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I love canteen, been there for a full year almost every day! (that and satu satu).

I agree with your calculation, I was spending around 3/4k per month in 3 people.

You should talk about the local taxi fighting against gojek because of the low prices. In many areas you cannot use a gojek and you are risking a massive beating for calling the service…

Once, 10 people begin to run toward me and my gojek driver with clubs and stones. Luckily we escaped…

Jack Reed

How realistic is it to shop and cook for myself?


The shitty kind of tourist wants to come and re-enact the march of the penguins with all the other bum sheep. They dont want to give back to the community they just want to take, fuckin parasites.


18:18 background. You’re welcome.


With 2400$ i could live for one year in indonesia. Its all about getting the most value of your dollar and sacrificing some luxury. Instead of renting build your own small simple house. Instead of buying cook your own meals and plant your own food. And then if you do need to pay for something, try to bargain.

marina siang

Do you have visa work permit….?? #Indonesiaimmigration

Akbar R

There’s only one word to describe “Beautiful”

Engine Story

I like your video


4:00 he talks like hes not a millennial….. you ARE a millennial man haha. or maybe too young to be one? deffinatley not older than one though.

Salty Dawgs

Were insects a huge problem while being in Bali?

Jip van Haaster

I think you should watch out for Carlos

Hayden Kempton

His roommates for sure hate him…

Алексей Александров

Thank you for amazing and detailing video about your trip


y’all know there are other places on the planet to travel right? hahaa Bali is the most overhyped place in the world. I’ve been travelling the world for 5 years, 65 countries and Bali isn’t even a place I’d return to.

Nick Oloteo – Financial Education

wait!? you don’t track your expenses regardless?

Shaikh Shakir

Hiii dear…. Osm presentation….. Especially back ground music is too good.. Keep going 👍👍

Muni Ng

Thats crazy, hostel life got me so much further with less

Andrew S

really a paradise



Kamlesh Sahare

Which camera u have

Alya Safiira 1717

CULTURE, PLACES and PEOPLE of Bali is extremly great and humble 🙌

Sudar G

Love this. Thanks for putting this together. This makes me want to travel to Bali so badly

Luis Fernando Chávez

Hi there, do you need an international motorcyle-driver license to rent the motor?

raj rakesh

Carlos is smashing hard bro

Chad Advice

“Naps” right…

Kylan Hurt

Very useful info. Thank you!

kevin riderlen

after virus I will definitely go to baliiiiiii!


Bali Like in Heaven……..Cheap price,beautiful place, friendly people and nice weather

No Copyright Free Music

i’ve been watching ur channel for years, ur contents is just unreal… never boring.. keep it up mate!!


Hey I’ve just uploaded my story about moving to Bali, please check it out if you are about to relocate there or simply need tips to do so. Hope you find it useful! Thanks for your video, Christian

Erasmus AW


Maxou Maxou

Great video and very realistic cost wise. Maybe we ll cross paths somewhere around here. All the best

Yad Sharef

Nice video !

Eternal Summer Rising – Traveling Techies

We were blown away with how cheap food was and miami-esque beach side restaurant experiences were. I can see why so many foreigners flock to Bali… I was definitely entranced as well… and we only get to explore Canngu. We will make some videos about our experience this year in bali as well.


30-40 USD is more than enough for a single night in Bali.

Liam Dawson

your videos come soo correct with the editing and angles! gratzie!

Florian Salzer

Best intro you have ever made 😍

CashFlow 101

Damn how many chicks do you have???

Iluminada Williams

OK…. at the beginning of the video, this guy (Lost LeBlanc) is very cozy with a blond woman;
then, @10:44 minute he is with his “little biker chica”. Are you married? Because if not, you are sending a bad message of promiscuity to other young people!

Вадим Шагабиев

Hi! What do you do?

Roderick Madeira-Mackinnon

What’s your biggest recommendation when making my first video of a hiking trip?

Mark Barner

Shared it to 5 friends. Just went to bali for 16 days. Coming back for more and way longer!

orson sinclair

I clicked the link to your blog post twice and it is not showing up?

Djee Hao

Bali 😍😍😍

Rozal Bennington

Indonesian subtitle, please

henry widjaja

Bali is tourist destination, so cost of living is depend where u stay n where u wan to eat

Vinh Mio

I just came back from bali island🏝

Vinh Mio

I love video ❤ thank you so much 😍

Erik Andersson

Spread those cheeks snap a pic and jerk it out

Mental Health Reddit

Honestly I prefer Krabi and Phuket


I live in the same place and I spend around 2k USD at most.

Nes Croft

link is broken, here is the new link:

Fuga 111

not helpful

Adi 13

Awesome she calls out for Carlos. Stop saying that bro. Just show me great places. Thx.

Dhez Soulmate

Hai iam Indonesian…Let’s come to Bali Guys … 🙂


Cangu favorit distination in bali. Bcause preson frendly

Quenton Stroud Master-Oracle


I Dewa Agung Gede Wisnu Pramana

Do you travel? *Jack Morris*

Kaung Pyae Sone Win

7:21 is that Gypsealust’s house?


Great info!

Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast

Danger, VISA is 28 days including first and last day – I got a fine cause this wasn’t clear

Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast

Bruh – your body needs rest days. Also get AirPods Pro – big headphones make zero sense for travel.

Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast

Save money make your own coffee.
Next scene: We’re just buying a cup of coffee…

komang erik

Visit bali I will be happy to plan your activities while in Bali, contact whatsapp + 6287756826200 my pleasure

Mad Leen

What camera do you use for vlogging? 🙂

W Lizamore


I Kratika

Awsome.. Big fan of your work. Please checkout My Bali vlog @s43s

I Kratika

Awsome.. Big fan of your work. Please checkout My Bali vlog @s43s

I Kratika

Awsome.. Big fan of your work. Please checkout My Bali vlog @s43s

Danny Portal

whats a good site for digital nomads to find work and gigs?

Anay Cell

saya dari indonesia😁


2:57 and Dog shit all over the beach

Pierre Smedberg

Where do you find the 20k a day scooter?? The cheapest I’ve gotten is around 50k…

Louise Kelly

Can I ask what’s you’re option on visiting Bali in November? With weather Etc

Ariang X

yes everything is legit… western dollar go very far here


12:50 bruh..

Bobby Misner

It’s only like 20$ for a bottle of champagne at mrs sippy, ran through 20 of them with Brandon spraying off the DJ stage. Gotta add the partying cost haha

Painter Gus

Yo you owe me a new drink, spilled my laughing when she said Carlos. Go head and send the funds to my email, LeBlanc.

James Lewis

Nathan Barley 2020


8:34 !! You’re welcome !!


how is eating out a budget friendly? 😀

daniel Legler

I love seeing young hipsters get money.

daniel Legler


Chris North

stick with the gym, you are making progress. You look good in the pic where you are taking a shot in front of a waterfall.


shocked how it is NOT a normal thing for US Americans to do your own coffee.. I mean.. why? xD why something like this needs to be highlighted? i think that’s kinda sad

Max Myers

lmao i saw meg in the thumbnail so I clicked, sup meg;)

Starbucks Lucky

Enjoy Bali!

Chris North

what happened to the other girl? She was beautiful. Let me guess, she wanted to get married. LeBlanc is a smart man.

matias fornataro

Guys, no one is worried about those HELMETS? i would never use one of these… like i’d rather go without it.

Hakim Azimi

How can i contact you sir my email is


Inspirational!!!Thank You for this, man!!!

My Name

I’m Carlos she dreamed about

Khalilah G

Absolutely loved this video. Fun, informational and insightful thanks for share my guy!

UAS nusantara

Yogyakarta is better, i love jogja till end’

Trenton Gauthier

“untouched rice paddies” smh


5:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Feliz tiana

Is that jack house…

Casual Camera Tester

she called you carlos lmao…. huge red flag

Digdarshinee Rout

Ur every video is worth downloading…❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️


if you pause it at exactly 7:05. the dude looks dead

Gabriel Ikreni

dude just found you on here randomly but already like your videos…your brill man ..keep up the good work. 🙂

Evden Uzaqlarda

I like subscribe because your video is perfect

Nadiem S.

I just spended the last full three weeks on bali and didn‘t even spent the half of that amount although i wasn‘t extremly spare..
I don’t think it’s the normal or a good standard to orientate on for majority. You can go considerably more favourable than that on bali for sure.
Even or also in an westernized country 2400$ a month would be likely high costs. Seems a bit fastidious.

Molanda Moseley of the FBI

did Felipe get ur gf’s ticket lol? he da man, some say in 10mins he can make any woman shake in fear at his prowess


And I was saving 5k for a week trip to Bali 🌚

ricco joya

The place hipies in the world is bali…aĺl YT people enjoying while their vlogging…😆

Earth’s Little Secrets

5 lbs of protein powder for $80 sounds good to me.

philsjoey albuer

I may not be able to enjoy my stay in there, thinking I’m losing millions everyday, LOL!

Shawn Afshar

How can an American stay there long term ?

Mericawillget You

For a ptsd suffering man, I think this place may be super peaceful, comment if you live here & can suggest peaceful sceneries I can go to👌


Do you guys have space for me? I’m ready to move thanks x

kopang agik

If only 30 days would not be enough to enjoy the beauty of my country.


wow,,hello from Lombok

the random stuff

hey carlos!
she still loves you!
; )

Travel kaushik

Very good i will trying to this type video


love this video bro ^_^ please visit sabah also

Ammar Taicho

12:47 That’s ok my friend, Carlos is her true love, but that’s ok 😭


Amazing LIfe, keep up

Crazy Clown

*Hey Indonesia how about you help Australia!!! They gave you millions of $$$$ after your Tsunami and you have done NOTHING. Australians are starting to boycott your country due to your greed*

Elias Esam

Bohong anjig


If you never rode one of those bikes are there lessons you can take?

Phantom Warrior

the cappuccino was more than it costs in canada.

Tiến Nguyễn

Can you share what are you guys doing as a digital normad?

Scott Chen

ouch! carlos

Oleg Burko

*Very good! Your videos are very well edited! Congratulations..*


i was a millionaire for 2 weeks there xD

Howard Wimshurst

I really hope that whole Carlos thing was a joke 😂
Great video, really inspiring, Bali is now very high on my list of places i want to visit

eswin mano

What’s that headphones Chris? Model?

Dev Joshi

Is that a Royal Enfield?

Rizzyz Taste

Hey 👋 I’ve been watching ur videos lately and this have made more eager to travel Bali.if I travel Bali is it possible for me to meet u cuz I need some guidance about YouTube and stuff❤️thank u plss do reply 🙏🏻


i hate this guy.

puttu basavaraj

Sir please make a videos of which hotels to stay in different places at Bali please please please

Mathias Fröhling

WTF you can live much cheaper there… Maybe if you are accustomed another lifestyle, then not.

Ligaya Schutze

$3,000 per month. You’re an idiot!

Vijayendra Raut

Himalayan 🙂

Chloe Senior

What time did you go to the waterfall to avoid the crowds?

Tanish Bhalerao

How do you shoot such videos plz make a video on that


How about the eating of dogs in Bali? That is disgusting.


What is Megan’s channel? cutie



Ryan Sellars

I started doing photography 3 years ago (alias Rian Brolly on insta) and recently picked up a D810, will be in Bali and Thailand later this year. Any photography specific destinations I would love to know. Also wondering about how you travel with gear, what sorta pack you bring along with you. I am thinking of bringing something like a 45L bag with camera insert so I can make it a carry on and day pack. Thanks for your info and the video.

Erika Sperl

Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to track all this and share! I also splurged on the Body Factory … so worth it! The cost of supplements though… man, it hurts! I’m in Thailand now, and BCAAs were like $40, for what I usually spend <$20 on in the states. >_<

noviyani mckain

I used to live in bali with my husband for a few months a couple years ago.
We didn’t spent that much, basically just different life style 😅😅

For all of u want to stay a month in bali, u can rent a room monthly with local people start arround $150 / month.
Rent motorbike monthly cost arround $120 / month.

Cost living in bali depends on your life style.
We were live in legian area and It wasn’t bad. Especially if u want to try their local foods, like chicken satay – nasi goreng (fried rice) n others. It start cost arround $1,50 / portion.

Btw, I used to rent a little house their as well n it was cost almost $230 / month include electricity.
Must be up now..

Jot de Lauwere

Coffee at home isn’t the same though compared to all the good coffee in Bali Bro😂 Thats the big killer! …. Addicted to BGS almond milk cap…. hahahahah and as I typed that you were in the Canggu shop😊 lol… I’m out in Ulu! Great vid Bro! Interesting to see someone’s POV and costs on Bali👌🤙 Keep up the great work!🙏

Paulina Gómez

would you say it is a good place to set a small bikini business?

Bai Sev

I really want to explore same as you bro


Need more minutes for “real video” – go with POV camera without music. I need to see more Bali than you.

rama rambo

Maybe someday you can make a video theme abot motorcycles…..thats must be cool!

Kelp Farming

Okay, what did Dad do to allow you this privilege existence? Lets hear it. Because Im one of them people that dares to ask what puppetry is going on before me. And I always find out

Jake Wa

Shes calling u carlos bro… i dont think thats a good thing 😂

Sithabelamandlawenkosiwodumoemangalisayo Yebo

21:07 that can’t possibly be you 😍

Rangga Ryantoro

present guys stop by my channel Greetings in the spirit of melianis generasai

Pappadappa Carhauler

The gym was extremely expensive.

Jay Adam

I love the night skies

Dandy Permana

but infact Bali’s life cost is much higher than any other island in Indonesia..especially in Java.. the life cost is cheaper than Bali.


i am 18 years old and this is my first edit


Li S

If you’re born from 1981 to 1996, you’re a millennial. I think he’s a millennial as well.

Deihan Kakah



Graham Stephan’s famous 20 cent coffee has made it all the way to Bali.


I’m becoming a digital nomad in 2020 cant f*cking wait

Seth Ashworth

Blog link didnt work for me, anyone else have this problem? Keeen to see that sweet spreadsheet!



mina bankova

Wow. I’ve done Portugal for 37ish $ per day, even less, renting a place and a car and occasionally going restaurants. Your “more budget” option is not that budget. And in what universe 1000$ isn’t a huge amount for renting a place…


Theres no need for protein pulver. So an easy 80 usd to save😊

Jean Dechoudens

Nice info. 🤙🤙

Light Offshore

hhahahahahha hey Carlos … nice video!!!!

Dániel Geszti

We rented for 65 usd/month.
Favourite restaurant 2-4 usd/person for many full plates and freshly made drinks.
Scooter was 50 usd/month.
It was in Singaraja in the north

Furqan Bulqini

Love Indonesia, love Bali

Jack Denmo

Cool video. I’ll come visit in a year

Zane Hutchison

You can get a Mie Goreng for 25k in Canngu easily haha

luke allgood

thumbs up for blondys cheeks

che hansen

Good to know I can skip Bali because its filled with US douchebags.

windu prabowo


Adrian Hartanto

Indonesia is extremely affordable???? Please travel to Jakarta and other cities. 😅

Cosette DeMille

ANOTHER AMAZING VIDEO as a fellow editor i see the work u put in bro RESPECT

Ameetorres 9

You are probably the best vlogger on YouTube. Period

Roy Chowdhury

Your Camera looks Awesome! Would you mind to share what type of Camera & Gears you are using?
Thanks in Advance!

Chaw Bouhroud

Thank u so much man! u opened ma eyes, now i started thinking about becoming a digital nomad

Al owo

12:42 Your girlfriend has two boyfriends :^)

Jam Ping

“See, this is why you millenials can’t afford a home. That’s cause you’re buying your coffees out” Dang man. That hit hard, no need to get brutal 😂😂

boncu nation

when to make a vidio trip and adventurers of ten new bali destination.because the indonesian government next year 2020 will create ten new bali international tourism destination ten new bali all island in indonesia..goodluck.terima kasih ..lost leblanc BAGUS

ivan flores

Taking a taxi for first time…olredy got screwed , lil tourister,bali sucks because of your shit videos

ivan flores

Taking a taxi for first time…olredy got screwed , lil tourister

Tanner H

Anybody catch the Carlos comment?!

One Way Ticket with Scott Anthony

Good vid! Canggu is my fave place on Earth.


She’s dreaming about Carlos but she is with you.

Alex Valeev

“Don’t drink coffee out millennials”

Drinks at least 5 times out in cafe’s in 1 video


5:14 :3

hammockman Brasil

Brasil is under half the price, and you don’t get stung for visa costs every month

Victor P

19:01 what is that watch ? gorgeous!


The spreadsheet link is broken !!

Soul Fly

lol his old lady used to take BBC like no other wuuuuuut

Driven and Desired

4:30 HUH… GAY!!

Boyd Jones

Any Google Sheet to share?

Sam Ibrahim

Your gf’s lover’s name is Carlos and you are a cuckold lol

Jonathan Woo

I stayed at mt batu for a week and chatted with the locals. The minimum wage is 1.2mil/mo but they usially.only get 600-800k/mo. That’s like 40$ per month and toy spending that in one day. Go fk urself

VGK cx

12:52 so who’s gonna tell him?


In bali, the spending is quite relative, you can spend like in rent as little as USD$100 a month or if you are luxurious you can spend.. USD$20,000 a day on a presidential suite of a 5 star hotel.

jayakar kalahasthi

On which app do you edit your footage. Can you please let us know. It would be helpfull to us

desak savitri

Hi! I’m a local balinese teen (16, i’m not that young lol) and I want to share to you guys my favorite places in Bali for teens (you can definitely make your friends jealous back home!)

If you’re into the hippie scenery, go to Ubud! Ubud is definitely much like Kuta/Seminyak, but wayy more traditional and cool. My personal favorite thing to do is just to rent a bike there and just gaze at the calming rice paddies.

If you’re into partying, go to Kuta/Seminyak! Idk whether this is a good thing or not, but if you’re a tourist, they don’t check your id at all. Also, definitely surf in Kuta! It’s very cool there.

If you’re into beautiful sceneries, go to Nusa Penida or Canggu or Mount Batur!

But, bali is not bali without it’s traditional sparks. Go to Tanah Lot temple and watch the traditional kecak dance. You can also go to Singapadu to watch traditional barong dance. And if you’re very lucky, go to Bali during Galungan/Kuningan, those are the best moments to be in Bali! Also, if you want to, visit around March, when there’s this huge ceremonial in every area in Bali called Nyepi (people turn off their lights for a day and fast. The day before Nyepi, we paraded Ogoh-Ogoh around the city. Ogoh ogoh is a demon-like manifestation of our fears)

Hope you enjoy your trip! 🙂

Elk Darkshire

aw youre cute, i want to cuddle with you

EDIT: ok not anymore, you used the copperplate font

Megaman The Second

correction instant LA broke boi (Bali is way better looking that LA tho minus the tourist)

Steve Stark

Love it!

Thomas Duthie

My names not Carlos NNOOOOOO LOLOL


20 cents for a coffee?


Jeremy Lee

Hey Carlos~😅


WTH is Carlos ????????????

Rebel Supreme

120$ for the gym!?

Drew Shah

The thought of “Lost LeBlanc is one of the most underrated and quality channels on the entirety of Youtube” definitely came to mind during this video

Faisal Akbar Rosandi

hello! i have watch all of your video about bali, i recommended you to explore South Sulawesi.

Carlos L

Hey it’s me


How easy is it to get the visa to live in Bali? I am 28 years old but my business runs its self and would love to live permanently in paradise


What a tool.
Make my own coffee? Wow, thanks for the tip genius


such a channel for hipster douche followers. This is the type of channel that people who know make fun of

Putra Ginting

Selamat datang di Indonesia 🇲🇨

Rinda Serly

5 mounth ago, i was going to Bali for 5 days for my study tour. But, believe it or not, my cost was only 32.14 USD (Rp. 450.000) but without booking the hotel and the acomodation. And i’m very pround of it, because in Bali everything was so expensive. And i can suvive with that, so i can safe a lot of money because my parents give me a lot of money, when they know that i will going to Bali.

Niyousha M shafie

I want your kind of life

Wounded Viking

Bali is trash. wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there. Lombok is where it’s at.

Silvia Madai Ramirez

Katy is there too! I’m glad… I was kinda worried 😦. But she is there!! She’s amazing 😉 beautiful soul!

Rob Ameri

What was the name of the place that you got the food from? 1:30 Thats great price!

Bruno Pires Mucheroni

Wich camera are you using bro?


What’s the go to for an awesome video editing laptop? Love your work!

Pnw Oeno

Intro got me subscribed

Davin Reyza

Beautifull Indonesia

konstantin kleber

is it a FREE bali guide because you have to give up data to get it? 😅😂😂

Stambaugh Designs

Bro, you better figure out who Carlos is.

So helpful!
We’d love to invite all the digital nomads out there to join us
To learn more about our Project Freedom mission go here 🙂

Consult The Architect

Loved your video as it was inspiring and provided a view of realistic travel expenses to live or visit Bali. Cheers!


damn i spent half of that per month traveling trough australia xD
bali has really become pretty expensive 😀

Just True

I know that memories brow 😄 , you gonna be miss it,. 8:12

Banyo TheMr

didnt youguys have a million mosquitos next to the rice fields?

Nesya Indonesia

Love from Sanur, Bali

Dylan D

where do you find rentals online for bali?

Traveler Experience

You didn’t zoomed into face of your friend, but on the @ss of the asian girl hehe. BTW nice video!

nazla h

Bali =🇮🇩

EdwardRC Car

Hey new video! you made me want to go Bali for birthday January

ahmad naufal

Ayam geprek

Saifullah Alamsyah

Love Bali so much

Charley B

Wondering who Carlos is 🤔

Lukas Reuter

Who tf eats out every day if you live in a place?

Roy Giesbrecht

So no more Kathy?
Ah there she is 😂

James Stallabrass

Bali Is Butefull I Went There In August I loved it I wanna go back

Entertainment 101

12:47 😂 carlos

Arya Wibawa

Thank you for sharing a good travel in Bali..

bayu games

Bali is indonesia bali not country bali is city . Indonesia is bali country

sunshine blue

8:33 god dammn

fikri al anshory

Try to lombok, i can’t describe that place, just AMAZING


My avarage spendings in Bali is around 5000 USD per month. But around 50% of that is just “massage”

jodla junior

i can’t believe … how is possible in Tshirt you still look very thin.
we love your videos

Blekoq Moncrout

welcome back christian…


Need some organize for the trip in bali …. Coment please🤟✌😁 thanks

McBen Phynn

I’m really loving it.

McBen Phynn

Sooo amazing looking at the picture quality and also the way in which you create your content it’s just unbelievable..

Ary Upadhana

Do you even pay taxes?

Fadil Adi

mahal lu brok

Julio César García

12: 50 “Carlos” 🙃


8:35 The waterfall that you can’t swim at but ever instagrammer busts out a swimsuit to be photographed in front of.

masajusp 69

Sick cinematography dude

Anugrah Majid

5:13 😂

Chuck Taylorrr

bali , where you can ball on a budget

BB McKinlay

where is Kati, and who the heck are all these strangers in her house Christian?

Ira hatam

I hope you enjoy the paradise. We are here busting our asses to provide for you.


Whites and their Bali, lel

Mi Name

1117 dollar?that is not cheap ,u live like a king with ,350 u can stay with the basic 600 is enough

Bagas Wikantara

Have fun dude in bali?

Isaac Guy

She called you Carlos g you have to check out with that

Jordan Dow

How do you not get stopped by police 24/7 !! happens every time im in bali, have been over 23 times and more than not we get hassled to pay ect.



Explore Australia

You always have great vlog about Bali

Iyus Fendy

i will you try goes to ACEH

Hasif Izzat

good place also guys 🔥

Shaw Na

Never been happier to see Katy! Whew! 😅

Jeffrey Fang

i am wonder, are u at chiangmai shooting last week? saw a guy just look alike, at white temple.

Max R

Please do not bring North American tipping culture to South East Asia.

Tipping is awkward and unnecessary. No one likes to tip. People only do it out of awkward social obligations in America.

Samuel Wyner

I am currently a digital nomad in Australia. It is definitely pricier to live here. At least causal jobs are well paid. But Bali sounds super appealing!

Wes Davies 衛斯理

Very informative man, thanks! I’m making the transition to a digital nomad lifestyle. Going home to Canada for five weeks then when I get back to Asia the grand experiment will begin. My only thing is my channel is VERY Taiwan dependant. So I’ve still got to live here, but hopefully I can film a bunch here, then do trips to places like Bali, Vietnam or Philippines to do my video editing. Here goes nothing!


Wow what a great video! Very different to what I’m used to seeing on your channel


So you deleted the saudi arabia video??

Marko Kozjek

Check my video of Indonesia:


Miluska Salazar Mallma

8:48 😡🤔

Sandi Daud

Magic words ” Lumbung ” ” Canggu ” if you add ” n ” on the last words of ” Canggu = Canggun ” and if you split ” C ” from “Canggun” it will become ” anggun” and fyi there is a hidden place that no one see in Bali like the invisible world eg: ” shambala ” in Tibet correct me if i am wrong , maybe the name quite Lil bit same with ” shambala ” Thanks for your effort to promote Bali Indonesia . Good luck .

Hamilton – Bitcoin Beats – Daily Vids!

Staying in the sidemen house huh?

maria nik

You guys should definetely come to Greece. I’m sure you will like it so much!

Julia Elliot

My friend and I survived off $30 CAD a day while travelling Asia for 4 months and only spent like $7,500CAD in total


Hey Christian we are missing the new video… What s happening?

Othmar Vigl

Outstanding upload . . . thanks for sharing 🔥💯🔥💯🔥

Othmar Vigl

Outstanding upload . . . thanks for sharing 🔥💯🔥💯🔥

Othmar Vigl

Outstanding upload . . . thanks for sharing 🔥💯🔥💯🔥

Othmar Vigl

Outstanding upload . . . thanks for sharing 🔥💯🔥💯🔥

Othmar Vigl

Outstanding upload . . . thanks for sharing 🔥💯🔥💯🔥


Momme Juergensen

Do you have a Video of the actually creation from a video? Like where you maybe explain for a beginner on how to start a videoedit?

damien noire

Great videos again 🙂 What is the name of the hotel in bali?Such an awesome place for lovers! keep doing great!

Cindy Vine

You must try The Traveler in Ubud. Great food!

Jacob Nilsson

120 Dollars for a gym membership is kinda insane tho. a nice gym where i live will run you about 40-50 a month


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The reason Kathy is so tired and delusional is because Carlos has been 9 inches up her the whole time she was away lol

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i’m living in Bali! 🏖🌴

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I’ve been to Bali 4 times and have had friends move there. Honestly, spend all your time in Ubud. It’s really the heart and soul of Bali.

alexandria nguyen

Good video.

Jurian F. Kaunang

Bali’s sunset is always mesmerizing.. I don’t know why

inside Vlogs

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This video came at the right time, my girlfriend are leaving in 2 weeks for Bali to spend 3 months in Bali and so this video was a great way to budget

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Dee Talks

I love to travel Bali someday and I’ts great to see videos like this which give tips specially for the pricing of things . Im a newbie vlogger and hope someday I can make videos like this and let everyone see glimpse of places. ☺️ I am a subscriber now.

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Patt obrabuena


Mr. Fusion

Is it just me or are these guys just a bunch of douche bags exploiting poor countries

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where was the shooting with the rice field and mountain background?? Location ?


Lost Leblanc I want to smell your feet !

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Liked and commented🔥 The rate your videos are improving is crazy man🙌🏻 #sp

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Wow, nice video! Can’t wait to come back to beautiful asia.

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Hi Carlos! 👋🏻

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Hey I saw you at Maya Chiang Mai.But I do not dare to say hello
Glad to see you

From Thai fans


Nothing say luxurious like an unfertilised period.

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Thank you! Super helpful

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Wow this nice video u show like all bali and the cost,im also stay in bali but im indonesian but im from another city in indonesia and i also like travel here in bali only changgu i not many time there but over all i like stay in bali😍😍

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his pronouncing when said “Ubud” is actually like 💯% Indonesian.. LOL

Naughty Production

As balinese i hate denpasar traffic..

Brandy y su pandilla Colitas

I was a little scare, until Kathy appear !!! 😅😅

B Kay

Bali is an over priced shithole filled with pretentious Instagram losers you dont wana hang out with. So many better places to go.

Muhamad Rifki



Stop using plastic bro


Isn’t bali full of scammers, like everywhere?

Rajiv Sankarlall

very well put together and thought out video!

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Indahnya Indonesia

go to yogyakarta to see big temples…. jakarta too, lots of tasty food

sri lankan best place

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sideman means orang pinggiran kaya judul acara trans tujuh.

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Guns & Roses Roses

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If you earning USD maybe it reasonable but if coming from Asia with low salary maybe this is really luxury lifestyle of nomad person .

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Alison Cook

Bali just looks so beautifu and magical, but anything over $1,000 in Indonesia is too much already.

Dean Beierbach

More importantly, how do I become a digital nomad? This is the dream!!

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My from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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8:34-8:49 looks and sounds extremely similar to that segment of my “30 Days in Bali” video released a couple months ago 🤣 I would be extremely flattered if you got some inspiration from my video though haha 💕

Christian Emdin

My names Christian too

Cătălin marian Oprisan


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Such a good video man. So informative, captivating, and entertaining. Thankful for you Christian! And super happy for your success. Hard work and a positive attitude pays off. 👏🏻

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Just beautiful! sites, sounds, friends & great advice & views! Thanks so much! I will never get there but you got me so close!


If you make dollars n spend it in Bali. You will live like a king



Silver Revolution

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& leave your washing machine do the work.

And use plastic crockery.

I don‘t even, work, Carlos.


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Awesome content. Very thorough and easy to understand breakdown.

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Long distance relationship sucks! How is Cati?!

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Carlos is her side dude. Sorry bro

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1964 Co.

Bali is definitely an incredible and affordable place, but Thailand is worth the extra 50 cents per meal 👌


where can I get this watch? 19:00

Kevin Lay

Bali can be very cheap… It all depends on your lifestyle..


LANGKAWI is way way cheaper

シArjuna Raka


vodka velvet

Canggu starter pack
full face helmet


You defintely have balls of steel driving a scooter around bali…I was there and I driver avoided at least 2000 accidents a day

I dress up, to get messed up!

Matt, please where is the full break down of the month’s prices and expenses, please?
I have searched your website and all I can see is the stuff one has to pay an arm and a leg for!


yo LeBlanc, you need to head over to my homeland of Brazil. There’s so much to explore there.

Tư Duy

8:10 Yeah, you shitted in the bushed lmfao that made 2 of us haha

Matthew Manyguns

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4:01 got me to subscribe

Emile Guertin

Really well done video, they get better and better. But it would be the right thing to include a brief intro to the local customs and traditions, and set the Balinese context. Luckily you guys appear genuine and considerate, but otherwise it could easily border on a bunch of millennials living in ignorance and leveraging the power of the US dollar in the developing world.

Jhentot 13

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Im glad I watched through all the way, I thought this man jumped females that quick🤣 I was about to be irritated, but who’s Carlos🤔 lol

Micky Cheng

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I’m going to Bali in March

James Lewis

Great video! I just moved to Canggu 3 months ago and love it! I live right across the Finns rec center

Kashif Chaudhry



Well, living in Java is offcourse cheaper, but Bali ain’t that bad :).


I been in Bali two years now. Let’s make some content 🙌🏽

Wayan Gandi

sidemen is my village… thank u


My name is Carlos

hala gharib


Quality Antics

Haha bro I can’t keep up with your women 😂

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The history of football
ഫുട്ബോളിന്റെ ചരിത്രം



I thought you changed girlfriend AGAIN haha lmao


7:20 badass shot !

jabby Alba

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yehya_113 yehyaa Abdllha



Ugh….. pooor farmer, you destroying their rice field


Please review Labuan Bajo (Komodo Islands), I plan to visit it

BallaZ Flumd

Love bali , but after going to Lombok and Gili , not sure if Id go to Bali again .


Is that Royal Enfield a good bike?


have you been doing “visa run” for a year and a half ? haven’t the customs said anything ?

The World n Us

Nice video Carlos 😜

Danny Osom

I’m amazed how much money the foreigners make. For comparison, that ring maker probably make around 3 Million Rupiah/month = 214 USD/month. The minimun wage in Bali for local Indonesian is 2,5 Million Rupiah = 178 USD/month. Generally speaking, to have an enjoyable lifestyle for local Indonesian, because I am local Indonesian, 5 Million Rupiah income per-month is enough

Freedom Strider

How do you manage your visa’s for Indonesia – staying there so long?

broke boy XD

noob vedeos

Hassan Azhar

If your girl keeps calling you Carlos in her sleep, you are not the man of her dreams. XD something is up dude

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Mitchell Travels

I’m going to show you a way to save money in Bali by drinking crappy coffee!

*pays $120 a month for a basic looking gym*

Tepu Jina

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Tepu Jina

I love Bali 😍😍😍😍… i went 👣 there last month.. its so beautiful 💞


This guy is amazing at creating videos. His knowledge tho…not so much. I instantly knew he’s gonna give what the locals call..”bule (foreigner)” estimate when he paid 175k for taxi. Like cmon dude.. Bali is much cheaper than that. Maybe you should speak to locals more than the random surfer trashbags from australia

Reezky Pradata

Why you dont use money apps like moneylover to track your money ? i think its will be help you .

Two Travelling Foxes

We are headed back to Bali in a January and can’t wait!
We have seen all your Bali videos and love them 😊

Drazen Filipec

32 million ..omg ….please …
I did live there for 400 $ month … And I did have everithing …

Mark One

Get an Aeropress for your coffee, about 15 times better than french press. PS, where is Katy?

Blue Stroller

Hi guys, i need help. I am currently conducting user research about tourism in Indonesia for you who already had visited Indonesia here: and it would be amazing if you can participate, thanks!

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fadly fadzil

Carlos who? LOL

fadly fadzil

Careful. Felipe is watching LOL

Miftah Ahmed

Very informative


Would you be able to make a Bali guide focusing on nightclubs/bars such as Omnia, Rockbar etc. Or perhaps places in Kuta with really good happy hour deals? =D

Khristophesaurus Dinosaurus

Damn bro you’re ripped D: !


I first went to Bali in 1984. It was a lot better then. Tourism was just taking off in a big way. You’d catch a Bemo for 20 cents.

Gentlemans Pattaya

Holy cow. You can live comfortably on way less. Get a place with a kichen and COOK!. So many good fresh and cheap ingredients. Im In Jakarta in an air bnb. My living budget does not go over 700 usd, Everything else is just fun money. I am in a reasonable 2 bed apartment right next to a rail link.

Juan Assis

Did I see Mengening? This area is wonderful!

Ajay Cali

where’s your girlfriend.. I didn’t see it in your vlog.?

YouTuber Anwesha

In love with how you edit your videos!!

Samanvaya Luxury Resort & Spa – Sidemen

Awesome video guys !!! So happy you came and stayed with us and that you are sharing what a truly magical place Bali, and of course the Sidemen Valley is 🙂 We look forward to seeing you guys again.

Kevin Witanto

HI, i’m from Indonesia. FYI bali is an island in indonesia.
there is a lot of places you should go in bali, because bali keep update new place, new cafe, and manymore.
in indonesia we have more islands that have amazing view if you like beaches, just search this ( Komodo Island, Derawan Island, Raja Ampat Island, Labuan Bajo, and many more ).
we welcome anyone who come to Indonesia, but please respect the culture and the people too.
Happy Holiday : )

Bryan Ocampo

I appreciate you man! Ideas are brewing for sure!

Stefan and Alicia

Bali Bali Bali Bali Bali! Blessed to be living here ❤️


You can definitely do Bali on $750/month (or less), I spend 1500 in the US which is not much more than he spent.

Surya Anto

Keren… = amazing😊 of indonesia

All famous name

Every Poor foreigners please dont come to bali .. we dont need you. Please bring a lot of money if you want to come to bali

Gabriel Gonzalez

Thats insane!!!.I just spent twice that amount in Italy during 18 days.Bali is a place I want to visit in the future.


as a balinese, i hope someday i could spend my money like bule, haha


Learn how to cook man. I never really understood the idea of ordering/eating out so much (especially if you want to live reasonably in terms of finances) 🙂

Ingrid On The Go

This is incredible – you can be trully a millionaire in Bali lol 😂

Gingerfull Life

This is just so cool!


Best video you’ve made in a while. nice one man, really informative. Dan

L’Océanie pour les Zéros

Christian i will be in Bali on monday. I follow you since the beginning ( 2015 i think ).. Are you free for a coffee ?

Susan Doeberl

Really good video.

Travel Interesante

#excellife wild to see coffee cost the same as it does in NYC.

Kris Gleave

What camera did you use to shoot this please?

Travel 4 HER

I watched all of your videos when we were planning our trip to Bali this past May/June! The only place I’ve been a millionaire so far lol


but are you ever going to show us your workout routine?! 😀

Mike Jones

What do you do for health care insurance?

Riley Dunbar

You make me want to go back to Indonesia so bad! I wanna live there 😭


20 cents for a coffee. this guys watches graham stephan for sure

Pamela Canedo

where is katy?

Hyrum Rosquist

pause at 8:49. youre welcome.

Marius Sm1th

I lived on Bali for over 6 months and have a girlfriend from Indonesia. Some info about bali, it’s basically split up in a few parts. Kuta in the middle is the main area for tourists, very loud, mainly party and lots of people everywhere. I wouldn’t go there much.

Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, is the south area. Uluwatu is mainly for Surfers, Partying and probably the most turquoise ass beaches on bali. Try Greenbowl beach. Then we have canggu, more in the west, which is weird if you first go there, more white people then actual indo’s. It’s very overcrowded nowadays, but has really good food and some beginner surfing.

After that we have Sanur, which is the east. It has mainly high rise hotels, with pools and all that fancy stuff. If you only want to chill on the beach, that’s probably the best spot.

Then there is Ubud. You could write so much about it, it’s a place full of hippies and the best eatery spots on bali. If you are looking for more of a spiritual experience, that’s the best place to go!

The north get’s currently developed and has soon an airport. Currently mainly people for snorkeling and diving go there. Otherwise there is not much more, besides quite cheap luxury villas for example on airbnb directly on the beach, which you can’t find at the other spots. Also it’s worth to do a boat trip (30m with speed boat 15$ around) over to nusa lembongan and nusa penida.

And remember to always bargain wherever you can 😉




Local be like : time to increase the bill


this video answered nun of my questions

Bill Eicher

You’ve definitely become a master at what you do…I’m sure many people appreciate your time and dedication! Thanks for helping to make travel more fun!
Keep doing what you do! : )

Travel with Tommy

Wow another great Bali video here. Watching your video make me want to go back there.


you could have called this video drinking coffee in bali lol

lutfi indrasanri

I am just subcribe you

Tony Perkins

8:49 I think my heart stopped

Firminus Plj

35 million rupiah?
That’s my income for 1 year


Sweet video ! I would love to coach you online. Your content helps a lot, I would like to build you a individualized training program

Robert J

Great Video! I want to say that if you don’t take at least 3 rest days a week from the gym you won’t recover, and you won’t see any noticable changes in your physique.

jeff 2tc

I think your costs are very realistic. I live and work in Indonesia. Great video – great ideas – keep up the great work!


My Indonesian salary can’t relate ouch 🤣

Ivan Snyman

You know they slaughter and eat dogs in indonesia, some are killed very painfully because they believe it makes the meat taste better.


Couldn’t find your spreadsheet! Put it out!


Hey guys! We are are a small travel channel who are documenting our journey around Central and South America. We would appreciate if you could check out our videos and give us a sub to follow the adventure 🙂

eswin mano

What’s the headphones you’re using bro?

ZuluMachine Travels

Wow Bali is beautiful

Travel with Me

I love Bali – I should visit it soon 🥰

Greg Snell

Nice seeing how realistic this is dude. We were in Bali around the same time and were averaging just under €40 per day 💪🏝️👍☀️

Luthfian Muhammad

It seems you like bali..

Ronald Poon

r those wild dogs? r most wild dogs in bali friendly?

Ronald Poon

good vid annoying music


Esa katy si es fea, dios mio.

Okky HD

Bali-Indonesian bro 😇😊

Pieter Johnsen

I want to go back to Asia so badly now hahaha

Pweeky de Jesus

How did I end up watching this meaningless stuff.. Insomnia, that’s it

Kaloyan Gospodinov

Awesome, Christian. Love how you’ve grown the channel and the production quality of your videos is top notch!


hey Christian! I will be coming in Bali next month alone as a digital nomad. Where is the best place to socialise with expats and meet cool people? Also where can I look for a shared accomodation in a nice villa? 🙂 Thans for the videos

Maryam P

Jack Morris! LOL, both of you are my favorites, i never expected both of you will be in one frame 😆

Dan Everitt

Nice range of Biltwell helmets 👍

Darina Bishop

I’m going to Bali early February next year and I’ll be visiting Ubud. What time do you need to make it to the waterfalls to have them all to yourself?

Sean LuxEscapes

Please have a look at my Bali reviews on hotels etc..

Sean LuxEscapes

Live the videos guys

Samuel Coates

Thanku for the video awsome stuff i live in bali too it great

Shelby Olson

Anyone else wonder when he is gonna purpose, if he hasn’t yet

My Mother Was a Ninja

You can’t rent room or work without a KITAS or KITAP. Visa runs are illegal.

Jocelle Abao

Very informative. I’m excited to be in Bali next week. Hope to meet you there and the rest of your vloggers friend


Is there any update on the Easter island lawsuit ?? Has anyone apologized after seeing his video?

Surendra Pratap

As a himalayan owner a quick little tip from me, don’t get a puncture 😀

Traveling With The Teavs

This video is bagus!
Super helpful tips for when we visit next month!


Full circle looks amazing wish we stopped there when we were there. Miss Bali so much!

Zafran Bangzafran

don’t forget to visit CIWIDEY West Java Indonesia.


for me the biggest expense in Bali was food 😅

christian Martadinata

bro. dont tell me that you took the motorcycle scene on 9th of august in pantai tampih ?

Perseus Tres Marias

Beautiful Bali ❤️

Gwyneth Montenegro

Awesome vid! Do you have a preferred company for rentals? I am looking for one that does monthly rentals. 😊


book your flight hotel and vacation amenities with

Anna Firs

Awesome video thank you!!

Kok Fang Zhuo

saw a few places that pewdiepie went before😂


*I want to be with you too..Please sir I give you dollars Please Please Please Please*

Tyler Keenan

Loved this. I’m in Bali now, and I just made a video about what it’s like to be an INTROVERT and live this lifestyle. Keep up the good work. But please know, if I run into you out here, I will be asking to SEE YOUR TICKET


Where your calculations based on just you or as a couple?

Kim Adams

Great info as usual Christian

Kim Adams

Whew! That wasn’t you with the blond! I was about to freak out! My stomach hurt! I love Katy! 😂😅🤣

Liam Frederick Ennis

I was living in Bali for 2.3 years. Over in Sanur, only just moved to NZ. But a recommendation for you. Go get a curry at Warung MD in Sanur. It’s my absolute fav! The food is to die for and the Bintang is the coldest in Bali. Do it. You won’t regret it. LFE.

Martin Cespedes

Literal no entiendo nada

Pd:vengo de katy

Matias Siems

Hey man you should go to Argentina

Hélène & Serge

Hello !
This place looks wonderful!
Beautiful capture and editing as usual !
Bonne semaine !
From Boisbriand Québec Canada 🇨🇦
Hélène et Serge 💑

raja marimuthai

Again bali???? So nice 👍👍

Feedo Deedo

Do you pay tax ?

Vary Merry

He recommends Bali because he can stay focused and he doesn’t have to do laundry or make his bed..

Eira S

And aways big tumbs up… 👍🏼👍🏼

Erika at Life

Where’s Kathy ? 😮


Exactly what i needed!! <33 Going to Bali in April while going backpacking looking so much forward to it <3 :))

Jiza Dellava


craish hazal

greeting from Indonesia …🤗👧


Great video dude!

Leon Zerr

Reminds me of the old thailand videos with better quality, love you dude 🙌🏾

Muhammad Nurbasit

meanwhile, the minimum wage in Bali for local is $163.45 / month

Sybille Bernardin

What visa do you have christian ?

myyou tubeaccount

buy your own coffee your such a genius.


I’m coming to Bali next March, will you still be around? Would love to finally meet you since I’m in the social media space as well. ( sales for influencer marketing )

Xavier’s Leong Way From Home

Does anyone know how one would live in Bali for an extended period of time, past the 30 days? Asking as a US citizen, it seems like a lot of digital nomads are basing themselves in Bali, I’m wondering how this is possible, is there a limit on the number of times you can leave before 30 days and then re-enter the country?

martin hernandez

which DSLR camera do you use?

Franklin Diputado

I would’ve been like “Who the hell is Carlos???” Lol

nadine kucher

I have one question: are you never being scared of an earthquake there in Bali?


What is a visa run?

Thanks Bot

Please consider focussing a little more on ethical and sustainable travel practices.


Don’t apologize for your lifestyle. One is not a better person because they choose to travel on the cheap.

I watch your vlogs for your lifestyle. It’s the way I would travel and all your information is great! I give back to society as I am sure you do. Don’t hate me because I like nice things in life, ha ha

XrS Appel

Amazing video again! But where is your amazing Spanish girl? 🥺



Johnny Maldonado Paredes

When the video started I was like, who is that white blond girl? That doesn’t look like Kathy.

Simon Lusby

Carlos?? was that a joke?


Was your motorbike $1.50 a day?? the one you are riding?


@LostLeblanc hey bud, I may be possibly gonna have to be a digital nomad due to unforgiving financial reason. So I had to move back into my parents house. Anyways man I’m saving a lot of my money and may possibly be heading to Bali if y’all need either a third of fifth wheel with editing or planning shit out .


Hey christian, sorry to write this under this video but I just have a Q regarding your worst ever experience:

Why didn’t you just show/publish/release the pictures you took at the moment Felipe ran/whistled/w.e to you?

I mean, it’s easy to calculate distances from pictures. That would prove your position. Either way, it’s something you could need in court if it would come to that.

Faraz Khan

King of Bali Cristian

Khalid Hafiz

Why did you delete the last video?

Get Going Travel

Budget videos always a big help for fellow travelers! Just moved to Sydney from the US (a bit more expensive than Bali…) but interesting to see your budget breakdown. Definitely want to take a trip to Bali while we’re a bit closer here in Australia!


Hey Christian love your videos but this was a bad cost of living video. It was more cinematic than anything else. I thought you would do an organized and detailed video on cost of Bali. If anyone is genuinely interested in seeing a more detailed cost of living video of Bali check out Chris the Freelancers video.

Borislav Zahariev

That Carlos joke was so funny 😀 😀

michelle collins

I’m taking my daughter to the sideman silver place next month, thanks to your previous video.

Vuyo Sidinile

Let’s give a warm welcome to Christian’s abs! 😀


You’re video really interesting, I’m inspired by you and have my own travel channel, any comment will be really appreciated, thanks 😊


What series is your motorcycle

Bobet Aitum

Uh, oh,…where’s Katy?


Beautiful, but heavily edited video. I have been to Bali a dozen times since 1987. The changes are dramatic, and not entirely positive. The videos fail to capture the insane traffic, never ending construction and garbage. Is Bali worth visiting .
…yes. I was in Ubud 5 weeks ago intending to stay one month…lasted one week. Moved on to a more civilized part of Asia ( higher standards for infrastructure, food, water, sanitation and traffic). Mass tourism comes at a price, and Bali simply can not manage its success. There are definitely parts of Bali, that are stunning and less touristed, if you have never been, go and enjoy for yourself, just do not set your expectations too high.

Dean Tibbz

Wow… I must say your a lucky man to be sleeping with two beautiful woman!

Darren Lamison-White

You might need to find out who Carlos is. Just saying….

Joe Samson

20:15 The exact moment Christian tried to ask Katy who Carlos was. Nice try pal…none of your business she said (in some serious sign language…lol)

estee de_chic

Another amazing video…. 👍


Hope no one in Indonesia hears you pounding into Katy before marriage, otherwise we soon may see you on ‘banged up abroad’.


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Plan Free

One of the coolest parts of the video; through persistence and consistent hard work over the years he has developed his business from scratch to where comfortable monthly expenses are $2487 USD. Good for you Christian! 👍🥂


Spreadsheet is not in Excel, cannot take it seriously 😂
Good summary though 👍


You should try Amankila/Amandari in Bali.

Its the most luxurious place I have been to 😂


Love from karachi bro😍😍


One of my favorite place to visit 😍

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New Bali in Indonesia ( 10 islands ): Nias , Anambas , Belitung , Lombok , sombori & labengki , Sumba , Morotai , Derawan , Kei , Biak ..

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Whats Your Workout Routine Like? Could You Make A Video On It?


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Beautiful places in The Philippines Vlog

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William Digiacomo

I highly recommend the nomadic life style…..I make money working pt day trading. I have a freedom that I will never give up. without the stress of being in a office. I work for no one but myself. make that leap and get out of the greed and horror of the world. dreams are for living not for keeping you going until the next paycheck!

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You can save so much more money if you eat local food in your nearby warung, tho. But I agree, in reality we will spend much more to enjoy the lifestyle too. love the video!

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Good to see you back in your adopted home Christian, slightly jealous. Though I did live 4 years on Boracay…;)) before the cesspit thing. I am sure the Carlos thing was a sleep deprivation thing, or was it? The gym looked really interesting…..18:19 highly motivational :)) Do you have any update re the Easter islands? Take care M

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carlos* : came here in Bali and you would be a millionaire


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Miss Bali so much! Had the month of my life exploring the island and planning to call it my home soon (because Canadian winters)…. This is inspiring B)

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1 min later,
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Where did you find your villa? Any websites you would recommend for medium-/long-term-rent?


Just got back from a month in Bali. Have spent 4 months altogether since I visited the first time 4 years ago. What I noticed this time is that Bali is losing its charm in a number of different ways. We went there two years ago where we still loved everything about it. This time around though, not so much. Although we did enjoy hanging in Bali (I mean, how can you not), it seemed severely overpopulated as in *jeeez* this is crazy! The traffic in the popular areas (Seminyak and Canggu) is out of control. The amount of construction is a fine example as to why; tourism is simply booming and it’s out of control. We stayed in 6 villas and 4 of them had heavy construction next door. In other words, they are building EVERYWHERE, which makes me worry about the future of Bali, because how in the h*ll is Bali going to sustain this amount of tourism when the government is unwilling to make new roads or just widen them. I had a taxi trip which was 4 km long. It took me 1 hour and this isn’t just anecdotal. It used to take 30-40 minutes from the airport to Seminyak/Canggu. Now it easily takes 1h15m!
My favourite area, Canggu, which is also where all the hot people/Instagrammers/YouTubers live was probably the biggest disappointment. It used to be such a charming place without the heavy tourism of Seminyak, but it has been completely destroyed to a level, where a new Canggu will have to be created further up the coast. Now they are building 5-6 stories budget hotels in the middle of beautiful rice fields, which is yet another symptom of how bad it will be in another couple of years.

I guess it can’t come as a surprise that tourism breeds more tourism, but I was surprised how fast things can evolve. I would love for you (Christian) to make a video on how Bali is changing. Would be interesting to get a locals POV.

Cheers and thanks for your videos!

mario ignacio

Hey Mr. LeBlanc where is Your take on Balabac, Palawan?

Eric Is Exploring

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As The Crane Flies

I managed 30 days in Indonesia on £977. And my advice is once in Bali, get out of Bali! The best parts are elsewhere and Bali is far too touristy. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time there, but had more fun exploring the other islands like Lombok, Nusa Penida and doing the Komodo Island boat trip.

Illiterate Book Club

Super Stoked about your course. I plan on launching my Travel Channel soon. I have a trip to Asia for 2 months planned and I am hoping that will give me enough added content to get started and keep posting regularly. I was actually possibly going to get one of your consultations which I still may, but when can we expect the course to come? My trips in January… Before then?

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Travels with Brad

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Eagerly wait for you video everytime.
The Royal Enfield bike you rode , is made in India & is an Indian brand.
Did you love the ride ?


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Whats up man, how are you ? I follow you since forever, and im currently doing my first South Asia trip. I can really figure out what should be the next step: 1 Indonesia or 2 Philippines …
Great video man, great content!
& I personally love the 30 day travel video concept ! with all that comes with it…
Keep up The good work man cheers

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Always love your video, Christian! Full of information and next level editing skill ! keep it up 🙂

Brett Zammitt

My wife and I loved Bali! Went earlier this year to Ubud and Seminyak, check out our video below 🙂

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Investing Education

I want to be a digital normad too some day

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From backpacking in thailand to this! Amazing journey! Keep it up!


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Hoping to personally meet you there!!!

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YES! I love playing your videos while I get ready for work ! 😇💕

Duno Watudu Food & Travel

I don’t know about Bali, but in Jakarta (also Indonesia, where I am staying), normally local people here can survive with IDR 40-50 million / year / person (including rent), or maybe less, depending on your lifestyle, or stay with one or two of your friends to make the expense cheaper per person.
Note : IDR 50 million is about USD 3,570 as per 04 Nov 2019

Syrf Hidayat

So cool your vlog bro

Slightly Off The Beaten Track

In 22 days in Indonesia we (a couple) spent a total of £1254. This included our flights home to London at £600!


Any possibility of Northern Ireland travel?It deserves to be in your great channel Leblanc. Cheers.



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Good News and Good Job brother…

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Christian this is such a helpful video! I have been literally debating whether or not I should come to Bali and stay there for a couple of months. Wasn’t sure about the costs even though I visited earlier this year. Maybe u posting this right now is a sign 😂 would love to meet you if I end up there!


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Travel More! Worry Less!


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