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I like the skate board part with that matching song….


What’s the Lut’s name ?

Azlina Ina

Jogja is thebest for honeymoon bro… im sure goooo with my lope girl

Ryan Hilario

Nothing better than booty shots! nice video 😉

DPS Media Productions

great video keep up the good work I have subscribed to your channel can you please subscribe to mine DPS media Productions many thanks

Chaz’s Arcade Gameplay & Restorations

Man, this is a badass video!

Simon Main

Is this Jay Alvarrez brother? 😀 😀

Chandler Kitching

This is the dankest travel video I’ve ever seen

MH Hawali

this video needs more viewwww

Alexander Torres

Nice work

Regan Vellan

nice work

Yury WWS

EPIC bruuuhh!!!!

Tom Woodward

Yeah man, like some of the others have said, your best work yet. Keep on with it, i’m looking forward to your next video.


Love this video❤️ does anyone know which camera and editing programs does he use?

Michael Martin

just wonering where do you get your black t-shirts

air wreck

that ending was fire

Justin Figs

soo sick my dude!!! you killed it !!

Tuyara G

Why it’s not me😭😭😭so inspirational 💔

Vinicius Cordeiro

Wow.. Amazing

Ollivianna Gilingan

Nice video 👍👍👍

DE Ackern

Amazing video 😀 Just got a new subscriber! 😀

Nate Robards

Yo checkout my videos!

Ieva M

Story, views, people 🙌
Amazing video Sean!


keren om

Bruno Peter

Wow ive seen all your vídeos this is the best dope vídeo man

Carina Pinheiro e Ivo Filipe

Woow, so good Sean!

James Ferrell

This is amazing sean

Chris Beccaria

Amazing edit. Loved the eyes opened in the beginning and then they closed at the end. Love your content my guy

Daduk Pranata

stunning videos bro , great works

Bella Fildes

Love your videos, so amazing 😍🙌

Michal Stejskal

You are improving your videos so fast! Awesome work Sean! 🙂

jason kitching

diggin’ the sound design

Fraser McDonald

BRO!!!!! Speechless man, definitely so inspired by this. Your best video yet.

Aljoscha Laschgari

Great job Sean!

Tailor Lopes

I’m Brazilian and I love your videos

Oriol Hedo

Very good stuff, congrats! Shots are also very fucking nice and smooth! Keep it up man!! 😉

Karim Wahby

Love this!


Awesome video bro!!
I love your videos, if you have time check out my stuff

Sophie van Schravendijk

This is amazing!

Bali Batavia

Great stuff guys!! 👍

Ando Kiidron

This Is Why I Follow You! – (TALLINN, ESTONIA)


So dope

Chris Rogers

Nice one dude! Loved the underwater and surf scenes! 🙂

Wait what why



love your work bro! Keep it up and btw…your girl is burning hot

Felix Gerlach


Sean Lange

Your the South African Jay Alvarez😂😂

Reggie Rams

Woow i am always amazed everytime i see your content.


I’ve never been this early in my entirely Freakin’, 😂😂👍

Jorge Pizarro

For a minute I swear I was watching a jay Alvarez video…..awesome work bro! I need to get me a drone soon.