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Jonathan Orbe

whats the name of the villa?


Can you put a link to the villa please? Which part of Bali is it in?

Vaskar Sam

Name the villa please

Bella Kuku Tanesia

How can i get the info of the location?

Mark Gibbs

where is this place please whats the name????

Z Sa

which air bnb is this?

Keryn Altomo

What is the name of the Villa you stayed ?

Durgahee Zayd

What is the name of the villa please??


wtf. Atleast put the name of the villa if you’re gonna use that clickbait title jeez


sub done

Nguyen Hoang

Lovely. I’m planning to travel to Bali. Pls share your apartment you guys got. How can I book this one??

victoria Nguyen

Great video!! Can I please have the link for this place? thanks! <3

Elly Bearne

Lucy love the natural look really suits you

Clarence Mata

Those bugs are Termites. They develop wings during rainy season to colonize other areas. They’re attracted to lit light bulbs at night.

Hok Lim

What the name of this villa?


Can you please give the link for this villa you stayed in ??


so how do i find the villa?

minette stoffberg

Whats the places name where you stayed

Patrick Louie Siva

A very nice and cheap place
Planning to surprise my wife a trip to bali in march. Cam ypu please tell me what is the exact name of that private nook in bali. And where it is located..thanks

Kevin Juniawan

That bugs called “laron” in indonesian, it is attracted to light so if you want to get rid of it, just turn off your light/lamp or lit the candle outside of your room.

Mick Pitchford

another great one guys love the room πŸ™‚


Where si the link of that residences


The click bait thumbnails keeps coming and I keep clicking even tho i knw its click bait lol.


Hi, what is the name of the accomodation? Love it …. looking forward to your balut eating challenge hehe try kwek kwek too πŸ˜‰ cutie couple, mwah!

Jocelyn Lloyd

Did you get your nail polish in the Philippines? πŸ™‚

Norris Geo Nebreja

Hi Guys! Nice vlog! Makes us wanna go back to Bali! 😁😁😁 Would you be able to share the Airbnb link of the place where you stay? Thanks in advance! πŸ‘

Richard Warner

Looks very cool guys
The bamboo ladder is a trendy place to hang your towels !

Vanessa B

Woohoo..CONGRATS for hitting the 50k! Dang! Balut is COMING!


50k subs! prepare guys for Balut Challenge soon

Super Jack

Congrats for 50K!!! Now balut is excitingly waiting for your bite!!! lolz

jampol ulala

that place looks soooo good cant wait to show it to my girl. congrats on 50k! you can opt to not eat the fetus part of the balut, you can just eat the yellow part. lol

Glenn Mejorada

Pleasure meeting you here at Jollibee Singapore. Thanks for letting me take photo with you. God Bless and take care!

John Yap

Hahahah im so hungry hurry up her face hehehehe so cute and funny love watching you guys just make sure drive safe! Take care

John Yap

Man i need that hotel hehehe super recommend!

John Yap

Hiii all ^.^ awesome

Michael CUESTA

Wow 50k subs guys! Balut! Balut!Balut!

AyDin Overseas

Crystal Fonacier

Balut challenge, coming up! Congratulations!πŸ™ŒοΈπŸ™ŒοΈπŸ™ŒοΈ


No new video yet. 50k Sub! Well done!

Oscar Pastores

>50K subscribers! The big FIVE ZERO! Does it ring a bell? Yes, the moment has arrived! I am patiently waiting…

Sammy Boi

50k now eat the balut

aklan pinoy

Last time I was in the Philippines 4 years ago, I stayed in Makati, and what you got there in Bali, the Philippines have. Your room is alright for a 5-star hotel, nothing exceptional, IMO. I didn’t have the small swimming pool in my room, I really wouldn’t need one. I’m sure there are hotels like that in Makati that offers indoor pools if one looks for it. I’d rather go for a blue water ocean swim if I do that sort of thing for bathing in especially if the day is scorching. Another reason for me to leave the room! Grocery shopping in Rustan’s Market was a short walk distance at the hotel where I stayed, and in this market you could find everything: meat, fish, green veggies, fruits, wine and liquour from all over the world, etc… Anyhow, in Indonesia, I don’t know about Bali, I never been there. Food there, as you say, “healthy food,” well, that’s because what else can they do? but focused on perfecting, creating “healthy food,” because they’re not into PORK?, where in the Philippines everywhere you turn it’s offered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and street food, and “pulutan.” It helps too as a free-Christian country, no limits to eating pork, savor, and love pork pork lechon, pork dinuguan, pork adobo, and pork sisig to name a few Filipino pork dishes. Without pork on the menu, I think Philippines wouldn’t be the same country, yes sir! Filipinos knew it’s really not healthy, but they ate it anyway, some “got” it and they eat in moderation. For sure! LOL! Remember that Philippines sends their nurses all over the world, so they know about their healthcare. You get fat from eating pork in general, will make your blood pressure high, extra weight gain, diabetes-linked, your beauty ballooning, was gonna say, glow disappearing from what they’re used to be. In the Philippines though, people always on the go, people busy with things to do so what pork you had eaten today, “they just walked it off,” and face another day tomorrow, pouring rain or hot sunny day, it’s normal!

BLT sandwich for lunch and bacon for breakfast, anyone? Maybe BLT for lunch, but bacon for breakfast?, NO! Bacon is the worst of pork! I’d usually go for 2 sausage links when I’m in the mood for Denny’s Slam Dunk breakfast, with 2 eggs scrambled, and 2 fluffy buttermilk pancakes bathed in sweet Vermont syrup. From California! πŸ˜‰

mico joson

Uh-oh…. someone’s gonna be eating some balut.. LOL


Pool Villas ❀❀❀❀

wilbert carrasco

Congrats you reach 50k and more and more subs.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

weno zurc

Congrats 50k

JayR ChoYa

I told careful what you wish its 50k congrats guysss…❀❀❀..luv to watch your Balut challenge soon…πŸ€£πŸ–πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ₯‚

Kuya Macky

Somebody’s eating balut soooon! πŸ™‚

Anniee pie

yey u guys are now one of my favorite πŸ’ž

Exer Domingo

50k subs congratulations…πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯štime

Pierce Zafe

Hi im intersted to know what is the name of that villa? im planning to book the same villa on my upcoming trip to bali

John Walter Bagos

When you come back to the philippines.. try to visit bonifacio global city in manila taguig! You will surely love that place too.. a high end city in manila.. πŸ‘πŸ»

Bella Fiz

Hey guys, what’s the name of the Villa? πŸ™‚

jovz britos

50k subs πŸ€—πŸ€— balut time

Fred Atam

balut pa more..Lucy and george! it’s already 50K…hehehe

Ids Pas

Im for the balut episode

Fishing Buddy *PH*

Balut! Balut!…. 49,999 on 12/7/18 @ 8:56am. 50k@ 9:00. Congratulations, George and Lucy!!! It’s well deserved! Btw…the challenge has to be done in PH. πŸ™‚ Have a great day/night! Take care!

KIANO Bouncer

28 more to go………πŸ˜ΉπŸ–’

Travel with Tommy

Wow a gorgeous villa in Bali George & Lucy. Watching your video make me want to go back to Bali. I just found your channel & it’s really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your trip. Fun watching. I just subbed. If you are free, please visit my travel channel. Thanks

erick mata

Lucy is beautiful all the time and balut is coming very soon!

ico espinosa

i really like your accent guys, though i had a hard time catching your words more on lucy when she speaks very fast but it is challenging for me in fact sometime i like mimicking your accent in front of my kids 😁

weno zurc

balut is coming soon

Valin Alvivar

Waitin for phil vlog πŸ˜’πŸ˜‹

Crystal 17

199 subscribers to go for the balut challenge πŸ˜‚

Frances Ava



Beautiful resort! What’s the name of this place again?


Incense is the best!! πŸ™‚

Sid Uwi

s very strong this time of year, ALWAYS wear sunscreen with high SPF – from Kuta beach local

Cesar Thomas

just a wild guess (never been to Bali), but I think the ladder is for hanging clothes or towels?

azzam senyum

U can live like king

Sid Uwi

yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss finally yall made it to bali!


Hello im filipino residing here in new zealand..i was your fan guys…just want to ask what kind of camera you are using and what kind of video editor your using?cheers

DK bernardo

I actually enjoy your vlogs, started watching because you were on the Phillipines and then I started watching your old vlogs as well in Worthing. Will be following your travel journey. Keep safe and enjoy loves!

Karlox360 Subang

Name of the villa accommodation pls?

Kay Flip

Bali is a crazy vibe. You guys might get addicted to it more than the Philippines! Many people do, it’s like another world. Seems like you guys are enjoying Asia!


yaaasssss 1K to go… and im gonna see you eat Balut…

Rikki Miguel Elorza

hi juicy vlog, what is the name of that hotel?

Caress Santos

49k George and Lucy waiting for balut challenge 🐣

good vibes

They are termites with wings,,, they usually come out when disturbed…. the villa must have been empty for a bit.


Hey guys! Just found your channel a few days ago and love the videos! My husband and I did a 3 months trip last winter through South East Asia (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines) and I am now missing traveling so much..watching your vlogs makes me feel like I’m still there and I love it! Thanks for sharing your travels and enjoy!!!

Ayne Ubaldo

definitely you’ll reach more than 50k subs when you return next month here in the Philippines.. cheers πŸ»πŸ¦†πŸ£πŸ‘πŸ»!

Thom Sevilla

Nice Vlog guys! πŸ™‚ 1K more to go and Lucy got to do the Balut challenge hihi

Doug Pittock

How much is your accommodation per night?

Rad Thom

lovin da studio design… 1,300 pesos lng kasama na ang motor. great job

Irene Love

I guess this vid will not reach 10k just like your other vids from other countries, kiddingπŸ˜€ All your videos from the Philippines have the highest views


Awesome Places!

May Abellano

I usually watch you guys on tv so I’m lovin the 4k vlogz. ILove Bali! Can’t wait to go back. Definitely taking your adv on the air bnb accom. That place looks awesome!I Enjoy Bali guys. Xx

FR Rolian

So cool that you are cooking! we usually use airbnb in our travels and always check for accommodation with kitchen so we can cook (if possible). Visiting a country/city’s local supermarket is always on our checklist. πŸ™‚ we love to stay and experience a place like a local. πŸ™‚ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Gary Ranes

Home sick?!went to Bali for another vlog will be back this January in Ph instead of going back to UK? U knw wat fyi filipinos cant be fool ,must not be used to gain many subs but seems like its going that way,one unhappy sub here it wud be better u went back to uk and soon be back in the PH..

jeffrey francisco

I hope subscriber will not decline because theres no more philippines in the thumbnail:)


When i first started watching your vlog you have 11k subs, but now its balut time. Lol dont know what they call it there in bali. I would be happy to know

james fernandez

just a warning i’m a hardcore filipino and i only tried eating balut once in my life and never did it again. good luck!!!

Ariel M

Subscribed! I wanna help this account reach 50k for the Balut challenge! Hahaha!

Lady kristine taniΓ±aS

Hi can I ask what name that villa?and how much?thank you I’m always watching your vlog..

Prometheus 2012

Enjoy Bali Guys!!!


OK it’s almost 50K we are looking forward for the BALUT for Lucy and I suggest DURIAN for George.

Edwin Ladao

Nice villa! Can’t wait to see you again in Philippines!

macky gamer

That thumbnail photo is awesome

spectrum laviosa

warching your vlogs makes me smile eveyday

John Marvin Galang

Lucky to know lucy can cook… Wow

Richard Candano

Its not a ladder. Its a thing where you can hang yung towel, etc…

Roland Arriesgado

Hello Guys βœ” πŸ‘


Guyz, what is the name of villa you stayed in?. Never been to bali yet. And how much per night?. Thanks in advance.

Jerome RosaceΓ±a

it looks like a small fishpond.hehehe

Oliver Gumboc

What a nice villa!❀️ and oh 1k more before baluuuut! Haha!

Brian P

Great value accommodation you have there and scooter is a bonus . Did you take an international driving licence with you ? some countries are fussy about that . I’m sure you have researched it , but Ulawatu temple , monkey forest and Elephant cave are worth a look . Kuta has a water park and a few small malls . Poppies 1 and 2 has lots of stalls , bars and restaurants for cheap food . Have fun , and take care always .

AyDin Overseas

I am guessing the ladder is where you put your towels. After swimming you have to dry yourself so it’s convenient.

Mimi Navine

The hotel is fantastic. Wish my house looks like that. 😊

Greggy Carlo Darca

Hello george and lucy 50k is coming… 🐣🐣🐣

laura buykx

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ been watching since the flat

Hallward Hallward

In indonesia, you will become a billionaire.

jim Tierra

Almost 50K guys! Glad you are making it BIG! much love from one of your fans from Philippines πŸ™‚

Chadster 42

592 to go to 50k.
Steps in eating balut:
1. Peel off a 1/4 of the shell then sip the liquid from the balut.
2. Then peel off 50% of the shell.
3. DO NOT eat the hard white part.
4. You can eat the rest with salt or vinegar.
5. Enjoy 😊😁


What an awesome day. I think you said it perfectly when you said it felt like you lived there. Very nice feeling. Thanks for sharing.


You’re so close to 50k so excited for u guys ❀️


Wow!! very expensive accommodation keep on going Guys:))


I love you guys so much ❀️it’s so sad that u left the Philippines already but Bali looks amazing I can’t wait for more videos from u guys. Stay safe 😊


Hey George, you need haircut😟


Uh-oh, gunna hit 50k in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

Australianong Hilaw

if i may just ask, how did the men in bali reacted to lucy? i got into many fights against indonesian men on the streets of kuta when i was there with the wife. all of them wanted to touch the wife and saying bad things to her. fist fight galore! (if you’d call that a fight it’s a massacre actually 🀣)


Yeah that’s a cute pool and could be modified as jacuzzi.

Dexter Banks

Should get a job there on a work visa. lol


Wow, it just posted 2 hours when I found out, it has 2.4k views already. Great πŸ‘ I am trying to be the first viewer.

melanie cabuhat

love your place … so cute & looks very relaxing! πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ‘Œ


whats the name of that place in airbnb?can you link the place?

Irashaimase Ogenkide

50K subscribers is almost beaconing, so is the most awaitedβ€œbalut” challenge from these two luvly brits from Brighton & Hove in Sussex. Indeed, it will test their mettle and stomach.. way to go George and Lucy…!

Demiar D

Nice place. Im still enjoying the channel.. Cant wait for the balut and for the collab.. But hoping to see more of bali πŸ™‚

Rawbo Magaj

Hello, try the Nasi Goreng, Sate Ayam and other Indonesian food. As a Filipino i never expected to love Indonesian food but i do. And their food is mostly halal (pork free). But since you are in Bali (which is Hindu), they most likely have pork in their food but not beef.

Simon Humphreys

New viewer here and the 1st comment on one of your videos, been watching lots of your videos especially the Philippines, love the look of Boracy, but then you fly to Bali, cant wait to see lots more. Just wondering what part of Bali are you in?

Noj Mag


JhoyIsha In Malaysia

great to see lucy is cooking

JhoyIsha In Malaysia

wowowow nice hotel

Sean Dawson

Love the room! I need that pool in my life and of course the skinny dipping πŸ˜‰

Aila Baterina

I love sooo love your vlogs!!! Please visit Siargao Islands!!!

lot mostrado

hi there! so your in bali, just saw your vlog now and im happy for both of you…
pls do watch these vlog of divert living for your information while your in bali…
such things not to do and just to make you aware…(link below)
take care always and GODbless…

Mark Collins

Outstanding villa privacy with the pool just looked up flights for May on Skywalker Β£358 each 19hours 43 mins via Cambodia might be going πŸ˜€

Karl Marilag

Ohhhh going 50k Iam the firs to congrats ..😊😊😊



Dawson Creek In The Philippines

Wow, what a beautiful place πŸ™‚ another great Video πŸ™‚

influ ence

nice place

Reyven Aquino

Its a new nice vlog i give it a one thumbs πŸ‘ up and can i be your Filipino πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ translator? Or tourist guide? I can teach you English and Tagalog words like kamusta ka? in Tagalog in English How are you? I like watching “TheJuicyVlog”Take care guys!!!

4K Famlife

Now I am curious on what that seasoning/oil that you put on your steak and veggies…looks delicious! πŸ˜πŸ‘

Meliodas Mangubat

I want to go too in bali, my friend says hotel there is so cheap(Filipino here)

I hate peas

We watched you guys on the telly. We love watching your blogs, enjoy the bali weather. Don’t forget the balut challenge. We hope you back to the Philippines soon!πŸ˜€πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

Ramon Godas Lopez

which place is it or near ??

John Carter



let me know if u get to try toraja coffee and what u think as its best coffee I have had . also had my best haircut in Indonesia, think it was like washed 3 times and head massages and even with a big tip it was still just like pence

Kali Love

Since food seems to be a major component when traveling.. I was curious if there was a typical Balinese breakfast or popular food/dish eaten there? Very cool that your Arbnb came with a scooter!!


Bread, cheese and wine. Food of the gods.

Ryz R

I’m a Filipino but I’ve never been in the places where you’ve been.haha. *sadlife* Thankyou and I love your vlogs 😊😍

Wheaton Tisoy


kiss my dirty ass

Those bug seeks light

Jenica kate Canipas

Ok guys. 700 more for the balut Challange! We can do this! Hit the sub button! πŸ‘

Atoy Generali


Brixtonne James Jumawid

Reminder: Don’t eat the bottom part of the balut. The chewy part.


That hotel looks fantastic! That thumbnail you Cheeky Monkies! πŸ™ˆ Brilliant placement of George’s foot!
1k more to 50k! Cheers! 😎

Gemma Sotiong

Go to batanes next πŸ™‚

Dan Pascual

George and lucy pls try reaction vlog to PH singer like marcelito pomoy and morissette amon 😊😊😊

Mon Bautista

It’s refreshing to see you really relaxed, like you have come back home, Lucy cooking, and taking breather.

Exer Domingo

1k more subs for Balut

Pierce Zafe

What does the villa called? or can you please put the website of the villa. Thanksss

Yoyo Yayaya

Wow Bali,better than the philippines,just joking or I don’t know.faster internet than the philippines hahaha.

gengar hide-self

how about prostitution and gay there?


Are you having problems with your camera or when zooming? its occasionally getting a bit blurry.. but its all good πŸ™‚ Nice place and nice to see you again guys!
Also the bugs you saw are called “Mariposa” its Gamu-gamo in Filipino language, Asian version of Moth hahaha!. They appear when its about to rain and they are attracted to lights. So to easily chase them away is to turn the lights off, and some of them will go straight to the water because of the reflection of the light.


george’s hair is growing crazy. cant complain about the beard though. i can only wish to beard like george. 😝 i too want to have a small dipping pool. easier to maintain than just having a full sized pool. if i can be fancy it would be an infinity dipping pool.

bless u

What name of villa plz
Like it

Kristine Gonzales

Waiting for this vlog to complete my day. now I can sleep😊😊

I am Michael

Yey..we are so close to 50… hello juicers squad.. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­β€οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Mon Bautista

700 subs away to 50K! 😊

Catherine Angas

hi love u both😊

Onyx Gucci

I have high expectations and looking forward to your Balut Eating Vlog!

49k… And counting

God Of The Demons

Nice video

Jinjin Gallos

Hi. 😍

Storm Suarez

Its really hard to be vegan when your living here in Philippines where Pork and chicken is life..

Mike Sean

Awesome!!keep the videos coming..

OC caasi

Try the Durian. Hehe I like the durian in Indonesia. Better than ours I think (Filipino here)

Mac Mac

u might stumble here in pampanga. here in the philippines. wanna grab some sisig? when was sisig invented.


755 more subscriber, wow!! I don’t know where you can get a baLut though in BaLi. Do you want us to send you some? 😊

Kathrina Catibog

Keep going guysπŸ‘Œ

JayR ChoYa

hahahaha 1k to go for 50k BALUT challengeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tom & Stace

Wooo new vlog πŸ˜€πŸ€—β€


You Like us to stay up Late, don’t you? Just saying, not at aLL compLaining hahaha…

Emilz M

heheheh one of the lucky frst viewers ! ! !

i came in like a wrecking ball

That red pineapple looks great!

human ngaya

that ladder used to be where you hang your towel…hehhehe

alvin baldera

notice me pLease…

Pam Sabijon

Guys.. Waiting for balut challenge sooooonnn… Almost 50k sub.

Lucky Jazzy

Nice Vlog as always! Juicy Vlog is ❀

Lucky Jazzy

First comment! ❀πŸ’ͺπŸ‘


I love your vlogs πŸ™‚