The medicine is bitter

The medicine is bitter, but the teacher is sweet.

This is what a Shaman told me in Bali at the beginning of a Cacao Ceremony on Christmas Day and boy is that the truth.

On Monday in The Sisterhood (Online Spiritual Membership) I guided everyone through a Balinese inspired Cacao Ceremony .

Before the ceremony began everyone spent time preparing their Ceremonial Cacao in their own homes (singing their intentions as they added spices), creating sacred altar with sage, crystals and deities and of course making their cosy nest to snuggle down for the evening…

We joined in union online via video and gave thanks to the Earth before calling in the Spirit of Cacao, we Chanted Sacred Mantra and slowly drank the medicine before getting creative and tuning into Cacaos guidance.

Ill be honest with you, before I launched The Sisterhood Online Membership, for a long time I felt VERY unsure about holding womens circles and leading sacred ceremonies online I just wasnt sure if it would work (or be as magical as the Womens Circles I run in person) … but I gotta say it works… AND SOME!

If *anything*, Im gaining a deeper understanding of just how much we *NEED* online spiritual ceremonies and womens circles.

(Not because inperson gatherings arent needed of course they ARE! But because we cant always access the level of teachings or experiences we are searching for locally… and well, sometimes we simply want to learn, heal and raise our vibration from the comfort of our own home!)

If youre looking to learn new spiritual Practises, join LIVE Online ceremonies and learn how to become a powerful manifestor working with the Zodiac, moon and natural forces come and join us in The Sisterhood Online Membership. Our next online gathering will be under the New Moon.

Follow the link in my bio to find out more but most of all, follow the call in your heart.