Terima Kasih Bali

Its been a week since I’ve been back from my 3 week Balinese adventure. One of my favourite things about world travel is meeting people but mainly interacting with the locals.

Bali, like most of Asia I fell in love with your people. Thank you for welcoming as with open arms into your country. For never failing to say WELCOME TO BALI ( from cab drivers to shop owners). You will never feel lost or unwelcomed in Bali. The locals will almost always ask you where you are from and then followed by loads of questions about your country.

When driving the scooter you might even have locals speeding up next to you to ask if you need directions and if everything is okay (like we did) . All the hotel owners and places we stayed at always went out of their way to make us comfortable and whenever we left on the scooter they would always tell us to be careful. One of the scooters we had actually had a Hindu blessing on it to keep us safe!

Bali we loved your Nasi Goreng, Chicken Satay, famous peanut sauce, getting lost in your nature walks, being mesmerized by your waterfalls and swallowed up whole by your beautiful beaches. Thanks for being an awesome Vibe, and for having us

See you soon Island of Gods!