This… Is… Bali!!!

We waited over 2 hours to get our picture taken. Thankfully there was seating on the side for the crowds but phew. It was so hot and humid outside, I questioned how much I really wanted this picture. I think Alex did too, hence the picture.

Most people did the same thing in their pictures. We opted for something a little different, not the typical couple pic eh? The reflection in the picture is actually made by a guy holding a piece of glass on the smartphone camera!

The last picture is with our new friends! We met Hary in China when he was touring the Great Wall. We were on the same tour bus ! It was a coincidence that we were headed to Bali a few weeks later where we visited him in East Bali! Without him, we couldn’t possibly have seen all the things we did. To Hary and his friends, we truly thank you! You made Bali 1000x better!

To new friendships worldwide