don’t bother. Thailand. South Korea, Hong Kong are really good for a holiday, but like everything, if you can’t offerd to spend don’t go on holiday. Love Graeme. Ps didn’t once talk about bikinis.

Mike Akullian

Wow nice big place so cheap I can’t wait to move to Cebu so I can travel around everywhere everyday God bless you and your friends and family 2019, wow so many nice clothes, is my addiction, women have it made you could walk out with so many nice stuff I see it, you need elevation Foot & Body Massage constantly God bless I love your videos

Mike Akullian

God bless you and your family and friends Florida Keys Mike Cebu So soon, Keep Stylin and Smilin, you’re wearing my favorite shirt I love that zipper in the front very 70s very cool sorry for all your stress travels, I wish you could get a Visa I would pick you up in Miami and show you the Florida Keys and South Beach Miami Orlando Disney World Daytona Beach in my 91 Miata convertible, I’m so jealous your teeth are perfect

juan Carrera

He hey girl 👧