Nova 14

Hy Paris…im Nova from medan, Indonesia…i like u style life…im lesbian!


I was there when she was there, my mate got pics with her!

Monika June

@mimi30553 I envy you.. >.< I want to meet her.. T.T

Bartolomeo J. Simpson

Would you show me some pics your friend has take please???

Kang Tanong

paris hilton i Love im from Indonesia

Dhio Dhafin Hanandra

pasti panas ya itu ,, kipasan terus 🙂 xD

Christopher Croser

think Paris Hilton is outa my league (:

Ronald Gabriel

kepanasan 🙂

Patricia Bos

hi this is patricia from chick on a mission , we organized this party with rob Peetoom …. i would like to get in contact with you . already try thru your redactie but no contact

basyar muttaqin

dawet jabung


Does she do anything meaningful other than party?

Haris Vanjevic Sihite

paris hilton wow …kok saya kurang tau ya hahahaha

Istianah Triandi

Boooook kpanasan ya tantee

Sony Radian

i love u paris


what is the name of this song ?

Monsieur PussyCat

Kacian paris hilton kepanasan. Clubnya gak pake ac yah?

Indo .Squad

paris hilton…so beautiful..come to bali again honey..we miss you here.. :*

FirstName LastName

Gimana sih AC nya ga di nyalain kasihan deh jadi

mariah mary rose careywood

whots that all about

Dedy Daniel Delfin

Humble orangnya