As much as I LOVE Bali…

I’m finding it really hard to look at these pics! What began as the best trip quickly turned into the worst experience of my life. .
Getting ecoli in my kidneys and a severe kidney infection which turned into septicaemia nearly killed me. By the time I made it to Perth, Doctor said I was only hours away from my kidneys shutting down.
Ill be honest, last few days since I got out Monday night I’ve took it bad. Cried whole day yesterday, probably cause I’m exhausted and my body is like wtf is going on BUT I am always positive and I am here and super blessed to be.

Learnt many lessons from this. I cant control everything in my life, I cant fuck about with my health any longer and life’s far too short to be stressing about the small stuff!! I could’ve been gone and left my boys .
Super thankful to everyone who helped me loads, all your messages too! Esp my sis in law Sarah who saved my life! And Grazer who did everything he could to help me recover. Love yas all. Xxx .
Here’s to making the rest of 2020 the best with my boys