Bali and Bina – Cha Party GIDDHA BEAT

The Hooded Claw

This came out in 1987 wow this was the time Bhangra hit the generation

Wedding Entertainment

This was produced by Girishi Wadhwani in London, who was forced to destroy the master copy and all unsold copies due to copyrights. I still have the Album. The best non remixed bhangra album ever!

asim shafi

thx for posting this – is there anywhere where I can download this track and others from the album ?

davinder bedi

i got a few versions i converted from tape..production was well ahead of its time. the other version is much better. ill put it up in a video.


where can i get the mp3 or instrumental for this? i need it badly


Where can I get an Mp3 of this?


Have u got the cha party album including the track with gabbar Singh laughing??

Harry Sh

Where is the Aside¡ this is the B side, you beasts.