Past 6 weeks we lived in Bali

Current situation. We have now lived in Bali for the past 6 weeks. Can you believe how quick that has gone?

We are now firmly locals. Well that’s what it feels like haha. And we are literally loving it so much out here.

The energy is incredible. We know all the cheap local places. All the little secret spots. We have met some truly inspiring people. We are inspiring people.

To be honest, it still feels so surreal that we are even here. It’s even more surreal thinking literally 8 weeks ago we were living in our van in the south of Portugal. That’s just wild right?
Bali is definitely one hell of an incredible hub for us. And personally, it was the best move we could have possibly done. We are growing & working on so many projects at the moment which we will be releasing soon, we are helping so many people grow their own online business, so it really is the perfect place to settle.

Living is so free here. Everyone connects with everyone. People talk about opportunities and ideas, not problems and struggles.A group of us took our scooters and went on an adventure the other day to find some remote beaches in Uluwatu. We pick and choose when we want to head down to the beach to watch the sunset. We can roll out of bed and into the pool if we want to. I think it definitely could be a home for us more so than not in the future.

But of course, as much as we talk about how much we love it out here, we have not forgotten about our little baby. Because I know you all miss it. And to be honest, we have realised how much we actually love living on the road back in Europe.

I understand there was a little bit of confusion through some people, thinking what did we do with the van? What about vanlife? Because that was a pretty epic last 6 months of 2019 wasn’t it. Though rest assured people, our little one is in hibernation back in the UK over winter and we have some very exciting plans in a few months time.

So at the moment, even though we don’t like planning ahead, how does 7 months in Bali, 5 months vanlife sound for 2020?