Pura Besakih Mount Agung Bali

Located near the mountains of Kintimani and Mount Batur you can find this beautiful temple

Mount Agung is an active volcano on the island of Bali .
The Balinese believe that Mt. Agung is the abode of the gods, and the volcano, therefore, is revered as sacred

It is on this mountain that the mother of all temples in Bali is located, called Pura Besakih

Since Agung is an active volcano it does erupt still. Its most recent eruptions were just this past year in May 2019 while I was living here .
The eruptions tend to be smaller currently and just cover the air with some dust for a few days.
Crazy to think i live on an Island with a volcano that erupts!

I’m currently back in Bali for the year and wow the energy here is powerful.

Hiking this mountain to reach the temple was a beautiful feat.