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Claire Sauzel

You make me wanna go back to Bali so bad !!

Crazy Love Surabayan

I love El Kabron, such an underrated bar, perfect for sunset, the place is amazing and the view truly mesmerizing. Have a nice vacation…


Let’s go on a trip together. Seriously. <3

Jess Rani

Love how you listed each place, makes it so helpful for recommendations! Love your travel vlogs

Natasha Warner

i love this video!! one day would you like to collab maybe? im stuck on 30 subs and id love to reach out to channels like mine, get back to me as soon as you can!

That Simi

This trip is goalsss

Denisse Beatriz

Gorrrrgeoussss! Love your natural hair and look x

ssaputri asigen

Terimakasih telah memperkenalkan negara indonesia :))

Fajar 8217



Hey what is the minimum amount that you had to pay for the beach bed; on food ?

Jasmine Kiefer

Are you germans?😋 you have an accent🙊
Your video is beautiful, i will go to bali in june and this video makes me even more excited🥰

Erin Paige

This vlog made me so damn hungry


2:53 hahaha Helen “no one cares”

Peter Baars

Just two weeks home after six weeks holiday
Go back s.a.p

Tiffany Jane

Gorgeous girl! Love your vlog.

Mari Em

sooo gorgeous

Yuri London


Lethabo Segokgo

Just came across your channel and I am OBSESSED! Love from South Africa❤️

Trinity Tondeleir

this looks sooo amazing im going in April for my first time! where were the shops you were at @ 9:45 ? looked so nice! did you guys rent a scooter or just cab around? thanks !


Was so happy to see potato head beach club and all the restaurants again 😍 after being in bali all you wanna do is go back there

Jared Arroyo

¨El Kabrón¨ in spanish is a bad word hahahaaha

Hello Pizza

Love your travel vlog!!! I like that you upload videos so frequently. So happy to start a day with your vlog thank you😍

Suanny Garcia

Beauty! What are you wearing on your face? Looks gorgeous!


your skin is looking so good and glowy! i loved this vlog, now I want to go to bali sooo bad 😭


i love your vlogs 🦋

Sophie G

jealous of your foooooood !!!!

Amelia Jane

Love this vlog 🥰❤️ xx

Sahar Habibi

Love your travel vlogs!!


0.59 – 01.00 You looks like Dua Lipa


I just had to leave a comment.. I 100% love the fact that you guys eat so much omg u dunno how hungry and travel itchy I am right now

Afia A

Are you german? Because I always thought you were Australian but I keep getting hints of a german accent when you talk

MJ Cakes

Are you friends with the 3rd girl? I noticed she wasn’t shown much. Loved the video!!

MJ Cakes

I love you and Helen as friends! She seems like a perfect travel partner for you. Bali looks so amazing!


been focusing on your hair ALL the time and looked through all your uploads to see if there is hair tutorial (but no T^T) .. LOVE YOUR WAVE HAIR


Hey!!! Wheres your pink/red high waist bikini from? Love your channel ~


this looked like such a fun girls trip! 💓 …and OMG that food! it all looked delicious.


It looks so beautiful there!! ♡

Iris Vonkeman

I’m glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! Sad u didn’t see anything of or eat anything from the amazing culture that is quickly vanishing from this beautiful island. Next time you go, I recommend you take a look at the gamelan (dance) shows, wake up early to go to a fruit market or walk around some old temples. there is way more to see than just clubs! Don’t think that I’m criticizing your possible preference, I mean no hate!

Kalsoumy Balde

This is one of my favourite vlogs! I feel like you really developed your own style of editing and layout (esp. the vlogs) and I really love it because it’s simple but still aesthetic (I know that simple still means a lot of editing time).
In general it’s really nice seeing your progress because you’re just one year older than me and it feels like we’re growing together (if that makes any sense) lots of love from Bali!
Ps:you look amazing!

Ruby Read

Does anyone know where her cross earrings are from???

Charlotte Olive

The food porn in this video is unrealllll

Gabriela González

Everything about this video is so calming. Love you so so much


ich liebe deine Vlogs omg!!🌟🌸❤️ bali ist soo schön!

Sophie Jayne

Booking a trip to Bali super super soon and am going to add all these places to this list ✨🙌🏼 that POOL are you kidding me

Lena L

This makes me miss Bali so much!! Thank you Maxi for always including the names & links of everything in the description box, it really helps a girl out, love u xxx

Callum Audet

brb booking a trip to Bali wow

Chen Yang

Watching your video while eating a tub of vegan ice cream 😍😍😍

Claire Marie

Sprichst du eigentlich mit Helen deutsch oder englisch? ☺️

Theresa ‘

woher ist die hellbraune Hose vom Anfang die ist wunderbar?😍
P.S liebe deine Videos 🥰

Sophia Ernst

Loved the video 💕😊

Kato Ruwisch

Yaaasss so excited! Xx


Please do a tutorial video on the dewy makeup at the beginning of the video 😍

adelina xavira

Omg im from indonesiaaa💓💓 love ur vids btw 😍

Gabby Bullock

This place looks like an absolute dream!

Iris Ng

The view of sunset is to die for. So happy y’all had relaxing and fun trip. Do you and your friends have plans to come back and do sightseeing? 🙆🏼‍♀️❤️

Elaine Kim

omg bali is beautiful! this video is making my dayyy!

Daijah Walker

you’re absolutely stunning😍, such a beautiful vlog

Elektra Flaskas-Troaditis

i get so excited every time u post omg

Bronte Isabella

Ahhh so jealous your holiday looks amazing!! I wish I was on vacay instead of doing year 12!

Alannah Truelson

Was so excited to watch this today!

Alannah Truelson

Early 🦋