Remember to PRAY.

Remember to PRAY. After sharing a Womans Dance Circle here at the Summer of Love Yogafestival Im feeling how important it is to pray these days. Praying for me starts with becoming so empty, that the universal flow of life can guide my way. Dance for me is a prayer. Praying is always a call of the heart to live our truth and move from that place. Mother Earth is always carrying us and loving us unconditionally – no matter what.
What do you want to bring into this world? What do you want to embody? These are questions to always come back to and be very clear. We are birthing the new earth together NOW.
This picture was captured during this years Shakti Rising Facilitator Training in Bali. So many deep experiences that each woman had. Such a gift and blessing each woman is. As much as I love mixed groups; Im always coming back to the importance of woman and men meeting in separate circles to go deep amongst each other to than RISE TOGETHER AS ONE. Next Shakti Rising Facilitator Training is planned for February in Bali. Find further information on my Link in bio or homepage