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Our 2.5hr road trip in Bali brought us here! The view from the Taman Ujung Water Palace was a welcome after looking out the window of the car and seeing all the hustle and bustle of the everyday going ins in Bali. I could see the the Lombok Strait and Mt Lempuyang and it was just so peaceful. This Palace was built in 1909 and the architecture is a blend of the Balinese, Middle Eastern and Western influences for the King of Karangasem, Gusti Bagus Djilantik.
I was imagining what it would of been like hiking up the stairs to get to this spot back in the days it was just reserved for the King along with his family and other dignitaries that were invited to this palace… a time without air conditioning and a time where the royalty and dignitaries would be dressed up to the nines!