This is Ma ketut.

This is Ma ketut. She came down the furthest end of the beach after our eyes met and danced some feminine sparkle wisdom in passing. She offered me a massage at first I was a little reluctant and then I recognized an endearing presence and felt safe and comfortable .

This elder women probably around her early 70s touch was strong and gentle, nourishing and nurturing. The touch of a mother, grandmother, of a woman whos lived thousand lives this lifetime and seen and lived through more than she would probably ever let on too.

We sat together after, admiring the sunset together for a moment our eyes sparkling and dancing with the wisdom of the wombs of all our ancestral lineages. Celebrating for a moment beyond words just sharing wombyn loving appreciation.

The women here in Bali work the land, build houseo, play and pray to the same vigor and degree as the men. Well into ripe mature age you can find these tenacious beings working together with community of all ages. Its truely inspiring lush beautiful Island. I wish to make more connections into the local families in these next months since we feel so blessed to be here during the unprecedented moment on Gaia. Despite the hardships they have faced from lock down on an island thats primary income is tourism, its rare to find a baliense native being who doesnt have a huge smile on face and belly fully of laughter. Truly a beautiful family focused culture that we can learn much from to help heal from our own crumbling cultures, potent medicine for a time such as this