These 2 little angels

These 2 little angels (1st image) are my new friends, Arinata and Mariani. They suffer from Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF), a complex heart defect, and need immediate surgery. This surgery is not available in Bali, and they must travel to Jakarta to be treated. Most cases of ToF require 5 surgeries.
Arinata is 4 and has had 2 surgeries. The additional surgeries to stabilize her heart are needed before they can work on her cleft palate.
Mariani is 7 and had oxygen levels of 60% a few days prior to these pictures. This week she was readmitted to a Bali clinic due to the thickness of her blood. She has not yet had her first surgery.

solemen.indonesia , and its founders robertepstone & sarahchapmanbali78 , are working tirelessly to find sponsors for 9 children needing this type of operation. The government pays for the surgeries, but these children come from rural villages in Bali. Traveling to Jakarta is financially not possible. Aside from these 9 cases, Solemen provides food and medical assistance to over 2,500 people in remote areas of Bali (86% children). The story of these children hits close to home for me.

My best friend since I was 4, ironmangraham , has had 5 heart surgeries. His story and the story of these children has moved me to take action. My goal is to work with others to sponsor 5 children1 for each of the surgeries Andrew had. I have personally sponsored the next surgeries for Arinata and Mariani, and committed to sponsoring the remaining surgeries they need. Since coming back to Bali this month I secured an additional sponsor for a 3rd child!

I am looking for people to sponsor at least 2 more. I will share details about the child you sponsor and their progress. I assure you 100% of your contribution goes to providing the immediate surgery they need. The money sends the children and their parents to Jakarta and houses them for the 6 weeks needed for assessment, surgery, and recovery before returning home to Bali. Solemen takes nothing from this. If you can find it in your heart to help the hearts of these little ones please message me directly and check out the link in my bio