Back to Canggu from Amed

The ride back to Canggu from Amed was one of my favorite adventures. Since I didn’t get to see the landscape on the way to Amed because of our late start, I took this opportunity to really relish the nature during the drive back. I headed out before my friends, which gave me the freedom to stop anywhere I wanted to take pictures or simply savor the view a bit longer.

On the way, I drove through several farmlands, rice paddies, and small towns. The road led me up high in the mountains and low though narrow forest covered roads. I almost ran out of gas, I got lost, I met some locals who didnt speak a word of English, and of course, got rained on without a raincoat. All part of the memorable adventure. It was a ride that uncovered the local beauty of Bali.

As I got on the main highway, I could feel my stress levels slowly ascending. Its a certain feeling about Bali traffic that keeps me on edge, and not in the good way. I have driven a motorbike in many tourist areas, islands, and cities, but in Bali, its just stressful. Only a few times do I feel at ease. I found that piano music helped me a lot.

In a way, I was glad I was only back to this area for a day, but at the same time, sad that I had to leave Indonesia when there was still so much to see. I arrived to My ExHostel and was happy to see everyone there. I caught up with them and told them all about my trip.

One thing I did love about Canggu was the hidden narrow alleys everywhere. Some were covered with street art, some revealed a gorgeous green field, and others were just narrow and fun to drive through.

I’ll get into my thoughts about Canggu in an upcoming post, but for now, I was happy to catch my last sunset in this gorgeous paddy field shortcut in the heart of Canggu.