Its been a wild ride this year, for all of us.

Its been a wild ride this year, for all of us.

To share a little about my personal experience, its been really challenging being back in a western country for so many consecutive months.

For 3 years I have lived barefoot in countries where chaos and mayhem are the norm.

A family of 4 riding on the back of a scooter with no helmets.

No shoes, no bra, sun kissed skin and dragonfruit dyed hands… playing my guitar whilst listening to the sounds of nature or the ocean.

This is where I find my bliss… in the simple moments where everything becomes still and I merge a little more with my true Self… as The Creator of All That There Is.

The hardest part about coming back to a western country for me, is how neat and tidy everything is. Its so perfectly manicured. Everything is so linear and structured.

I try my best to maintain my wild woman in more civilised counties, but after several months I notice the Qi and Shakti in my body does not circulate in the same way.

I know I will learn how to integrate the two lifestyles, as I feel deeply called to raise children in Australia… but for now… I remain in the struggle of balancing two very different lifestyles.

What I love most about travelling to third world countries is how everything still replicates nature.

Messy, wild and without much of a linear process of how everything should be.

I feel that type of environment invites my subconscious to embody similar qualities.

Super grateful I have not been able to relocate during this lockdown time though! Ive done some serious healing work with the land here in Aus.

I think many of us can relate, not being able to relocate has been tough.

Weve had to STAY.

..which is the ultimate answer to all emotional healing and trauma release work.


A deeply healing time for all. x