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It’s like you’re living in Instagram 😂 subscribed

Blekoq Moncrout

Wellcome to the land half of paradise….the island of Gods, Bali.

Rahat k

plz tell name of d place or else give link to it..plz plz

Aisyah Ayudia

omg is so beautiful😮

donal saragih

BIG WOW for the Bamboo villa!

Michelle HR

Creo que si hicieras los videos en español estaría mejor y tendrías más suscriptores ✨

kreativ kay

What’s the name of this villa or a link please ???

Gladys Lane Gairanan

Do you have link of this villa?

Gladys Lane Gairanan



I wouldn’t go all the way over there for that :rolling eyes:

Harriandy Hendrawan

Bali is the best place for travelling..

Ms Garn Again

Just discovered your channel and I absolutely love it !
Your page should definitely have WAYYY more subscribers and views !!!!

Janet Newenham

Great vid! Do you have a link to the Airbnb you stayed in? 🙂

Palm Realm

so unreal

Mike&Ash Experience

Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!🎒🙌🏻

José Solís


Santiago Ibarra

Estaría bien en español maifrend.. a practicarlo bien y ya en ingles👍🏻 pero que buena vibra avientas bro, saludos✌🏻


Damn bro , living that life….