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saravanan arumugam

thank u very much for these tips..awesome..

katherine Sandoval

Did you do your hair yourself? If so can you make a tutorial 😩😍😍

Saurabh Sinha

thank you so much for the tips.I will keep your tips in mind while planning my trip.

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Vincent Gramigna



i think i would smash

Hardik Ranpara

Why dont you start adding subtitles of important places? Its difficult to catch up with the names of the places you speak in particular..! Thank you

Francisco Neto

Nice 👍🏽

Ratnadip roy

thank you:)

Kiss Attila

Thank You very much. You are nice and funny and have got a lots of good advices for me about Bali! 🙂

Jan Sasha

Great video & informative.

bennett cameron salvator cassese

how about a walk? 🙂

That Guy Named Finn

i went to potato head with my family the sun set and pool are great👌

bennett cameron salvator cassese

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peach s0ju

Just want to say that the rabies threat level from dogs, cats and monkeys is very low as the animal welfare societies like BAWA are constantly on top of it and vaccinating the animals (dogs with red collars are street dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies) and educating the Balinese on animal care. Cats are usually skittish and won’t approach you ever (if you see a cat with a recently cut off tail, call BAWA). More often than not dogs won’t approach either, unless they are owned by someone but even then they are wary of strangers. I agree though, don’t pat a dog unless it approaches you to be patted, because you risk being bitten. Also, the local officials are also known to bait dogs (even dogs with owners) with poisoned meat. If you see a dog that has been baited or is violently sick, call BAWA right away. They may seem like pests, but they are still animals and don’t deserve that.

Dreamtime Fabrics

I have been to Bali 2 times and I love Bali and also I live in Australia in Melbourne!

Teri B

Thank you very much for this video. I am traveling to Bali (Seminyak) soon and you provided some much needed tips. I’m very susceptible to mosquito bites and was curious about having to take Malaria medication. I’ve done some research and they say that there isn’t any in Seminyak. My health department also said that it was discretionary if I wanted to take malaria medication. Any advice for this? Did you have to take any and how were the mosquitos? Thanks in advance.

Kiky Anggia


Silvio Fontana

Best tip from you is – to be nice, so many badly behaved Australians in Bali who drink too much – respect the Balinese
Dont confuse the Javanese or Indonesian from the Balinese. Balinese are not likely to cause you grief, others will, heading back for trip No 9 and already booked trip no 10 for 3 months

Kristen Chow

great video! heading out there in two weeks. do you happen to know if id still be able to work out airport transportation late at night? we dont arrive till 12:40 am on monday.

Arjuna Nanayakkara

thanks. planning a trip in August

Wisata Bali Bali

Nice Tips

Cenoy Varghese

hey Im going in november on my own for the first time. How much do you think i should carry money in hand for shopping and activities. Like a budget. How much did you spend?

Miss Antre

Hi 😉 I’m first timer to Bali going on August loved your tips thanks, can you please spell the name of where you got your braids done they are on point!

Ryan Mitten

Great tips! I wanna go to Bali soon ^_^