Legong Dance | Legong Kraton | Traditional Dance | Bali Indonesia | Ubud Palace

Keven scott

I love her headdress so much , from Cambodia !!!

R. Ale

I liked this dance of culturally rich Indonesia from Nepal

Alif Iskandar

Tarian indonesia bagus salam saya muhammad alif dari malaysia

Jun Jun Gatbos

She has great muscle control!👍🙏🏻

Cron Urbanlgnd

surreal creative art form. thank u for the up load!

AnubisRex Box

I hate it when people are inconsiderate of others that have also payed to see an event. If people are going to take pictures they could at least be more discreet about it.

Abdul Khafid Tirtojoyo


Executor Chrysanthemum Khaydarion Shelak

lengkap style, but as i observed, “May nagtatagalog” xD

dara morm

Love Indonesia from Cambodia

k b

pogi ni pierce

k b

pogi ko

Hm Hm


Japan Indonesia Room

very good !

I- rizall

kok bali pakaiyanya lebih sopan penarinya dari kraton Jogja…