I would have never discovered

I would have never discovered about Lombok unless I knew zearaga and unlike other travelers I would have just visited Bali , Nusa Penida , Komodo etc which would have been a pity !

He had been a great friend since the moment I met this guy. The first guy I met in CMU and a far far great friend cause even away from home , he made me feel at home when CMU was so sickening. When I told this guy I was visiting indonesia with few others, our conversation acceralerated to the point it became esctatic!

That’s when I decided if I am gonna visit this serendipitous country which is far more beautiful than words can suffice the description,


Though, I was there only for 2 Days but it was worth it. We went to see Sand Island and Pink Beach there was a Rainbow too just before the rain started. It was my first time seeing a rainbow upon the mystical blue waters of Indian Ocean.

The shades of blue and the rainbow took my heart away. I imagine that moment and I find myself there appreciating the nature. I met his family , siblings and highschool friends we stayed with them and they showered their immense love upon us.

The respect , The Hospitality and To my surprise they knew much about Indian Cinema more than I expected. His younger siblings were pure love and mama is so warm hearted lady. And, father is so kind. I will never forget it. Definitely , I would come back to explore more about Lombok and stay longer Special Thanks to zearaga serlisulung rismaidaandini azisyth rajabalfadly rendywiharno to make our memory about Indonesians so heart warming.