Bali Night Clubs


Yes Thai girls dance good too. I added a link in this Bali night club video, to a video of Thai night club girls dancing at Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

solikhin hanafi

I remember my brother play music in bali
so verry happy


I love Patong!!!!! thanks

gazza aussie

does any 1 remember the night club in perth city centre called the underground in the 80s


Bounty’s my fckin FAVORITTTTEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dirk Litek

maccaroni best video ever, thanks


hahaha that guy is the man!


Lol’d at the old guy ”dancing” alone like a fool! xD

green Cendol

omg i miss bali….


Im headking to bali in a couple of weeks! i miss so badly


@JoshTizza1 Can name some of the clubs in this vid for you

Bounty, Paddy’s
Engine Room
Sky Garden (Favorite :D)

There’s also:

Jimmy Rustler

hey mate can u label all the different places with the names. im going in july again and want to bring back what they look like.

NaturallyRae Travels

hey could you guys tell me where the clubs  2 and 4 is?


nice vid mate going there for new yrs gives me a good idea wot the clubs are like. was just wondering if u could tell me are there many clubs there and are they any good thanks mate

Jimmy Rustler

@Ofionnain Thats the bottom of the bounty, nobody dances there mate except for tuedays when they have foampit. People dance there as a joke when nobody else is there.

Karim Bawazir

thats because we go there but the people there they suffer and work hard


the thai girls dance better

Javed Iqbal

Sell your body and earn money . yes ,It is the motive of most but not all people in Bali.O,my God, where are we people going? Fathers and mothers who are responsible for the well being of their daughters force them into prostitution. Perhaps,this is why,such so-called paradises on the earth are always under constant threat of Tsunami ,a kind of wrath of God.