Hey guys! Just came back from Bali last night.

Hey guys!
Just came back from Bali last night. It was such a refreshing trip, seemed like a much needed break. Such a beautiful and natural place with such nice people. I did stuff that I always wanted to do and never thought I’d get the chance to do it so soon in life. Ticked many things off my bucket list and that’s a huge deal for me, I’m so grateful for that. The trip on a whole was a really great experience and I’m glad that I didn’t back out from anything because of my fears. I never imagined myself to be the person I was there. Never thought that someone who cried in Wonderla for some completely non scary ride would end up doing all this xD
I’ve composed an original song which was highly inspired from this trip. The audio is done, need to work on the video. Once I get all the raw files by this weekend, I’ll start working on it and upload it on YouTube hopefully next week. The optimism of this song means a lot to me and I really hope y’all enjoy it! 🙂 .