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aitai sakura

Go fuck yourself. We indonesia take tourism industry seriously. It is 8 % of the economy. Stop spreading negativity. You dont understand the true marketing and financial income.

David Tarbuan

Im so sory im an indonesia people..
Thankyou for your advice but i think ,
You just sound like an selfish man
Who wants enjoy bali by yourself.. 😁

And happynes is not cheap bro..


OK i posted about this video before and erased what I said. Bali is totally over rated. I agree with everything this guys is saying after spending a little over 4 months there. Another huge factor…Bali locals have become hateful disgusting racists. You might not see it on the surface but the fact is that many of them flat out HATE foreigners. Not all foreigners are great by the way. Of course there are many that are just stupid. But the hatred that is in Bali right now…is something shocking and frankly really disturbing. Dont believe me? Go on a facebook group and see for yourself. They especially hate Australians. I cannot recommend AVOIDING this place enough. On the outside they smile while hating your guts on the inside. Scamming you anyway they can etc etc. AVOID Bali. Its totally polluted and the beaches are filthy with garbage. The people there need a time out to get there act together. Clean up. Stop hating. get ride of the racists and develop a system to keep that place clean. There are sooooo many better places to visit on this planet! Dont go there!

Richard Sebastian

I’m Indonesian, last time I went to Bali it was good unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention to the details (trash, overtourism, and other stuff) also I dont really go to the special/famous places there, so it’s just a mini trip. When I watch this video honestly I’m a bit triggered, but this guy open my eyes and rethink about it. Attracting tourist is good, but when it comes to overtourism, the tourist and the local people will make more waste and I have no idea if Bali able to handle it. Indonesian also have a really bad habit, of course not all people are doing this. They love to throw trash to the street or somewhere else which isn’t a proper place. Thank you for making this video and I like it. Sorry for the bad English.

Akhyari DaiNada

Sorry bro, your propaganda failed, Bali is always beautiful as it was.


We dont need you in Bali anyways

Tracey Stent

So we all stop going there.. 16 million people… thats a lot of money they will miss out on… i worry how they are coping right now with Covid-19? Your video is shocking. Yes they need to sort out their rubbish problem…. thats the Government.. talk to them. When the COVID-19 war is over.. I will be back… Bali is my second home.

Deki Nofendi

i’m amazed turns out most of the comments say they will keep coming to bali, lol

Titi F Saudswarman

west sumatra

Joseph Happ

East of Bali is the place to go.

Elliot Shaw

Everything changes….apart from you making sense probably …..


Perfect:) stay in Germany

wiweka nanda

Hey, I’m a Balinese who has lived in Bali for a long time before you went here. can you feel how it feels to see all this happening? I don’t think so. that I want to convey, sometimes people are not aware that those who create it happen

Derek Bremer

My first visit to Bali was in 1977, it WAS Paradise! I made around 25 visits between my first and last trip. The last was in 2012, two weeks of shock and horror. The place is wrecked and completely overdeveloped, with nothing being invested back into essential health and infrastructure for the Balinese. Please do not go there, you will only contribute to the problem!


I was there 3 weeks ago and it was my favourite vacation so far. Enough said

John Bergman

Though there is some truth here, Bali is still beautiful, fun, and an exciting place to visit or live.
A lot of improvements are being made about the pollution, roads, etc…

Ade Kartawidjaja

Shut your mouth. Let them experience


Just came back from Bali and Gili t and can confirm this video is 100 accurate. I was there diving almost the entire trip and garbage plastics aluminium cans was everywhere at the beach (they try to clean the main tourist beaches) but in places they cannot clean as easy in the sea under the surface. There were even small island of plastic as the waste has been bunked up by the waves. it was totally heartbreaking. all the marketing and social media have made sure that these pictures don’t leak out and damage the economy of Bali. a dinner would land on about 4-12 euros which is not bad IF you are used to European standard.. but not for a country like Indonesia…

Rascal Husky

I was there 23 years and I have spent four months of my life in Bali . I just returned for the first time in 23 years . I was shocked at the downhill change . This man I’m sad to say speaks the truth . The garbage I was shocked with and also the public transport is none existent. Bali seems to be about only making money first and it’s ruined it .


Don’t listen to this type of persons.They wanna go to a island where there is no tourist.Well build your own freaking island!Bali is beautiful

Filip K

Yep, this kind of people better dont go to Bali. Not gonna miss them.

Tri Yasa

I love Bali, i love my sweet home(Bali) and i love my life 💛

Michael Jang

I agree I went to Bali in 2009 and it was beautiful. I went again 2020 march 2nd and it was so dirty and crowded. Bali is losing the true beauty of the island. everything is expensive now. the only good thing in Bali were the local people.. time to start looking for other places to go. try going to Lombok its better

ely rahmawati

First think I wanna comment abt ur video is u can’t talked shit abt bali island as u said in the beggining that u don’t want to talk bad abt it.also maybe u should learn how to explain to peoples correctly. U talking abt bali from long time ago and now,,of course is gonna be different. Not only bali,other island in other country aswell will be different.same like u.a long time ago u still baby,now u become a man..
I know bali will always have problem with garbage.and also u should understand why bali have more peoples every years?very clear cause peoples love bali.and u talking abt rice field and building aswell.we are local people are very rich peoples.long time ago we don’t need money more,but now after years and years passed,everything is change,economic,environment, etc
Of course in New global system now and modern,everything is going to be expensive..we are local can’t afford to buy or pay something. That’s why we sell our land to keep survive and feed our family.and u know exactly like in canggu,who is peoples are building the villa,house,hotel ,etc?
Is peoples like u foreigner.cause they know if bali can be great place to start bussiness and get more profit
Of course peoples are buying land in bali is not stupid
They know and they already thingking carefuly bfr they buy or build something in bali.
And abt the price of the food getting expensive,,a kids in kindergarten also know the answer.
2000 And 2020 is different.every year will be different.if u wanna have same price like 1 avocado from a long time ago,u should to ask doraemon to bring u to previous time..easy right
Hope everyone understand..
I am a Balinese and I know condition of my island more than him.but also know bali still need to do more changes to be better and fix the problem..but u can’t say everything is fake or bla bla bla
If u say that also abt pics that peoples posted,so means they are lying then or fake their pic..
Think abt that..wish u luck

Komang Artana

You right, bali is over populations.

Ozy Yanagi

So do not travel to Bali though

Stewart S

I agree with some things you suggest, but Bali is sitll worth the trip. YOu can have a great holiday there still. . But the bulk of the rubbish you see in the sea and the beach is originally from landfill from Java. Sure there are some nice spots there.

I of course tended to preferred Yogyakarta and Solo than Bali and your money goes further there too.

However now is the best time to go to Bali as it should be much less crowded.

Peter Pan

This some Beta shit

The Detective

I lived in Indonesia for a year and it was common to see people dump trash in the ocean. When it rained, tons of trash was swept into the ocean. I tried fishing in Indonesia and only caught trash.

tita juwita

i was there a week ago… rice terrace is beautiful and refreshing… ubud have no traffic so calm and quiet … i can go everywhere … and enjoy the day … bali has a holiday vibe for me ..

Lee Tylor

I do not understand this video got so much dislikes. I love Bali so much but the government does not do anything but making money. I hope Bali just keep staying one of the haven in the earth.

Kunal Khurana

I came from Bali on 29 February and it was an amazing experience, i loved Ubud, Gili Islands, kuta.
Every country has it’s weakness and no nation is perfect, we need to make it perfect.

Syed Ali

Its beautiful as ever just came back in February ✌✌

ajproject photos

From Ubud to seminyak 2 hour? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude, I went to seminyak 2 days ago, it’s take just 40 minutes, lol

Albert Budiman

What’s wrong with u dude?! There’s so many good and beautiful things in Bali.. I always love Bali because its culture and the people, the sunset and sunrise, warm weather, etc etc.. You guys should visit
Bali! I guarantee you will love it like I do..

Krisna Dewi

Thank you…but i hope you come here just for holliday not for working to without have kitas…..😊

Ben Smith

Bali is the best place ever, this guy is just trying to get views from saying something controversial!




Do you think travelers have a social responsibility not to travel to places suffering from over tourism? How is traveling to Bali as a single woman?

Kang Buddi

Sad but true. Bali.. this a serious warning!

Eneyda Ofli

I been to Bali 11 times and I go to Bali every end of the year and Bali is beautiful, Yes I must admit some of the beaches in Bali are dirty but the place is still beautiful.
transport is cheap so i guess it doesn’t matter how long will take you to get to another place. Bali is beautiful and the people need the tourist to survive so please continue going to Bali.

Haryadi Satriono

Now I really want to go to Bali because of you! Thanks bro, keep up the good work! Bali here we come…!!!

Shady Shae

Wow, such negativity! You may be right but there are ways you can say things without sounding overly critical Mate.

Marianne Ellman

Is it different from anywhere else on earth..?
So a big wake up call is coming to all on earth…🌏


The beaches are only like that in the rainy season and only effects one side of the island.
Anyway, i dont think bali would lay claims to having the best beaches in the world anyway

Loras Tyrell

White privileged and entitlement at its best, a white man try to lecture the world about his first world problem lmao.. Why don’t you just stay home in your own country instead of traveling to complain about the other side of the world. These type of western tourist who pretend to know it all and live in the bubble with other white peoples and feel like they’re above than anyone without acknowledge the existence of the locals and their culture.

Mabell Vlogs

Why you should go to bali !? .. Indonesia had lot’s of beautiful island such a raja ampat white sands in bulukumba sulawesy tons of them 😪 search on google people island in indonesia not just bali 🤣😂

Ayuni Azayaka

Stupid you’re whatever you talk bad about Bali but Bali still the best place to visit in the world..Bali has different culture in the world so don’t ever come to Bali again

Todor Todorov

I came back from a holiday on Bali a month ago. Here is my response to his (slightly biased) video:
1. Bali is overcrowded. Yes, but are so many other places in Asia.
2. Bali is not cheap (anymore). It’s still cheap compared to other places I’ve visited. And paying more than 1 UD$ for your meal may sound expensive to some, but those money go into the local economy helping people. One thing that is expensive is alcohol. Don’t expect to get drunk for no money.
3. Bali has no infrastructure. Yes, well in a way. It has, it’s just outdated and undersized. You need a taxi or a private guide (as we did) to travel around and you need time. Expect average speed between larger cities to be no more than 40 km/h (25 mph). The only exception is the 10km highway around the airport. For comparison, try Bangkok city center. You’ll love Bali.
4. Bali is dirty. No. It’s cleaner than many other places I’ve been. I did not see piles of garbage laying around. I did not see huge amounts of plastic on the beaches (there was a bottle or two, but nothing bad). They even forbid plastic bags recently, so you can’t get your groceries home as easily one may want – but it’s clean.
5. Bali is fake. Yes, in a way. There were signs to instagram spots and instagram places. The picture looks good, but if you could see what’s around it, you may have a different opinion. But not everybody goes there for pictures. For those people that love their lives on instagram, Bali is still very instagramable place (an expression I learned from another Bali video).
6. Bali is not the only Indonesian island. Semi true. There are many other islands. However, Bali has the second largest international airport in Indonesia. This means that getting to Bali from Europe is easier than going to some more remote island. Bali has the tourist infrastructure that some people need and it is easily accessible.

Few things he did not mention: He came to the island in 2013, and than it was good. But when he left in 2016, it was already bad. May be in 2013, we were still under economic downturn and in 2016 the economy was doing much better. Or may be he was one of the many people (foreigners) that made Bali as bad as he describes it. One thing is for sure; Balinese people are one of the friendlies people you will meet. Go to Bali and see it for your self – just be reasonable and respectful to Bali, the people and the nature.

Lina Indahwati

You just talk negative about bali.then stop coming bali stop coming indonesia .

Lina Indahwati

We not force you to go bali.u not like bali why did you stay so long
Dont ever come back again to bali and indonesia

thrishul h

Most of the roads even on country side lined with shops. No sight seeing.

Cogent Doge

Great video man. As a surfer I know why I go to Bali, but I cannot understand for the life of me why all of these other non surfers come here. The pollution is disgusting and the overcrowding is excessive.

Peter Baars

Januari 2021 I go to Bali for the 8th Time
I like Bali


Ummmm….I go for the delightful locals, their culture and the beautiful scenery.

Ant&Nat Travel

Fuck I wish I had seen this video before I booked the trip, paid £2100 for flights n hotel for me and the mrs. Could’ve probably saved a lot of money had I gone to one of the less known islands


dam it I’m in Philippines love it so much and booked flight for bali 2 months ago just as to see it even though new it was high in tourists but this just makes me want to for get my flight and stay where I am I’m ment to be going bali in 3 days dont no what to do hmmmm


And yeah so many western people, digital nomad(Poor Tourist) and Australian moved to Bali. They’re make Bali more more crowded and not good for local people.
Just visit don’t moved to Bali.

IP. Rangga

Oh I get it, because the island is getting expensive, that’s why he moved to another island where it is still cheap.


Your mouth was as bad as your face…really 😡….

Jan Kauffmann

I travel a lot around Asia for 25 years now, one rule me and my friends have when we find a super place; Don’t tell anyone about this place.

Dave Delany

Yeah there are big corporations that are exploiting the cheap labour force but it is a country that survives on tourism! More tourism more rubbish yes but the place is so beautiful the people are amongst the friendliest on earth and everything is very cheap! The food is amazing the local police are friendly and helpful and you will only have a bad time if you don’t follow a few simple rules! I’m in Kuta right now and the place is amazing! Yeah it might be a little hard to get around in the busy times if you use a taxi but they are so cheap! Otherwise get yourself an international driver’s licence and do as the locals do and hire a scooter, or get the gojek app and a local on a scooter will get you where you need to go for pocket change! In saying all that if you want more of a quite holiday with beautiful scenery take a short flight over to the island of Lombok! It’s quick it’s peaceful and even cheaper! Come to Bali and you will never want to leave 🙏✌️♥️


Toba lake!!!

Hidayat Stylee

That’s why Our goverment plan to build the priority destination And not everyone can enter this island cos so Expensive… And think that was great idea🥰


I am in Nusa Dua right now & it’s perfect – stay away from Changu, Kuta & Seminyak – dirty s*it holes….

Nico Tan

I’m living in Bali, there are true and false in your content
True = Bali is indeed in shock with overtourism, Garbage is there as the over population and the trash from another island some season can land in Bali, there is more traffic and the infrastructure is bad I can say. we need better infrastructure so we can travel even we dont have vehicle, the government is useless is right (sorry)
False = Bali is still beautiful, it depends on how you see and experience. Hospitality is number one, even they sacrifice the nature (unfortunately), food is still cheap, maybe you said 1$ but now at least 2$ because of inflation but still it is cheap depends on where you eat. Beach at Bali is cleaner than you posted on the video 🙃

Pande Indra Wijaksana

Gumi be sepi biin ente ngae konten kene. Bedik malu ngitungan anak gumi be care kene.
Tapi omongan ente ade benehne masi 👎👍

Olumide Gbenro

I’m moving to LOMBOK lol

Olumide Gbenro

LOL about to find you on Instagram

Fir_ zsyah

Im indonesian , you right our people must be slapped to see a real fact for make it better .


turned off after 45 seconds

oldie oner

Good don’t come to Bali you flop, they don’t need spastics like you on the island.

I Gede Oka Harisoma

You say dont go to bali… But you enjoy stay in bali and back many times… So you want to all people dont go to bali because you want bali so quiet in the future and after that you enjoy bali with so private condition …lol


Bye, bali don’t need you too.

Bali Concierge

Whatever you said about Bali….they keep coming and coming bro…
Hope you get a better Karma in your life 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Hi, my name Pawanasuta. Wish you a very good day. I am Balinese by birth. Thank you for your video and thanks that you say you love Bali. I am so sorry to hear that you are wrong WRONG totally WRONG about garbage and the goverment of Bali effort. I want to debate you about garbage management and government of Bali policy about garbage managent. But this space is too small for me.

Zalm Hendry

Bali is just a village that shocked by overtourism, plus they have bad goverment

henry widjaja

wow u have negative thinking of Bali, why u stay in Bali? bro 😀

Bekir Imik

Go fuck you

Johan Bergman

I’m so sad I did not see this before I booked my trip. I’ve first came to Bali 1989 and been here (I’m actually here now) five times, last time before now was about 20 years ago. This time I brought my family to show them the island I love. I lived in Indonesia and speak a little of the language. So I’m use to the country and was so excited for this trip. I can just confirm that Avery thing you say in the video is correct. I thought that now in the off-season it will be perfect. Maybe it is not crowded but the beaches are ruined. My guess that when these facts becomes far spread this island will die. Maybe that’s good so they can start over and do it right. But we, the tourists must help. Not by being tourists but help with environmental projects and waste management projects. So pleas don’t go.

nathan nataatmadja

Foreigners only know Bali. Only recently they know Indonesia (Yes dear, Bali is next to Indonesia).

Kurniawan R

Pls dont come back to bali. If you dont like it !!!

Emel Jurd

In Ubud last week, still beautiful, still amazing locals, still incredibly affordable and absolutely the best food!

Gede Wardana

Bring more money to Bali so you can afford better facilities. Go to hell instead.

Gary Storer

This guy is dead right I just returned from my first visit and everything he said is true

Wayan Artana

Ilove bali culture and friendly people and the place is very safe
He part of heaven fell to earth

Gary Jordan

Ah. An expat ? Bitter and twisted. Who fcuked you over ? Did she fcuk someone else ?

Teguh Harto

I love Bali, yes it is full of foreigners and lots of bad things but more good things existed as well. I guess you were just upset that you cannot enjoy fully the experience. Heheh…welcome to our (Indonesian) life.

Crystal Calhoun

I had to go there twice in a 90 day period!!! The Island is nothing special. It’s not even beautiful. You can smell the garbage and just see how bad it’s gotten. The food isn’t the best either. The people at Kuta beach who have the shops tried to cat call my toddler to them. All because they wanted me to spend money. It’s not longer cheap there. Then I went into a pharmacy and this Bali man noticed my accent. I’m American. He said come look at my shop I’ve got clothes for you toddler. I reluctantly agreed, but then he took my son by the hand and I went into where his shop was lined up. I bought a few clothes, then his friends proceeded to snatch my child one saying that my son was his son. I felt so cornered. I bought a few things for my son at his shop, then a third man took my child up to his shop, I’m having to follow in distress. I get to his shop and put my foot down I snatch my child and told them stop. I will never be comfortable going there. I was there alone with my child. But, the other time I had my son on a leash, i wasn’t letting anyone do that again. My fiancé went with me, this time.

Michael Angell

Been twice with 23 yrs between. Honestly traffic is the only major change for me, rubbish was bad in 1996 and prices are still cheap now in comparison to home as long as you don’t hang out in the super trendy areas.

Lynia S81

I love Bali…

Dania Arancha

I’m Indonesian been living in Bali for 14 years now and in a way you are right. I hate these BS instagram fake pictures. Somehow, you are right. It isn’t as beautiful and clean as it used to be but a lot of the trash also come from the tourists not just the locals. There are still amaZing places but a lot of the prices now are definitely NOT cheap. Overtourism is the right way to say it. Lots of congestion. Bali isn’t for everyone. Thanks for the video I hope less and less people come to Bali so that we can re-create the old Bali again 🐝 #SaveBali

Anindita Saktiaji

As Indonesian, I’m glad with what you said in the end of the video. Yes, another Indonesian Island is just as beautiful as Bali. Go there, explore more and you will see a true paradise there…

Maria G

The ultra wealthy are destroying the planet. I live in a tourist spot in CA and it’s getting worse than ever. These developers don’t even live here! They just buy and build for investment and don’t care what happens to the place. I wish we could name each person involved in this and put their asses on trial.

Roman Frechen

Ironically Youtube autoplayed a really stupid “How to travel Bali” guide right after this. xD
Nice Video, true words!

Niky Tjiang

It was already going down between 1995 and 2000.

melissa maximos

its like that all over asia ive been to many asian countries you are simply not telling the truth BULLSHIT

Asw P

I live in Bali. This video is, like most don’t go videos, only focuses on the negatives and a snapshot of only one point in time. For example, the beach garbage issue is only partly true. Bali gets a lot of garbage from Java ONLY during certain seasons when the currents bring Java’s Trash to Bali. And only some beaches.

Outside of these seasons beaches can be like what you see on Instagram. There are fantastic hotels around Bali and beautiful sights to behold. However it is true that the provincial government of Bali is incredibly ineffective and incompetent at managing the island’s infrastructure.

Liudmila Brilliantova

Totally agree. I went to Bali in 2008 and in 2020. I couldn’t recognize it!! It’s become expensive, overcrowded and dirty. People are trying to rip you off everywhere, you have to pay for everything, even for taking a damn picture. It’s just a lie to get more likes for pretty Instagram pics.

Unicorn Eye

He made this video because his country of origin not as beautiful as Bali. Why you should make a content that triggers people to hate and bring bad impact to Bali? To be famous? Don’t be Such a cheap poor youtuber that has no brain.

Hamish Brown

Lies lies lies fake your dumb


actually it has change long before 2013 ..

iswahyudi iswahyudi

You can find many more beautiful beaches, mountain etc than in Bali in other part of Indonesia or another places in the world. But what makes Bali so special is their CULTURE in daily life…

James Carson

Bali is a magical and special place no doubt. It’s Powerful! The Locals are amazing. With that said it is bombarded with morons. You’re right, the surrounding islands are gold.


We are all entitled to our opinion. I love Bali. My 2nd trip is this Sept. I stay away from the tourist trap & rather meet the locals in the villages. I find them very kind, respectful & generous.

Suvin. R. Nath

Went to Bali for a week and i have fallen in love with Bali and its people and culture. Was the best holiday i ever had that i am planing to go again as i miss it so much.


They really need a recycling system for all the plastic bottles .., and yes there is a big traffic problem, but I guess that this is also a problem in many other Asian cities. I was there two times in 2018 , and the beach was one of the best I have ever been on , in July and November. In the raining season I have heard that it’s full of plastic from the rivers . I will go there again anytime possible .. love Bali

Rusdi Geno

Go to Pulau Selayar, and Pulau gusung or Takabonerata National Park to dive!

Jota Jota Saval

.. mann .. ich liebe dich .. hahah du bist sehr lustig

ViviD NebulA

And here I am thinking it wouldn’t be popular hahaha

Tube Specific

I went to Bali in 2009 finding it so beautiful and most exotic. I was able to walk out into rice paddies from Ubud town and wade through a river looking up at basketball sized jumbo coconuts in large palm trees. It was surreal and most sublime. The art, gamelan music, and shows like Barong were phenomenal works of high classical culture. That is so sad it’s now trashed out with ecosystem breaking down while prices just rise as is the case for most countries spanning all around the world.

Hidayati Christen

LET’S GO ARCHIPELAGO ! 💋 indonesian from Swiss

Alex Bambam

I was there a month ago, not 10 years ago, not 15 years ago; and it is a beautiful as ever, and also very affordable for what you are getting. And if you are choosing to visit a place, because of the fakery that social media is selling; than, you wont like any place you choose to visit .

Andris Lidums

Go to the Phillipines but not where any one else has been and it will bee a true adventure!!

Kristy Strives

Thank you for sharing this 🙏

CCP cultural revolution kills 21million chinese

I get your point, as indonesian i kinda agreed, over tourism has make bali become unregulated. People need to stop going to bali to hit their travel industri first, so that people ESPECIALLY IN THE GOVT GIVES A FUUUCCKKKK about what their doing.

GOSHHH as indonesian im becoming emosional, thank you for telling the truth.

People should start going to different island on indonesia too, not just BALI BALI BALI.

As indonesian proverb does, bitter truth is better than sweet lie


1:16 I think it’s the Nacpan Beach in PH right?

Did mommy

is ok dont go there then so i can enjoy bali for my self .. .

Lina Abbas

if i want to go for a honeymoon where should i go ? i want a relaxing place with a lot of activities and a place with privacy villas and bungalows (i want a place like bali in instagram a paradise on earth )
please help me

Johnson C

I suspect the coronavirus did a better job at reducing the tourist then your video. no disrespect intended. just the irony that’s all….

Johan Mokum

Shit, we want to go soon.


Tourism destroys everything.


I just came from Bali, yes it’s not clean and very corrupt but i still love it for Holidays. Can’t complain

Hell’s Air conditioner

I agree with you instead of Bali you can go to lombok or sumbawa, you pretty much find more Beautiful beach with less tourists none in fact it’s like you have your own privat Beach

Anthony Brooke’s

Welcome to the world


Thankyou for making this video

Hey Broccoli

We were in Bali for a month but we tried to get a flight out sooner. We ended up staying but we will never go back. Instagram lies!!!!

Great video!

who says

Every one says Bali is overcrowded and don’t go blah blah but you went there to live..Why weren’t you part of the problem?..Bali was beautiful in the mid 70s up until 1980, then it went to shit..I remember Nusa Dua had one shack on the beach and now it’s full of expensive hotels…When the Javanese and others came from the mainland, they destroyed Bali as well..Everyone centres around Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Ubud, followed by Canggu, which is full of the yuppie types..There’s so many lovely places away from the crowds there….

Mommy Marine

This is the reason I never wanted to go. Now we already have tickets and I’m not making any plans for leaving the hotel. We are just going with friends because they want to go. I wish I had seen your video 1.5 months ago. What is a popular food you recommend. I may leave the for food lol

Denis G

Would love to hear about Bali alternatives.

Cherish Zheng

That’s fake

Red Power.红色的力量

Bali is overfilled with. Aussie Junkies.


Beautiful? One thing Bali is not is beautiful.

ian grove

Them move the fuck away imposter !!!

Göksel Cakir

Bali is AMAZING!! I was last year there for 3 months this year I go again!!!! People go to bali and enjoy!!!!!

Sugeng Atmojo

Bule edan ..!!

Kiwi John

What a, total crock of sh** this, is utter bullsh** your photos arent even of bali. Stay home

Ikadek Kariyawan

Government of bali are already taking measures with massive projects and infrastructures to tackle the issues from trash hassles into public friendly transportation include 7 railway projects and others green public transportation services ! But there is reasons why people kept comings to bali a part of theirs cultures influences beside of the natures! Bali is not country is neither cities! The roads congestion it was not masterplanned in the past for the economic besides many peoples including the foreigners flocked to bali and live there ! Our government and all the stakes already taken actions from banned plastic singles used, green energies, educational into friendly environments how ever others island’s around bali is also contributing millions of trash to our oceans near during the rain seasons! This has to be risse concern to our central government! Im Balinese didn’t expect of mass cheap tourism’s but our place are owned by major peoples who are taking advantage of that’s without carried the Balinese ways of life “ respect the natures, human and his creatures” thank you for your feedback

Akuntumbalku Akuntumbalku

But so sad much people build in bali😔

Akuntumbalku Akuntumbalku

And now clean

ed Straker

Try Java. I lived in Banyuwangi and loved it. Taught English, learned Indonesian and Osing, made local money but was completely immersed in the culture and lifestyle. Recommend it.

Emel Jurd

As a foreigner your not allowed to work in Bali, it’s illegal buddy!

Pablo García

Can´t agree more with you! I travelled to Indonesia in September 2019. As a hater of overtourism and tourism itself I decided to explore Java island instead of Bali. Best decision I made, nobody around, impressive places and landscapes, real communication with local people, that´s the meaning of travelling for me. I´m a filmmaker and enjoyed every second in Java filming reality and good unforgetable moments, not a reality just made for the tourist.

Good video man.

Diyah Melani

The garbage is from tourist who didnt respeck Bali they threw garbage on the street or beach


Thank you

Lemon Mints

Thank god you’ve made this video, my mates and I almost booked a 1 week trip there this year. LIFE SAVER!!

Dharmawan Haidar Ali

You can go to another islands in indonesia .. there is 174000 islands

boncu nation

did have you living in sumba island in indonesia…??this place sumba island the most beautiful place and many cultre atraction traditional,many waterfall, many lagoon in the middle ocean ,many cave and canyon river ,many beaches and many more place beautiful . sumba island alternatif destination tourist after or new bali island.


Hallo, erstmal möchte ich dir sagen, dass das Video echt toll und informativ ist!
Nun wollte ich fragen, ob man irgendwie mit dir in Kontakt treten kann, da mir weitere Fragen aufgekommen sind und ich nicht alles unter diesem Video fragen möchte…
Danke schonmal!


Seems like Bali can’t handle massive tourism caused by social media

Dewa Made Cakrabuana Aristokra

well… as a genuine Balinese people, i can confirm this is half-true. The reality is even worse. The traffic, the garbage. This is the time, to move on from bali.

Manouk Mel

Thanks for the video, very sad to see that(


Totally right, it was so unpleasant when I went, thanks for telling the truth…

Nicolas Bourguet

Bye bye !

Juan De La Colina

true true and true!

Tita ChingTV

Oh really that is so sad! Thank you for sharing your experience. New friend hugged you can you hug me back please


I love Bali not because its a paradise place.

EDMFan Nick01

Wow you lived in Bali for 3 years, living that crazy Berliner lifestyle properly

Charmaine Griffiths

This is why I subscribe to your channel. You make us think!!

Ivan Divandelen

Just stay in your shitty old country. Problem solved

Adrian Sidor

It will only get vorse and vorse

Nia Vallen Queen of Indonesia

You suck, man! I dislike your video!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Alex Winkler

The only place I want to travel to is my Büro (really well made video man)

James Elliott

Completely agree. First time I went was 2004, then again in 2007. Back then it was a dream, so cheap, not much rubbish, quick travel. My parents went in 2018, and said it was horrendous. Just leaving the airport and heading over to Semanyak for the night took almost 3 hours. Friends went last year and said the amount of rubbish now is completely insane, it’s really sad. It is such a magical place with so many magical, wonderful people, but you’re completely right…it’s choking.


Love your content. You’re like the Bob Ross of leisure.

Rian Keogh

I was literally on Snapchat talking about maybe going to Bali . Open youtube and this is the first video in recommended. I’m absaloutly perplexed I’d never even thought of Bali until 5 minutes ago now this is up


Danke für das informative Video!

Siran Boysen

German kook


you left the promised land and the land of dreams (Berlin) to go to Bali? foolish man LOL 😛

Clint R

I have some Russian friends being crazy ablut Bali and I got them – better than Russia. But my home stay was only 500m from the ocean and I couldn’t walk: why? Because there is no pedestrian ways and as an European I was constantly herrased by the local scooter drivers passing by if I needed something. Than on scooter, unless you are crazy experienced biker – go for it. You will join rivers upon rivers of scooters your way and the opposit way.
Even on a scooter count to move very slowly. Over 5mil people live in Bali.
Beer is OK priced but WINE – a bottle of basic Chardoney is €60. Cocktails from 7,50 onwards. Local food starts from €5-6 and foreign restaurant from 8-9. Food is excellant and services in many places.
So called “White Parties” is ripp off of so called EXPATS, mostly Ozzies and Russians. Drugs are punishable by death and 20+years in horrible prison, still there are other things to consider.
Beaches are OCEANIC and the best in the South and West. East is poor with black-volcanic “sand”. Rainy season starts in December-March. Gili Islands is a “must-visit” if you still want to go and get injured in scooter crash. The police is corrupted so unless you wear helmet, prepare to pay them.
Local gangs target mostly women’s purses and dare to grabb white woman’s purses even when she is driving her scooter, causing her to fall and injure herself.
Ubud, as a central town js green and cheep but has changed in the last 10years. A capuccino in Ubud cost foreigners from €2,50. The internet is OK and is mostly free WI-FI in many caffes. The streets are narrow and not for walking nor jogging, just scooters and car enthusiasts. Surfing can be dearly expensive if you’re buying your surf board there, so is clothes.
Massages are not as good as in Thailand nor sex tourism.

dmvoro dmvoro

You suggest to go to Lombok, lol?) Friends of my friends was attacked and robbed by machete mans on the road there, and I heard many stories like that. I ve been on many islands in South East Asia, and Bali is the best for me, even with all this problems. Only Phangan maybe I like more, but for totally different relaxed atmosphere there.

Mark Elms

I had this exact same opinion when I went int 2017.

Tomzy Pits

Food and drinks are still cheap, that’s not the problem… but the property prices in the south of Bali have gone through the roof. 100 m2 for 50,000$ – that’s ridiculous. That means that a normal sized plot of land costs almost the same as in the Mediterranean coast in Europe.

And no, all those other islands… they’re not the same. Been there, and it’s totally different. The only island that compares to Bali is Mauritius, far away.

Tomzy Pits

Totally agree! I lived in Bali for 1 year… it’s totally not what it used to be. There are much better places in the world, if you really enjoy authentic tropical island living.

You forgot to mention that there’s lots of jealousy between the Indonesians and foreigners living in Bali, and even among foreigners. Just join the Bali FB group, you’ll see how much hate is posted there.

Most foreigners moving to Bali nowadays, all these digital nomads, and others, they are just wannabes… i’m most likely not going back. Mauritius, Nosy Be, and other destinations come to mind.